Floral Wallpaper: Modern and Fresh

Is it just me, or is the entire world in search of a little more joy these days? When we were in the throes of the pandemic, we saw interior design choices shift towards elements that felt serene and in many ways directly connected us to nature. That made sense, as we were locked away in our homes, unable to get outside as much as we’d like to enjoy fresh air with our friends and loved ones. Now, I think we’re all ready to lean into a bit more fun and playfulness, and interior design is showcasing that in several ways. Dopamine decor is bringing big bold color, and with it, florals are back! If you’re craving some botanical beauty in your world, floral wallpaper is the ideal way to infuse it in your home. Let’s find the perfect print for you!

Floral Wallpaper: A Fresh Take

Designers take inspiration from everywhere, but nature has long been one of the greatest muses for many of us.Think about it, it’s pretty hard to walk past a well maintained garden full of various colorful flowers and not acknowledge the beauty of it all. I think floral prints have a timeless quality about them. That’s why generation after generation has used them as decor in their homes. But, if the first thing you think about is your grandparents’ living room when you hear “florals”, you’ll be happy to know that bountiful blossoms have come a long way in the last several years! Floral prints have been reimagined in new and fresh ways, and my collection with Clarke & Clarke of the Sanderson Design Group has so many unique wallpapers that feel modern and refined.

Delicate or Bold?

If you’re in the market for floral wallpaper but unsure of where to begin, decide if you’re looking for a big punch of floral goodness, or if you’d prefer something a bit more subtle. I always suggest letting the space lead with decisions like this. For instance, a larger space with a significant amount of statement decor like chandeliers, oversized accent chairs and eye-catching artwork might benefit from something understated like Palmyra

Palmyra is a wallpaper that pays homage to my own seaside roots. I love this paper because most people don’t automatically picture palm trees when they think about florals, but they should! Palmyra has palm trees floating in a gentle breeze, a print reminiscent of the banana leaf patterns found in Beverly Hills. It comes in four colorways, and three of them feature muted tones that allow this wallpaper to play the background in any space if you want other decor to shine. 

If you’re looking for an edgier print that feels bold and avant-garde, Malindi is for you! One of the things I love about a more modern floral print of today is how we can combine them with other elements and shapes. Malindi showcases lush greenery and tropical palms, but it also has shapes intertwined in the design that almost feel like an ode to art deco. Malindi is named after a town in Kenya, but it is also inspired by the glamor and retro artistry of an LA rooftop. With metallic highlights, this wallpaper is dynamic and one-of-a-kind. Malindi is offered in three colorways (even neutral!) to suit a wide variety of palettes! 

Dark and Moody

If you’ve been around for a bit you probably know I’m the kind of designer that doesn’t mind breaking “design rules.” What I mean is, I believe the best design is the type that works for your life, suits your aesthetic, and makes you feel good in your spaces. Florals don’t always have to be pastel and slight. If you’re looking for a wallpaper that engulfs you and makes the space feel sumptuous, go for one with a deep, richer hue. 

Have you seen Kisumu in Midnight or /Noir Luxe yet? Both of these colorways are absolutely luxuriant! I love a gorgeous toile, because it isn’t your traditional floral print—and yet, this one depicts the iconic Baobab tree, known as the “Tree of Life” in a celebration of the African landscape. In the darker colorways you’ll notice a contemporary twist added with the print being enhanced by metallics, another Breegan Jane signature. Trust me this isn’t your grandmother’s floral!

No worries if you’re looking to keep things airy and bright. Brighter colors definitely bring more light into the space. I love Kisumu in Noir for that. It features the same immersive toile but with a white background. No matter what you need, we have you covered!

A Little is Sometimes A Lot

Wallpaper can truly be manipulated to capture the look you’re after. You can choose to paper an entire room, just one wall, or even use the paper as trim. One of the ways I chose to use a favorite of mine, Mombasa, was almost as an accent wall. Mombasa is a wide-width panel wallpaper that has an expansive, mural quality. Again, it isn’t a traditional floral print. Mombasa radiates fun with lush jungle vegetation and beautiful jewel tones. THIS is the kind of wallpaper that starts conversations. I wanted it to feel immersive and captivating, and I think that’s exactly what you’ll get when you install it in your home!

Florals are back and better than ever. I have always challenged conventional design norms, and my fabrics and wallpapers line definitely supports that. Florals are an excellent way to bring delight and whimsy into a space, but updating them for a fresh, modern take can upgrade the entire feeling of the rooms you select for them! Check out the entire collection and let me know your favorites!


The Gift of Transitioning

My job as an interior designer has always been multi-faceted, but it’s perhaps at its most complex right now. Besides designing residential and commercial spaces, I’m frequently a guest on panels and other speaker series, I’m heavily involved in product development and licensing, and I also participate in quite a few podcasts. Recently, I visited A Well-Designed Business podcast with my friend Luann Nigara. She asked me about something I learned that has helped propel me towards my goals. My answer?  “To take your pain or fear along with your talents, and use them as the fuel that allows you to grow.” Today, I want to talk to you about the gift of transitioning and how it has been instrumental in my own growth, both personally and professionally.

