Today everybody is scrolling on social media and looking at perfectly curated homes. What you may notice after a while is the striking reality of homes all (seemingly) starting to look the same. If everyone is into tan and cream, that’s what you will begin to see everywhere. It makes sense to me as a designer that if you’re styling your home, what better way to make it feel like yours than bringing more of YOU into the interior design? You can create a home that looks like everyone else’s that is amazingly designed, sure. Or, you can create a beautiful home that looks (and feels) like you! The way to do that is to infuse your house with hints of who you are and give it the personality that appeals to you! Here are a few ways you can easily achieve that.

Your Life In Lights!

In 2024, there’s no need to have one-size-fits-all lighting in your home. Lighting choices are incredibly abundant. You can find lighting options that both illuminate spaces and also give your interior design a unique look. There’s a plethora of stunning fixtures that will turn heads and bring that “wow” factor to your interior spaces.

That was the primary motivation behind my lighting collaboration with Savoy House. I wanted to offer clients and home designers options for all home aesthetics. Lighting is the crown jewel of a room, and it adds an effortless opulence. Even with the perfect furniture, paint and layout, lighting is still the final element that affects how everything else visually comes together. A fixture like the Venice from my collection is the perfect mix of fabulous flair and function. Fashioned like a gorgeous bangle bracelet, it is adorned with faceted crystal petals and sports a black and gold finish. I named this piece after my city, because it felt so much like Breegan! The lavishness of the crystal and gold contrasted against the hand-applied Metropolis Black finish is a beautiful representation of my signature design style and belief that luxury can be a mix of elements—both extravagant and casual. Don’t fall victim to cookie-cutter lighting! Select pieces that speak to your heart and radiate the energy YOU desire to see and sense in your spaces.

Statement Wallcoverings for Your Interior

As you consider incorporating more of “you” in your interior design, don’t neglect the larger surfaces in your space—including your walls. I kept this in mind as I began working on my wallpaper collaboration with Clarke & Clarke Interiors. Wallcoverings are a great and personal way to add color, texture and life to a space. Plus, you can be as bold or muted as you want with your prints, so your chosen design will perfectly reflect who you are!

For those who may be shy about color but want to take baby steps towards using it in their home interior design, I have just the print. The Palmyra wallcovering pairs subtle tones with neutrals and palm tree designs to evoke sunny, relaxing days. Or, for a bolder visual presentation, the Mombasa print has a tropical feel with captivating jewel tones. The key for any visuals you use in your space is that they make you feel as if you’re in your favorite place in the world. That’s what your home should be anyway, right?

Along with wallcoverings, custom fabrics can also bring personality into your home. By using them for chair upholstery or even for accent pillows, you can infuse personalized accents throughout spaces in your home. The Duma print in my collection highlights an animal character from one of my all-time favorite movies. To see that print used in accent pillows always brings a smile to my face and great memories over which I reminisce. Choosing the perfect fabrics for your home can do the same for your interior design and decor!

More For Your Decor

There’s so much more you can do to make your home feel like it presents your personality throughout. And, it won’t necessarily take a lot to achieve it! In my previous home, I wanted guests to know that my family enjoyed all aspects of music. So, I chose to display my vinyl record collection in my living space. I created an album wall with gorgeous acrylic album holders and displayed the records on the wall like art. I could have easily found a functional storage option for my collection that would have kept it hidden away. However, displaying them on the wall in an aesthetically pleasing way transformed open “storage” into a conversation starter for visitors.

I did the same with a beautiful white baby grand piano that I purchased. Now, a piano is indeed a splurge, but mine was so worth it! It became much more than a tool to create beautiful music. It coordinated perfectly with my decor, and it connected with my family’s personality without interrupting the visual design. It was that simple!

It’s All About YOUR Design Style!

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you have undoubtedly seen bits and pieces of who I am in every aspect of my design style. I’m all about modern, approachable luxury, and that design philosophy isn’t necessarily determined by anything I can purchase. To me, luxury is having sand-covered feet that walk straight into an upscale restaurant. It’s high-quality furniture that’s beautiful but durable enough to withstand the salt in the air. It’s whitewashed brick and rattan. It’s a light and airy interior aesthetic. MY kind of luxury exists in the details, and I get to determine what those are. So do you!

You can achieve the same feeling in your home, no matter what your design style is. That’s how you make a house a home. YOU decide what personality is presented in your interior. If you’re more bohemian, bring that into your design style and home. Or, if you’re a shabby chic girl, bring that to your space. There is only one rule:  when you walk into your home, make sure it looks and feels like your style, not something you’ve seen or copied from social media. That’s for them. This home is yours! Design your interior so that no one will question the amazing person or people who live there. To me, that’s the only successfully designed home!

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