Is it just me, or is the entire world in search of a little more joy these days? When we were in the throes of the pandemic, we saw interior design choices shift towards elements that felt serene and in many ways directly connected us to nature. That made sense, as we were locked away in our homes, unable to get outside as much as we’d like to enjoy fresh air with our friends and loved ones. Now, I think we’re all ready to lean into a bit more fun and playfulness, and interior design is showcasing that in several ways. Dopamine decor is bringing big bold color, and with it, florals are back! If you’re craving some botanical beauty in your world, floral wallpaper is the ideal way to infuse it in your home. Let’s find the perfect print for you!

Floral Wallpaper: A Fresh Take

Designers take inspiration from everywhere, but nature has long been one of the greatest muses for many of us.Think about it, it’s pretty hard to walk past a well maintained garden full of various colorful flowers and not acknowledge the beauty of it all. I think floral prints have a timeless quality about them. That’s why generation after generation has used them as decor in their homes. But, if the first thing you think about is your grandparents’ living room when you hear “florals”, you’ll be happy to know that bountiful blossoms have come a long way in the last several years! Floral prints have been reimagined in new and fresh ways, and my collection with Clarke & Clarke of the Sanderson Design Group has so many unique wallpapers that feel modern and refined.

Delicate or Bold?

If you’re in the market for floral wallpaper but unsure of where to begin, decide if you’re looking for a big punch of floral goodness, or if you’d prefer something a bit more subtle. I always suggest letting the space lead with decisions like this. For instance, a larger space with a significant amount of statement decor like chandeliers, oversized accent chairs and eye-catching artwork might benefit from something understated like Palmyra

Palmyra is a wallpaper that pays homage to my own seaside roots. I love this paper because most people don’t automatically picture palm trees when they think about florals, but they should! Palmyra has palm trees floating in a gentle breeze, a print reminiscent of the banana leaf patterns found in Beverly Hills. It comes in four colorways, and three of them feature muted tones that allow this wallpaper to play the background in any space if you want other decor to shine. 

If you’re looking for an edgier print that feels bold and avant-garde, Malindi is for you! One of the things I love about a more modern floral print of today is how we can combine them with other elements and shapes. Malindi showcases lush greenery and tropical palms, but it also has shapes intertwined in the design that almost feel like an ode to art deco. Malindi is named after a town in Kenya, but it is also inspired by the glamor and retro artistry of an LA rooftop. With metallic highlights, this wallpaper is dynamic and one-of-a-kind. Malindi is offered in three colorways (even neutral!) to suit a wide variety of palettes! 

Dark and Moody

If you’ve been around for a bit you probably know I’m the kind of designer that doesn’t mind breaking “design rules.” What I mean is, I believe the best design is the type that works for your life, suits your aesthetic, and makes you feel good in your spaces. Florals don’t always have to be pastel and slight. If you’re looking for a wallpaper that engulfs you and makes the space feel sumptuous, go for one with a deep, richer hue. 

Have you seen Kisumu in Midnight or /Noir Luxe yet? Both of these colorways are absolutely luxuriant! I love a gorgeous toile, because it isn’t your traditional floral print—and yet, this one depicts the iconic Baobab tree, known as the “Tree of Life” in a celebration of the African landscape. In the darker colorways you’ll notice a contemporary twist added with the print being enhanced by metallics, another Breegan Jane signature. Trust me this isn’t your grandmother’s floral!

No worries if you’re looking to keep things airy and bright. Brighter colors definitely bring more light into the space. I love Kisumu in Noir for that. It features the same immersive toile but with a white background. No matter what you need, we have you covered!

A Little is Sometimes A Lot

Wallpaper can truly be manipulated to capture the look you’re after. You can choose to paper an entire room, just one wall, or even use the paper as trim. One of the ways I chose to use a favorite of mine, Mombasa, was almost as an accent wall. Mombasa is a wide-width panel wallpaper that has an expansive, mural quality. Again, it isn’t a traditional floral print. Mombasa radiates fun with lush jungle vegetation and beautiful jewel tones. THIS is the kind of wallpaper that starts conversations. I wanted it to feel immersive and captivating, and I think that’s exactly what you’ll get when you install it in your home!

Florals are back and better than ever. I have always challenged conventional design norms, and my fabrics and wallpapers line definitely supports that. Florals are an excellent way to bring delight and whimsy into a space, but updating them for a fresh, modern take can upgrade the entire feeling of the rooms you select for them! Check out the entire collection and let me know your favorites!


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