Only a Glimpse

It’s easy to look at anyone’s current position in life and assume they have always been successful, or that they’ve had it easy. The truth is, that’s rarely the case. We’re usually never witness to someone’s starting point; only their present. The same is the case for me. If you’ve been around for the last year or so, you’ve likely seen glimpses of all the projects I’ve been working on. My life has been incredibly busy with things like the building of my new beach home, the launch of my lighting line with Savoy House and my new fabrics and wallpapers line with Clarke & Clarke, just to name a few. Life is… good. But it hasn’t been a smooth and easy ride to this point. You’ve heard the saying “social media is only a highlight reel”. Well I think it’s time to normalize the realization that even what you see of someone in real life is only a glimpse. You’re not getting all the juicy details or behind-the-scenes experiences that led up to that moment. So, with that in mind, what role does transitioning play in goal-getting?

Transitioning is Risky

Breegan Jane as a company has gone through so many evolutions. I can remember at the start of building my brand, sitting around the conference room of the apartment complex I was living in while my house was being built. I had a few other moms working with me, and all of our kids were crawling around at our feet while we worked and strategized. I didn’t know exactly where I was headed with my business, but I remember telling them we were building an empire that would be all-encompassing and even referencing Martha Stewart. 

I look back at that younger version of myself, and I marvel at the audacity of that statement! I could not have known exactly what the road to get there would entail, and I don’t know if I even knew all the details of what I wanted. But I knew I wanted to be a brand that could do more and reach more people than I could actually physically touch, in person. To accomplish that, whatever we were developing had to be huge. Sometimes, transitioning involves stepping out into the unknown with only the belief that you can and will make it happen. The truth is, transitioning rarely comes without a risk. There’s no way to know how the story will go. But elevation is worth it. If you can combine your risk with courage, fortitude and determination, the risk significantly decreases. I was driven to make my dreams a reality by any means. I’m happy to say I did.

Transitioning Takes Time

I’ve been fortunate to mentor several young women throughout my career. One of the most frequently asked questions is regarding how to get to where I am. The questions come in many different forms, but the sentiment is the same. What’s the secret? I hate to break it to ya, but there are no shortcuts in this business. There aren’t any in life, period. 

I’ve been a content creator far longer than most people realize. Long before I launched www.breeganjane.com I made myself blog every week for a year before I invested money in building a site. I held myself to a standard as an act of intentionality. I had identified what I wanted for my life, and I recognized it would require a lot from me. So, I worked on all the things I would need in order to get to where I desired to end up! Future mentees, this is the definition of reverse engineering. If you learn nothing else from this blog, take this piece of advice:

Be available for the opportunities you want.

Nothing about my path has been easy. It’s been a long road of understanding all facets of design, and the learning never stops. The work? It doesn’t either. When you decide to transition into the next phase of your career, don’t fight against the labor and trials, embrace them. Each step takes you closer to the goal.

Transitioning Doesn’t Mean Failure

I could rattle off many things that have contributed to favorable outcomes in my career, but the reality is that most people had to “fail” in order to succeed. However, maybe we should consider redefining failure. Transitioning into new areas of design is what allowed me to continue to grow. After years of conventional interior design work, I needed to find a more extensive way to help my clients. As I began branching out into other methods, I can remember wondering if I had failed at centering clients. I had several moments of, “Should I be scaling this differently? Am I doing something wrong?” None of it was true! When I get stuck in that kind of cycle, it usually means I’m holding on emotionally to something longer than I should.

The Oxford Dictionary literally defines transitioning as: “the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.” When you’re ready to move into something greater, you must be willing to let go of what you previously had and did. So many times we are faced with letting go of something we thought was meant for us for fear of that meaning failure. And yet, letting go is precisely how we make room for newness! In interior design we know decluttering can be emotional. We encourage clients to part ways with items that no longer serve them so that their homes can be transformed into beautiful spaces that allow them to thrive. The same is true in life and career. Good things will come into your life when you clear out the muck. I wanted to evolve, so I had to clear out the things I’d outgrown.

Trust the Process

When I think of the process of transitioning, I imagine a field of crops. First that field has to be empty, right? The farmer tills the land and prepares it for planting. He tends to the seedlings as they grow, and eventually the field yields a great harvest. The process is key to the success of the crop. In life, it can feel uncomfortable when our proverbial ground is empty. We panic thinking, “oh no, what are we planting! I need the fruit!” But these steps have to happen if we want to grow and evolve. Transitioning from the comfortable and familiar into unknown, but fertile ground isn’t failure. It’s growth! Change is necessary. 

How have I gotten to this point in my career? It’s been a long, storied road. But none of it would have been possible if I wasn’t willing to transition from one thing to the next…over and over again. Am I always 100% certain of what tomorrow brings? Absolutely not. But it’s always an adventure and lesson in perseverance and having a willingness to stretch. That’s valuable. Welcome the journey. It will be worth it. 


Bring More Light Into Your Home

If you were to ask a realtor what the most commonly complemented features are when clients tour houses, I bet an abundance of natural light would rank in the top five! Listen, most people don’t want to live in a dungeon. Being connected to nature has so many amazing benefits. Natural light from the sun has been proven to improve sleep quality, boost vitamin D levels in the body, and even help bone health and mood! In short, there are scientific reasons for sun-chasers like me! I love incorporating natural elements in design, but you can’t exactly “fake” sunlight! So, what can you do if you have a dark space that desperately needs light? Let’s talk about it in today’s blog. 

