Why a 1:1 Consultation?

Whether your project is a gut renovation or a room in need of a refresh, Breegan Jane can guide you in creating a fully-realized space that you’ll love living in.

You can show your space over video, put together a presentation with photos and/or links to walk through over screen-share, or simply chat and take notes. The time is yours to use however is most helpful for you.

The countless decisions of home design tend to be time-consuming and costly. Booking a consultation makes the process easier – and more fun!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a consultation involve?

When you book with me you lead with the questions you’d like me to answer. We can focus on the area of your choosing. You can walk me through the space virtually, or simply talk about your design concerns and questions. Whether that’s selecting a paint color, looking at a rendering, floor plans, layout or anything else, we will tackle it during your virtual consultation.

Are consultations only virtual, or can you do onsite consultations as well?

I can absolutely do onsite consultations! Book us for an in-person consultation at the hourly rate, and we can visit your property if that’s what you prefer. You can call us at (424)235-3346 or email us at: to confirm details.

What is your specialty?

Breegan Jane LLC is a design firm that specializes in high-end residential design (3,000 sq. ft – 42,000 sq. ft) in the greater Los Angeles area. We are happy to extend our expertise in design build, room layout, materials selections, finishes, overall design plans and more.

Can you help with apartments and smaller properties, or only large scale projects?

While large scale projects are our specialty, we are available for consultations on design decisions with you directly, without the need to hire us for your entire project. Already have a local interior designer but want my opinion on something specific? Book with me; I’m here to help!

When I book with you, who will be working on my design project?

All consultations are done by Breegan. The Breegan Jane design team is piloted by a group of professional project managers and design assistants. While you will be assigned a manager to guide your design project, Breegan will oversee the project in its entirety. She will also be available to you throughout the progress of your project.

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Breegan Jane Projects

Customizing is my absolute favorite part of designing interior spaces. It’s not as difficult as many people think, and the impact of having a one-of-a-kind element in a home goes beyond description.

When designing spaces, I look for ways to utilize natural lighting. They create a balanced flow by bringing nature and the beauty of outdoors inside, making a much more inviting space.

“The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them.”  – Breegan Jane

Interior design not only involves what you put in a space, but it also consists of creating a mood, feeling or emotion when people experience that space.

Mismatched chairs are a great way to break up linear space. Achromatic colors add a touch of class and elegance, especially when complemented by metallic accents.


One key to creating that vibe is choosing the perfect lighting. When it comes to elevating a space, chandeliers can present a unique touch of refinement and elegance.