I love interior design for so many reasons. The creativity expressed is limitless, and the trends are ever-changing. While many designers will talk each season about the styles that are on the rise or on the way out (myself included), selecting one that feels good to you and suits your space will always outweigh anyone else’s opinion. One of the most popular trends we’re seeing currently involves using natural elements in design. These types of additions to your home usher in a sense of earthiness and tranquility, and I’m going to help you find interesting ways to do just that!

Don’t Discount A Classic

It’s easy to become enamored by the latest and greatest in decor and design, but there’s certainly something to be said for the pieces and styles that will always be en vogue. When you think of using natural elements in design, perhaps one of the first to come to mind would be wood. As commonplace as it may seem, many forget that incorporating beautiful wooden pieces can make quite an impact in your space. 

One of my favorite ways to add wooden elements is to do it with a dining room table. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Dining room tables are one of the most overused and under-considered pieces of furniture in a home! For that reason alone it pays to select one of great quality. Wooden dining room tables are so underrated because you can make beautiful decor statements simply by choosing a specific type of wood! Whether it’s dark mahogany, maple, walnut or another type, wooden pieces come in so many different colors and undertones. A beautiful dining room table can be the perfect finishing touch to a room.

Another wooden element to consider adding would be headboards. While upholstered headboards are having a moment, wooden ones have a classic look will never look dated. Find one with minimal embellishment, clean lines and a hue that matches the tone of the space, and your guests won’t be able to tell if you bought it last year or last decade. A strong wooden headboard can be a great way to bring more of a masculine feel to a space and give the bed a commanding presence in the room. 

Select Stunning Stone

One of my favorite methods of using natural elements in design is incorporating stone of all types! My job requires me to work a lot with marble, and my clients often request it for custom pieces. Marble is undoubtedly the most elegant stone, with its signature veins being a coveted feature in luxury construction. A marble tub or sink will effortlessly become the focal point of a bathroom with an extravagant feel. Marble pieces typically have a premium price tag. As such, some may opt for smaller marble pieces such as a table with a marble top, or lamps with marble bases. However you choose to include it, marble will instantly elevate your space.

Granite is another excellent choice for several features in your home. It is quite a hard stone, and it’s also heat resistant. It has a myriad of qualities that make it perfect for countertops, backsplashes and tiles. Granite has the added benefit of being great for outdoor uses, also. Builders often opt to use granite paving stones to create unique designs on driveways. The use of different colors can make for a grand entrance into a residential or commercial space. Whether you choose to use marble, granite or another natural stone, you can be sure that these materials will give your space a lush and upscale appeal unlike any other.

Plant Possibilities

Rattan is a material that gets overlooked in design, but we should change that. This fibrous plant can add so much texture and personality to a space! Rattan is both lightweight and durable, which means it can be used in a variety of ways. Make no mistake: this isn’t your grandmother’s old wicker, and it isn’t limited to just outdoor furniture either. We are seeing rattan used in everything from trendy egg chairs to wall art, and it doesn’t end there. I especially love the use of rattan in bohemian and beach-inspired designs. 

Can you get more in touch with nature than literally bringing the outdoors in with beautiful vines, trees and flowers? I don’t think so. Adding greenery to a space adds a cozy and relaxed vibe that also helps create continuity and flow from inside to outside seamlessly. A room with a neutral color palette can appear dapper and clean, but if you find it begins to feel sterile, the addition of greenery will liven the space in an elegant way without detracting from its sleek presentation. 

Designing a space should always involve attention to detail and consideration of the desired end result. Using natural elements in design has the ability to do something that few other materials can. They infuse a space with an  opulence that still feels cozy and intimate. If you’re contemplating which route to go for your furniture, trims, accessories and surfaces in your home, don’t forget these options. You’ll thank me later!

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