Go Light With Paint

This one is a no-brainer, but if you wish to lighten up a dark room, you definitely want to make thoughtful paint choices. Lighter colors will instantly make a space feel not only brighter, but also more open. White is probably the easiest and more likely option to select, and it’s a favorite of mine. It’s extremely versatile, which means you’ll never be limited in your style or decor choices. White paint as a backdrop truly allows all the other pieces in the room to shine, and any ambient sunlight will reflect off of it to maximize the natural brightness.

We’ve established that a bright color like white can add light to a room, but have you visited a paint store recently? There are thousands of various shades of white to choose from. Be sure to consider whether you want a warm or cool white. Go too cool and your space can appear sterile and cold. Too warm and you risk the rooms looking dingy and dull. See why hiring a designer is key? We can guide you through that process.

Materials Matter

As you move to find ways to add light to your spaces, don’t forget about the ways you can use materials to enhance the natural light you already get from windows. I opted for antiqued tiles in my kitchen space. The wall on which they are installed faces huge doors and windows. So when the sun shines, the rays bounce off the mirror-like surface of the tiles. As I’m sure you can imagine, that was by design. If you aren’t in the market to redo your tiled surfaces, that’s okay. Instead, take advantage of mirrors! Mirrors placed strategically in a room will reflect light similarly, and make a space feel brighter and bigger. That’s absolutely a win!

Any space with larger surfaces will benefit from lighter colored materials. White stone for countertops—both in bathrooms and kitchens, white, cream or tan area rugs for your floors, and even light, neutral colored backsplashes will all add that gleaming quality to your spaces. Don’t overthink it. Utilize materials in light colors to attract and reflect light in any room.

Chase the Sun

Perhaps the easiest way to bring more light into your home is to prioritize your windows. If you are lucky enough to have large beautiful windows, structure your seating and layout around them. One of the things I always advise clients to do is visit their new home at different times of the day. Why? Because if you desire to enjoy a cup of coffee while you watch the sunrise in the morning, you need to know where to position your nook. If you want a bright and sunny workspace because that makes you more productive, you need to know which room to make your office. In short, take advantage of the ambient light in your home.

Both my last home and the one I’m currently building feature skylights in the bathrooms. Despite contractors suggesting I get rid of them, I knew immediately that I wanted to create a spa-like space and bathe under the stars. I planned my blueprint around that. You might not have floor-to-ceiling windows, and you may not have skylights, but even small windows will emit light. Plan accordingly.

Bringing light to your home can be challenging when your rooms don’t get a lot of sunlight. Often, a few small changes like paint color, cabinetry choice or even just floor coverings can truly make the biggest difference! Use these tips and brighten up!

Coastal Elements Made Easy

Where do you live, and why do you love it? I’m a native Californian, and to be honest, I can’t see myself ever living somewhere not by a big body of water. My earliest memories involve me being in the ocean with family. The sand and sea are practically in the DNA of Breegan Jane. I love the coast for so many reasons. It’s why I feel pulled to Ibiza so strongly. There’s such a peace that accompanies coastal living. In search of the tranquility it brings, many clients lean into coastal decor in their homes! It’s a beautiful interior styling technique, and if you’re interested in finding out how to bring it into your spaces, stay tuned.

Use Coastal Reminiscent Decor

One of the simplest ways to successfully execute coastal design is to incorporate items that call back memories of some of your favorite coastal locations! I have always believed in including hints of home in my design. But that’s an easy one for me since I live on the coast. In Southern California where surf culture is huge, it isn’t unusual to see decorative surfboards mounted on walls in chic ways, or beach coral decor in vacation homes. But if you’re after a more understated yet elevated way to bring in the coastal vibes, I’ve got exactly what you need.

Grecian by Savoy House and Breegan Jane

You probably don’t immediately think of lighting when coastal design is the goal, but you should! Lighting is the icing on the cake in any space, and there’s nothing better than a stunning statement piece hanging from the ceiling of a beautiful room. Grecian is a six light chandelier from my lighting line with Savoy House, and it is one of my favorite pieces!

The fixture is crafted with natural coconut shells, and the branches cascade in a romantic way. The hand-applied Champagne Mist finish adds a beautiful touch that makes me feel like relaxing on a Mediterranean shore on a bright sunny day.

Simple Stylized Statements

Remember that the style you select doesn’t have to consume the entirety of every space in your home. Instead, you can choose small ways to add in elements of coastal decor that make a statement while still allowing the rest of your decor choices to shine. What I mean is, think of your adornments in terms of everyday beauty instead of kitschy, themed styling. Seashells and flip flops artwork are cool for a VRBO you’ll visit for a week. But the home “you do life” in? We want that to feel sophisticated and comfortable. 

Palmyra by Clarke & Clarke and Breegan Jane

Wallpaper is having a moment in interiors right now, and I’m all in! You have so many options depending on which paper you choose and how you choose to use it. I love the idea of using a wallpaper with muted tones as a backdrop for a single wall. Palmyra is ideal for this! It comes in four colorways, and it features rustic palm trees floating in a gentle breeze. This is the perfect way to summon a coastal mood without going too far over-the-top. 

