Where do you live, and why do you love it? I’m a native Californian, and to be honest, I can’t see myself ever living somewhere not by a big body of water. My earliest memories involve me being in the ocean with family. The sand and sea are practically in the DNA of Breegan Jane. I love the coast for so many reasons. It’s why I feel pulled to Ibiza so strongly. There’s such a peace that accompanies coastal living. In search of the tranquility it brings, many clients lean into coastal decor in their homes! It’s a beautiful interior styling technique, and if you’re interested in finding out how to bring it into your spaces, stay tuned.

Use Coastal Reminiscent Decor

One of the simplest ways to successfully execute coastal design is to incorporate items that call back memories of some of your favorite coastal locations! I have always believed in including hints of home in my design. But that’s an easy one for me since I live on the coast. In Southern California where surf culture is huge, it isn’t unusual to see decorative surfboards mounted on walls in chic ways, or beach coral decor in vacation homes. But if you’re after a more understated yet elevated way to bring in the coastal vibes, I’ve got exactly what you need.

Grecian by Savoy House and Breegan Jane

You probably don’t immediately think of lighting when coastal design is the goal, but you should! Lighting is the icing on the cake in any space, and there’s nothing better than a stunning statement piece hanging from the ceiling of a beautiful room. Grecian is a six light chandelier from my lighting line with Savoy House, and it is one of my favorite pieces!

The fixture is crafted with natural coconut shells, and the branches cascade in a romantic way. The hand-applied Champagne Mist finish adds a beautiful touch that makes me feel like relaxing on a Mediterranean shore on a bright sunny day.

Simple Stylized Statements

Remember that the style you select doesn’t have to consume the entirety of every space in your home. Instead, you can choose small ways to add in elements of coastal decor that make a statement while still allowing the rest of your decor choices to shine. What I mean is, think of your adornments in terms of everyday beauty instead of kitschy, themed styling. Seashells and flip flops artwork are cool for a VRBO you’ll visit for a week. But the home “you do life” in? We want that to feel sophisticated and comfortable. 

Palmyra by Clarke & Clarke and Breegan Jane

Wallpaper is having a moment in interiors right now, and I’m all in! You have so many options depending on which paper you choose and how you choose to use it. I love the idea of using a wallpaper with muted tones as a backdrop for a single wall. Palmyra is ideal for this! It comes in four colorways, and it features rustic palm trees floating in a gentle breeze. This is the perfect way to summon a coastal mood without going too far over-the-top. 

Keep Colors Light and Bright

When you think about the serenity of a beach, you think about the way your senses are captivated. One of the biggest has to do with the colors you see. I have talked a lot about the way we experience interior design, and the reasons why color psychology is so important. Blues, whites and tans will always make a space feel laid back and relaxed. So consider that when you select your decor. I happen to adore teal, so I love finding ways to incorporate it in my spaces. White is an easy one, but careful! Too much white without contrast or texture can start to feel sterile. So, how do you use coastal colors and keep the style modern?

Try a lighting fixture in a bright white but with loads of texture and interest. Pacha is a chandelier that has white tiered flowers with a White Cashmere finish. Talk about alluring! It draws the eye without feeling so bold that it takes over the room. 

Throw pillows are always a win when you’re looking to add a splash of color to a room, and Paradiso with its woven and distressed texture is superb! It comes in a myriad of hues, but denim would make a splendid pillow or curtain for a coastal interior! 

Incorporate Organic Materials 

Lastly, you can never go wrong with natural elements in a coastal inspired design. I love using natural elements because anything that connects me to nature is a win in my book. Where possible, use materials like beautiful lighter toned woods, stone and rattan. They will complement the other colors and textures in the space, and you’ll definitely usher in that unmatched peacefulness that comes with the great outdoors.

You certainly don’t have to use every one of these in your home to feel coastal, but adding in a few here and there in orchestrated ways will absolutely have you ready for a trip to the beach! For now, enjoy that relaxing energy in your space with an elevated coastal design!

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