What is it about new beginnings that gives people such a boost? Everyone has a bit more pep in their step at the beginning of each year. The new year’s energy is invigorating, and in 2024, that even applies to color trends in interior design! Let’s dig into a bit of what you can expect to see in the coming months.

Dopamine Decor

Architectural Digest defines dopamine decor as, “Brilliantly bold colors and patterns, eclectic prints, inviting textures, and a nostalgia-infused, unmissable vibe…” And that’s a perfect way to put it! Dopamine is the feel good hormone we associate with pleasure, and in 2024, people are finding new ways to infuse their spaces with colors that bring them joy and leave them feeling uplifted and happy. 

I think 2024 color trends are going to make a huge splash with big bold colors and large prints. Design will take a detour from the demure and understated and lean more towards the avant-garde. I’m a lover of neutrals, but I absolutely adore striking pops of color that bring life and spirit to a room. I love that people are prioritizing the types of design that speak to their hearts and elicit the kind of sensations they seek in their homes.  I’m looking forward to more of this in this year.

Blues and Greens and Teals, Oh My!

Paint isn’t going anywhere this year. In fact, I believe it’s likely that we will see shades that feel aquatic. You can expect color trends to feature deep seafoam, teals, navy blues and other hues in the blue-green family. Don’t look for pastels. Instead, I think people will opt for these colors in the medium to dark range. These blues and greens are stunning when you want to give a space an especially distinct personality and identity. Jewel tones are definitely in, and any color that reminds you of water ultimately has a relaxing effect. That’s always a win.

Kitchen Impressions

When we think of color in a home, the kitchen isn’t always the first space to come to mind. 2024 color trends will change that! We’re not leaving the heart of the home out of the chromatic conversations! I think we will start to see these spaces take on a life of their own with refrigerators and cabinetry in bold colors and countertops and backsplashes with interesting stone variations. Don’t forget that stone has so many different types of veining! It’s an excellent way to bring in more color without going overboard on one of the largest surfaces in your home. 

2024 is looking splendidly vivid! I think we’re all tired of the typical and mundane; so color, the stage is yours! I’m even adding splashes of it to my new beach home! Stay tuned to my socials to see it all unfold. Until then, let me know what hues you’re looking forward to seeing more of this year!

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