Keep Colors Light and Bright

When you think about the serenity of a beach, you think about the way your senses are captivated. One of the biggest has to do with the colors you see. I have talked a lot about the way we experience interior design, and the reasons why color psychology is so important. Blues, whites and tans will always make a space feel laid back and relaxed. So consider that when you select your decor. I happen to adore teal, so I love finding ways to incorporate it in my spaces. White is an easy one, but careful! Too much white without contrast or texture can start to feel sterile. So, how do you use coastal colors and keep the style modern?

Try a lighting fixture in a bright white but with loads of texture and interest. Pacha is a chandelier that has white tiered flowers with a White Cashmere finish. Talk about alluring! It draws the eye without feeling so bold that it takes over the room. 

Throw pillows are always a win when you’re looking to add a splash of color to a room, and Paradiso with its woven and distressed texture is superb! It comes in a myriad of hues, but denim would make a splendid pillow or curtain for a coastal interior! 

Incorporate Organic Materials 

Lastly, you can never go wrong with natural elements in a coastal inspired design. I love using natural elements because anything that connects me to nature is a win in my book. Where possible, use materials like beautiful lighter toned woods, stone and rattan. They will complement the other colors and textures in the space, and you’ll definitely usher in that unmatched peacefulness that comes with the great outdoors.

You certainly don’t have to use every one of these in your home to feel coastal, but adding in a few here and there in orchestrated ways will absolutely have you ready for a trip to the beach! For now, enjoy that relaxing energy in your space with an elevated coastal design!

The Audacity of Neutrals

There will never be a one-size-fits-all for interior design. After all, we style homes based on the individuals who live in them, so of course they’re all going to be totally different. If you know anything about me as a designer, you know I believe a home should be customized for the way you live and the way you desire to feel each time you walk into it. A significant part of that has to do with the colors you choose for your spaces. Now, big, bold colors are certainly having a moment right now, and I love that. But bold isn’t for everyone. So if neutrals still have you in a chokehold, this blog is for you! Neutrals will always be my first love in interior spaces. I’m on a mission to prove that done well, they’re absolutely stunning. Let’s talk about a few ways of incorporating them in the home.

Neutrals: From Stale to Stimulating 

When I talk about neutrals, most people immediately think of spaces swathed in beige and white. Now, those are definitely neutral shades, but there are so many more colors that fall within this category. You do your spaces an injustice if you limit yourself in that way. Neutrals fall anywhere from the whites and off-whites to grays, browns, blacks and anything in between. They are often favorites used by designers because of their versatility. Incorporating any other color or style becomes infinitely more easy when the backdrop is neutral. But neutrals without a strategy or curated design plan can feel more dull than delightful. If you’re in search of a space that still feels intriguing and intentional, using neutrals in specific and thoughtful ways is crucial.

Don’t Forget About Texture!

I find that people often consider color above all else when they’re designing a space. That’s an important factor for sure, but it isn’t the only one. If you’re using a neutral color palette, one of the best ways to keep it interesting and catch the eye is by infusing the space with texture! I love the way textured neutrals make a room feel instantly more luxe. You can always do this with natural elements like stone or woods because those typically come in organically neutral tones. If you’re looking to introduce neutrals on a larger scale, consider fabrics!

My Clarke & Clarke line is designed to suit every taste and palette. I wanted everyone to be able to find the perfect finishing touches for their rooms. With that in mind, one of my preferred ways to work with neutrals is to add textured fabrics into a space. You get the color you’re looking for but with so much more dimension! Textures can look differently as light bounces off of them, and they always draw guests’ attention.

Paradiso Fabric

Paradiso is an organic fabric perfectly suited for upholstery, cushions and curtains. It comes in several neutral colors like oatmeal, ash, buff and more. Paradiso is a collection of 26 tonal woven plains. I was inspired by so many coastal elements, so the colors feel rich and relaxed. You’ll notice these fabrics feel distressed for a deeper connection to nature. The texture gives them a uniquely aged look that feels as elegant or casual as your space requires. I love Paradiso for chairs and pillows!

Serengeti also comes in wallpaper

Serengeti Fabric

If you’re in search of a textured neutral fabric that still incorporates a pattern, Serengeti is ideal. It comes in four colorways, but Noir is the most neutral. Serengeti is unlike any other fabric because it was designed on the horizontal scale with a flame stitch technique. The fabric has a ribbed definition, and as if that wasn’t enough, it also features a delicate foil texture printed on top. Serengeti is an eye-catcher!

Prints Can Be Neutral, Too!

I’m not sure who started the myth that neutrals can only be solids, but we’re debunking that today! When “color shy” clients come to me wanting to incorporate a bit of interest without bolder colors, I often steer them in the direction of prints and patterns in the colors they are familiar with. It gives them a refreshed look without going too far outside of their comfort zones.

Manda Wallpaper

I talked about using animal print in design before, and Manda is the perfect example of how to do it with neutrals! Manda is a wallpaper that comes in three shades, and all of them are neutral! The paper features a classic zebra pattern in a textured jacquard. Manda was meant for accents! If you want to spice up your sofa, add a funky accent chair or even hang curtains in an otherwise solid room, Manda is what you need. 

