Like many, last year’s unexpected and tragic circumstances (do I really need to name it?) left me feeling quite introspective. Having some of your favorite leisure activities taken from you can have that kind of effect, you know? I spent a significant amount of time thinking about the things we all often take for granted. One of the great loves of my life is traveling. I’ve been blessed to have seen so many different parts of the world. While I’m not currently traveling recreationally, I think back on my beloved locales frequently. It’s easy to reflect on these beautiful places because I see travel-inspired design all around me. I guess art mimics life in more ways than we realize! I’ll share with you a few ways one particular place has left an indelible mark on my heart (and my décor) in today’s blog.

My Favorite Place on Earth

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. If I ever leave the state of California that I love so much, it will be to go to my favorite place on the planet: Ibiza. The Spanish island is known for its stunning beaches, of which there are over 50! It’s also known for the impressive nightlife. When I think of Ibiza, the first thing that comes to mind is the 100-plus miles of coastline and all the ways the color white seems to dominate the area. From the hotel décor to the architecture, the pristine neutral reigns supreme.

As I look at the modern, approachable luxury that permeates my signature design style, I see so many influences of this coastal paradise. I’ve always been a fan of the serenity that a crisp white palette can bring to a space. White bed linens, white shag rugs and white stone are just a few of my choices for design that feel elegant and refined. Ibiza has certainly mastered the art of “relaxed but upscale.” I guess you could say I’ve taken notes!

Tales of Teal

Teal. Let’s talk about it. If you haven’t heard already, I do indeed have a love affair with this oceanic hue, and I am not ashamed! I’m certain this adoration originated from growing up on the beach. But if California started it, Ibiza only deepened my love. You see, on the shores of California, the sea water is a deep blue. It’s almost a navy blue that you feel like you could get lost in, like a ship out at sea. There is a definite feeling of how expansive the sea is when you look out at that dark color, and it can evoke a sense of isolation for me. 

Ibiza’s ocean varies greatly from ours, though. I liken the color to that of a mermaid’s tail! It’s magical. In Ibiza, the ocean is a vibrant teal that, at its deepest, has a piercing quality. There’s nothing quite like seeing the sun rays bounce off the water with your own two eyes. I have always drawn inspiration from the ocean because of these experiences and my emotional connection to them.

Ibiza: Travel-Inspired Interior Design

Color plays a crucial role in the way a person will interact with a space. Often, the effect is blatant. A bright yellow might feel decidedly cheerful, for instance. It isn’t a coincidence that we use the color red to signal danger or temperature level. Color has the power to activate responses in our bodies, and because of that, it remains a powerful tool in interior design. 

I talk to my clients about being conscious of the way colors make them feel. If you’re choosing a paint color, think about the impact it has on you. Does a dark navy make you feel disconnected or as if you’re lost at sea? If so, I’d advise selecting a different shade. For me, teal reminds me of the Ibiza ocean and culture. It feels warm and inviting. Teal makes me feel like frolicking in the sunshine. My positive association with the color makes it ideal for enhancing décor in a space.

I love traveling for several reasons. One of the best is the way it encourages me to see the world through a new lens. No matter where I go, I always seem to bring a bit of that place back with me through my travel-inspired design. It’s the ultimate parting gift of each trip!


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