Kisumu Fabric and Wallpaper

Kisumu is offered as both a fabric and a wallpaper! Kisumu is a hand-drawn African toile that depicts the iconic “Tree of Life”, the Baobab tree. It’s definitely one of the more immersive papers and fabrics. I love it, because you don’t usually think of toile when you hear “neutral”, but so many of the colorways are! Kisumu makes a statement in any room, effortlessly. It’s a conversation starter and a show-stealer in the very best way. This print can be layered in a space with other prints or left to stand on its own. 

If color isn’t your vibe, lean into neutrals in a new and fresh way this season. Trust me, we are reimagining neutrals, both solids and prints, with audacity. Check out the links above to find fabrics and wallpapers that are much more daring than they are demure. Your spaces will thank you!


Kitchen Lighting Tips

Have you checked out my Instagram lately? If not, you’re missing all the cool details I’m including in my new beach home. I’m building the forever home of my dreams and it is ANYTHING but boring! In fact, this home might be the most “Breegan” design I’ve ever touched. Most of that is due to the fact that I plan to live here for a very long time. That means I’ve assessed exactly how I want the space to function to best suit my needs, and then I proceeded to design for it. It sounds simple, but you’d be surprised at how many select design styles solely based on an image they have in their mind. For most people, aesthetics only go so far. This is especially true of kitchen design and even more specifically, kitchen lighting! So today, let’s discuss how to optimize your lighting in new and fresh ways.

Breegan Jane x SAVOY

Lighting has always been a favorite design element of mine. This is mainly because it’s one of the few items in a space that has as much power to transform the look of the room as it does to assist in the function of the space. Listen, lighting doesn’t just sit back and look pretty. It’s pretty with a purpose! I designed an incredible lighting collection with Savoy House that features 35 stunning pieces available at retailers now. When we were creating these fixtures I never lost sight of the ways people would actually use them. I design just as much for the person who wants a showstopper piece hanging in their dining room as I did for the mom who needs proper lighting for tutoring sessions at the breakfast nook. Each home, every room and all families will require something different. You should always be able to find what works best for you. I believe my lighting line does that and so much more!

Let There Be Light

One of the things that doesn’t get talked about enough is the need to light countertops and other surfaces in kitchens. We cook in our kitchens, we eat and gather in them, and we even sometimes work there. With so much life happening in this space, kitchen lighting definitely has to be able to keep up. When you are deciding on a fixture, ask yourself what you want to accomplish. If you do a fair amount of meal preparation on your kitchen island, perhaps a larger fixture that casts significant illumination is what you need. Linear chandeliers are awesome for this need because their shape alone gives you an elongated radiance. The Legacy 4-Light Chandelier is available in warm brass or matte black, and it is gorgeous! I love hanging a chandelier that feels significant above an island. 

If multiple lights speak to you more than a larger single fixture, pendant lights are your best friend! Pendants give you the opportunity to position your light in groups for maximum illumination. Multiple fixtures work together for a cohesive feel and appearance. It’s a sleek look I never tire of! The Pharos pendant light is ideal for a two or three light configuration. The Pharos comes in champagne-toned Noble Brass, and trust me, it wows! It’s no secret that I love using metallics in interior design. Brass happens to be my favorite, and when you see the richness of Pharos you’ll immediately see why!

Make a Statement

I get asked all the time about my start in interior design. The truth is, I didn’t begin with this career in mind. Did you know I owned my own retail store as a teenager? There’s more to that story, but I remember hanging so many chandeliers in that small space. It was iconic. Even at that age I understood the impact of a statement lighting piece. When you want your home to exude beauty and grace, lighting is a great place to focus your energy and budget. Chances are, your space is already equipped with the necessary electrical wiring. All that’s left is the fixture, and that’s the fun part!

The right kitchen lighting fixture can look and feel like art without ever needing to add color to your room. Boring lighting is sooooo yesterday. Find a piece that truly feels like you! Boa is the collection that made waves at Lightovation. With its tiered frosted glass feathers and warm brass finish, Boa takes glamorous to the next level. Listen, if you’re looking for a conversation starter, Boa needs to be in your cart not now, but right now.

I love tuxedo kitchens for their elegance and simplicity. They also make the perfect backdrop for an impressive accent like Boa or even the stately Atlas pendant. You don’t have to stress about figuring out how to “decorate” your kitchen. Choose amazing paint colors and hardware for your cabinetry, and then put the icing on the cake with a fabulous light. Let the kitchen lighting do the work!

No Corner Left Behind!

Now that we’ve covered some of the basics, let’s tackle the parts of kitchens that don’t get the love they deserve. Every now and then I’ll speak with someone who is going crazy trying to figure out how to literally shed light on a hard to reach corner in their space. If you have a spot that doesn’t work for a chandelier or pendant, and you’re not interested in a floor or table lamp, a sconce might be exactly what you need! 

Sconces are so underrated. They are arguably the most versatile lighting you can ask for, because they don’t require a ton of space. I designed several sconces for my lighting line with Savoy House to fit everyone’s tastes. The one pictured above is Lio. If you have a corner that feels a bit dim, or just needs a bit of extra attention and sparkle, check out my collection for the perfect sconce.

No matter what you choose for your kitchen lighting, be sure to do what works best for your household needs. The right lighting will never sacrifice form or function. Have fun, and happy lighting!

Animal Print in Interior Design

Most know Breegan Jane as an interior designer who brings modern approachable luxury to spaces by infusing them with striking metallics and elegant neutrals. It’s true, my love for whites, creams, blacks and grays is undying. There’s just so much you can do with them across the palette of your entire home. For a creative, versatility is everything. But, having a penchant for neutrals doesn’t mean I have a distaste for color. In fact, it’s quite the opposite! This year is seeing an emergence of dopamine decor in a huge way, and when I designed my fabrics and wallpapers line with Clarke & Clarke Interiors, I knew I wanted to have fun with patterns and print. We created several textiles featuring animal print, and I’m pretty obsessed with the beauty of it all! If you’ve ever wanted to incorporate animal print in your interior design without sacrificing sophistication, I have a few tips to help you begin!

Is It, or Isn’t It?

Listen, animal print in interior design can be quite the polarizing topic. I find that people who love it, reeeeally love it, and they believe there’s never enough. Then there are the people who find animal print to be a little kitschy and loud. They avoid it at all costs. Perhaps I’m the perfect candidate to speak on the subject, since I lean towards neutrals, and my goal is always to create a refined space with an effortless style. The thing is, you can do all of those things with animal print if you know how to wield its power appropriately. Let’s take it one step at a time.

Start Small

If you’re feeling a bit shy about using animal print decor, remember that you don’t have to go overboard all at once. Sometimes it’s better to begin with small doses. So, if your space is filled with solids, consider accent pieces. One of the best parts about my collaboration with the Sanderson brand is that it has fabrics that can be used any way you please! Choose a print you like and use it on a few throw pillows, big or small, that will live on your couch. The largest pieces in the room will still be solid, and you’ll give the space a bit of pizazz with an animal print accent. Sometimes you just need to stick a toe into the pool instead of diving headfirst, and that’s okay.

Animal Print in Neutrals

If you truly can’t give up your devotion to neutrals, you’re in luck! My line features animal print in creams, grays, blacks and browns! So you can easily mix in a few patterns in your already curated space for a fresh and upgraded look! I love Manda for this exact reason. Named after an island off the Lamu archipelago of Kenya, it’s a zebra pattern in a textured jacquard. Manda comes in three colorways and all of them are neutrals! 

The Same, But Different

You know that feeling when you walk into a professionally styled space and it just takes your breath away because it’s so “perfect”? That’s what hiring a designer can do for a home. I like giving you little nuggets of wisdom here on my blog so that you can achieve some of that yourself, too! One of the ways to get that perfectly styled look with animal print is to mix different prints that are all in the same or complementing color families.

The prints don’t all have to be animal prints, either. Mixing these patterns draws the eye to the total design instead of each piece individually. The result is pure sophistication with a cohesive feel. It looks harder to do than it is. For example, Pokot in the Caribbean colorway works exceptionally well with Serengeti in Midnight. Pokot also plays well with other colorways in the same print! The combinations are endless, and they are SO much fun to play with. 

Weigh the Scale

This tip works well for just about any type of print and pattern play. For the very best results, blend prints that have varied sizes of patterns. If you select a fabric or wallpaper with a more complex print like Kisumu, mix it with Duma, a fabric featuring embroidered cheetahs. It’s a repeating pattern set against a solid background, but there is ample negative space between each cheetah. When you place it beside Kisumu or Pokot, both prints can shine without competing with one another. Use this trick when you hang a stunning print at your windows and you want to place an upholstered chair in front of it. Your space will appear to be expertly styled with the benefit of a customized design catered specifically to your singular tastes.

My fabrics and wallpapers are designed to be used together for an endless amount of looks and combinations to suit anyone’s preferences. I’m even having fun using them in amazing ways in my own new beach home! If you’re looking for inspiration, check out the Clarke & Clarke site or my own website for ideas. Feel free to contact me for a consultation as well. I’d be happy to put together custom combinations from my collection to make your space sing! Happy designing! 


Surfing and Self-Discovery

I have said many times that motherhood is one of the most challenging, yet most rewarding jobs in the entire world. It’s still true. Of all the hats I wear, it’s the one that means the most to me. All those years ago, when I just knew I was pregnant with baby girls each time, I could never have guessed the rollercoaster ride of emotions being a boy mom would bring. I continue to be surprised at all the lessons I’m learning along the way. So, when the boys and I took another visit to Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch, is it any wonder that the lessons went well beyond surfing and water sports? Moms, you’re going to want to read this one. Let’s talk about it.

Surf Ranch

Last week I traveled a little over three hours with my boys to the Kelly Slater Wave Co Surf Ranch. It’s a sports complex unlike any other featuring what’s called “The Wave.” The Wave is a “6-foot barreling wave that travels over 2300 feet yielding up to minute long rides.” We have visited Surf Ranch before, and we had such an amazing experience that I knew we would return someday. Growing up in Southern California, surfing is just something you do. I’ve always enjoyed it, and my boys have taken surfing lessons here and there since they were young. They even surfed a couple years ago in Hawaii. So it was fun to see them both challenged in new ways with the opportunity to work with pro surfers and coaches.

Surfing: Self-Discovery

One of the things I’ve loved most about watching my boys grow older is seeing them discover their interests and talents. We are a homeschool hybrid family, and our curriculum and schedule flexibility truly allows my sons to get involved in a myriad of activities that both include and extend beyond a typical school course curriculum. That means they’re always learning new skills like music production and DJing, various sporting activities and even how to grow their own food. We dabble in a bunch of projects, because I believe that’s a significant part of self-exploration, and that leads to a richer life.

Support from the Sidelines

Over the last couple of years and especially after our first trip to Surf Ranch, Kingsley, my oldest, decided that surfing just wasn’t for him. He enjoyed trying it out, but he didn’t fall in love with it. On the other hand, Kensi absolutely adored every part of it. He seemed to have a natural skill for it, and his fascination was a huge part of the reason we returned. After our first day of the most recent visit, Kensi hopped in bed with us and said, “Thank you guys for coming here to support me.” He gave us both hugs and we all just cuddled. 

I realize that as much as Kensi was learning lessons in surfing, Kingsley was also understanding that it’s just as powerful to support someone while they’re pursuing their passion as it is to participate. I was inspired watching how their love for one another shows up in so many ways. Kingsley’s selfless act was just being there and acknowledging his brother’s love for the sport. Kensi’s was recognizing that his brother prioritized him in a beautiful way. I hope they will always support one another this way throughout their lives. 

Connecting Confidence and Passion

I cannot express how proud I was of Kensi as I watched him masterfully surf out there like a natural. It was immediately clear that he was in his element on the water. He took instruction well and he excelled! One evening at the Ranch I could tell he was emotionally in a different place to connect with me. I think that was primarily due to the fact that he had pushed himself physically that day on the wave, and he was proud of himself. He had what I describe as a beautifully vulnerable moment and told me, “Mom, my brain…sometimes I worry about things.” We proceeded to have a conversation about the thoughts he’d been ruminating on and what it all meant for and to him.

I realized that while we were at this cool place to have fun learning how to surf, so many other life skills were being practiced as well. See, when children learn new skills, it gives them confidence in other areas as well. They are often more motivated to express their feelings, or try other new activities that might have seemed daunting before. Surfing had unlocked a new boldness in Kensi, and it was amazing to see him initiate those conversations with me. 

Authenticity Wins

I grew up with my toes in the sand, and I’ve always known I would live on a coast somewhere in the world. It was inevitable that my boys would end up enjoying some water sport. I’m a Hermosa Beach kid. My celebrities were never football players or basketball stars; they were surfers! These experiences totally make sense for our family. As an anxious mother, I wanted to ensure my son learned to surf with every safety precaution and from the best of the best. While Surf Ranch is invite only, places like Waco Surf and The Palm Springs Surf Club are available and more affordable at $200 an hour. We can’t wait to try them out. We’re the weird, single mom, always traveling family of three that surfs occasionally! What can I say? Is $200 a day crazy? Maybe. But maybe so is a trip to DisneyLand. We’d rather go surfing!

Moms Learn Too

I was just as excited for our time there as the kids. But, watching my babies out on the water so far from me felt…foreign and uncomfortable. Listen, city life is different from, say if you have a large backyard in Oregon. I would never let my kids wander so far from me in L.A. My youngest is just eight years old, and at that age you want eyes on them at all times. At the Ranch Kensi was just out there with the coach taking instruction, and Kingsley was on the jetski with another coach. All of this is happening while I’m on the mainland watching. It was tough to not go into full mama bear mode to protect my cubs. However, I realize that part of the reason I want them to have this experience was to learn that they have the ability to communicate with these adults and be their own people. 

Seeing my two little ones out there in the water with the coaches taught me to check in with myself and remember that my boys are capable and intelligent enough to handle what life throws at them. I’m instilling that in my sons in several ways. My task was to deal with the stress of my kid being in water all day, while also celebrating the joy of the moment. Turns out lessons in surfing aren’t just for those taking waves!

Sometimes when you’re raising your kids, you forget that you are growing, too. I’m enjoying watching life reveal itself to us bit by bit. There’s always something beautiful around each corner. I encourage moms to lean into the uncomfortable part of your kids’ new self-discoveries. The lesson might just be for you as well!


Contrasting Elements in Interior Spaces

I’m often asked how I can look at a “blank canvas” property and envision everything from furniture layout, to paint colors and even bathroom and kitchen fixtures. The answer, for me at least, is simple. My mind just works differently. My job as an interior designer is to discover the features that will coalesce into one cohesive display. But that doesn’t always mean selecting items that are similar. In fact, contrasting elements in interior design can often make for the very best styling! Curious? I’ll tell you more.

Opposites Attract?

It can be tough to believe that contrasting elements work well in design. I get it. For so many years the industry has sold us all the idea that everything must match. Think about it; when you go into big box furniture stores, everything comes in a matching set. You can get a bed, nightstands and dresser all with the same material, color and embellishment. When clients choose hardware for their rooms, they typically go with all one metal: brass, chrome, black, etc. We have simply been conditioned to believe things need to echo one another in order to feel connected. It’s not true! Opposites might not attract, but they certainly do complement! Adding contrasting elements in your interior design gives your spaces a chance to feel dynamic and layered. That’s what you want when you’re creating a curated home.

Organic Versus Luxe

So, now that we realize we can vary the styles of our decor without worries of everything clashing, how do we effectively mix and match? Well, I aim for balance. For instance, I am in the process of designing my new beach home in Southern California, and I’m hand-picking every single thing. I decided on Venetian plaster for several of my walls. Limestone on walls instantly gives a very earthy feel to a space, and while you might be inclined to make that the theme of the entire room, I’ve decided to juxtapose the sort of organic appearance of Venetian plaster with an oversized and elegant chandelier! 

The two seem like worlds apart, but while the chandelier alone might feel over-the-top, combined with a more muted background, it sings! If you’re wanting to bring a bit of these contrasting elements to a room in your home, consider the places where you can add something ornate to a more subdued surrounding. The balance makes for a stunning view!

Edgy Versus Classic

When I told people I planned on combining graffiti with wainscotting, I definitely received a few shocked looks. I get it. I mean, graffiti has always been a more rugged form of artistic expression, while it just doesn’t get any more timeless than wainscotting. I wanted to give my son a say in the design of his space, but mama knows best when it comes to the lasting power and the aesthetics of design. These two contrasting elements are a surprisingly chic combination that I’m already loving! I recommend an edgy and classic blend especially when it comes to a couple that has differing opinions on what they want for a space. You can avoid several arguments by being willing to find elements that appeal to him and her, then mix them in attractive ways. Don’t be afraid to combine softer elements with more severe ones. The result is often a delightful and interesting one that will catch the eye and feel bespoke!

Solids Versus Patterns

This one is a favorite of mine, because it can be done in a myriad of ways. If there’s one thing you should consider, it’s layering color and patterns together! I recently created a fabrics and wallpapers line with Clarke & Clarke, and it is brimming with prints and hues that remind me of some of my favorite places. There are so many options that you can mix and match for a tailored look. 

Want to add a wow factor to your space? Select a beautiful wallcovering, then add gorgeous throw pillows to your couch to bring out the colors in the wallcovering. Weave in patterns that are different but feature similar colorways. Treat your rooms like outfits. Add accessories to your foundational design for the look that only you could create!

I talk a lot about personalized and customized interior design because I believe your home should look and feel like those who live there. Incorporating contrasting elements is one excellent way to achieve that in unique ways! Use these tips to give your home an extra special touch. You won’t regret it!


Empowering Women via Passion and Profession

My work as a philanthropist is about so much more than simply “giving back.” Likewise, my work as an interior designer is more than decorating the interior of a house. In both instances, I want to be a part of building something. My job allows me to focus on empowering women as an example. Simultaneously, my philanthropic work gives me the opportunity to support girls and women as they fight to create a life and space for themselves in their communities. The interwoven strand between these two aspects of my work is the emphasis on creating a place of safety, solace and security—a “home”—both physically and emotionally.

Interior Design and Beyond

To debunk a myth about interior designers, we don’t just beautify residential spaces. Our jobs extend much further than that. We work to capture the essence of the families and people who will live in those homes. And, we determine how they will best use the space and bring utility to the home. Further, we find ways to embody homeowners’ personalities and put them into the physical structure that will be a haven for them. This is the epitome of empowering women and men to be their best selves in their homes. It brings me so much joy.

As noble as I feel this profession is, and as proficient as I believe I am at it, it can still be tough for us women to climb the ladder in this male-dominated industry and world. Women are regularly put in situations where they have to prove themselves as equal, worthy and capable. But somehow, it is automatically assumed that men can naturally handle positions of authority and rank. I have had to deal with stereotypes and preconceived notions in my industry despite having the portfolio of commercial work and residential projects as proof.

Because of this, empowering women became more than a passion. It was, and continues to be, a mission to show other women that it’s possible to find success, create the life you want as well as a legacy for your children, and show other girls and women coming up that “difficult” is by no means “impossible.” And if anyone knows what existing in the seemingly impossible is, it would be the young girls I met in Kenya, Africa.

The Plight of Empowering Women in Kenya

When I think about the women and girls in Kenya who are trying to escape to a life where they are no longer being held hostage by outdated, unnecessary, harmful practices and traditions like FGM, an innate protector and emancipator rises within me. I will never know—and will never compare my journey with—the struggle of fighting to escape FGM. Not many people reading this will. What I do know, and what propels me to fight for my Kenyan sisters, is the parallel plight of being seen as inferior, and wanting a better life and future despite the powers that exist to deny that for women.

There’s a great deal of crossover in what it means to create the world you want and the life you deserve as a woman. What I see in my Kenyan sisters’ desire to escape is a hope and a dream of having a brighter future. I understand escaping FGM and child marriage is not only about safety. Doing so gives these young ladies a shot at education, which can help them become wage earners in their community. That’s all any of us wants: the inalienable right to pursue happiness and freedom for ourselves.

The Power of Philanthropy

As a female entrepreneur, I want to use my God-given gifts and abilities to not only beautify spaces but also provide for my family. In that respect, NOT in our experiences, I feel a kinship with the girls in Kenya. It’s why, as a philanthropist, empowering women and girls in Kenya is a priority. Having a choice in who you become, what you can do, and what happens to your body should never be anyone’s decision but your own. Now, it’s not only their fight. It is mine, too.

I am a self-professed “homemaker.” I make physical homes for people across the country. But I also work to provide a sense of “home” for suffering women who need to be embraced and protected from cultural practices like FGM that do not serve them. For me, it is a moral mandate. If you want to help me in this plight, visit mekunoproject.org for more information.