The Definition of Success

As I embark on a new year and reflect on this past year, I can’t help but think about all that I’ve accomplished. At the same time, I also consider the things I’ve yet to do. With everyone creating resolutions for their lives and making grandiose commitments, I feel very settled in my own definition of success, and how to achieve it based on my own life’s trajectory.

A Mantra For Success

We’ve all heard the saying, “fake it ‘til you make it.” Growing up in Hollywood, I’ve heard it most of my life. But it has occurred to me that it means different things to different people. For some, it’s a reference to pretending to be something you are not. To others, it’s about hope for what’s to come. I fall into an entirely different category. I’m not sure the phrase has to be about faking it at all. Maybe it’s more about overcoming imposter syndrome in order to “make it,” or reach your full potential. I share that from a very vulnerable but honest place deep within myself. Accepting people’s definition of success—or even my own definition—is an extraordinary struggle for me. Throughout my life, I knew I wasn’t given a dream that I wouldn’t be able to bring to fruition. I also knew and learned from experience that success wouldn’t come without obstacles. I simply had no idea how large the obstacles would appear.

Realization hit when I found myself alone with a six-month-old and a two-and-a-half-year-old, watching my life fall apart in front of my eyes. I felt empty, defeated and beaten down. The only thing I could do to get through the night was cry. It was only a lioness instinct within me that pushed me to figure out what to do to protect my two kids and build a world for them. Without words the world told me I was destined for a sad life as a single mom. My sons would suffer, according to the world’s projection. Imposter syndrome became very real for me. My circumstances didn’t align with the world’s definition of success. But I refused to be or bow to its definition of failure.

 A Blueprint For Preparation

I’ve always had a plan for what I thought my life would be. Getting divorced abruptly changed some significant parts of that dream. Life turned upside down very suddenly, and society didn’t exactly roll out the red carpet of encouragement and optimism for me. I was told I could no longer achieve much of what I wanted.

However, I thought about J. Lo, whose career blossomed despite her being a single mother. I remembered Oprah’s amazing life and thriving career that far superseded her past of abuse and sexual violence. Martha Stewart’s self-made journey came to mind and made me realize something about myself: if they could manifest their dreams, so could I! I didn’t have all the pieces figured out, but I knew how and where to start: at the finish line.

Beginning with the end in mind allowed me to reverse-engineer my goals, see where I wanted to be, and back up to figure out how to achieve them. I encourage everyone to do the same for their own goals. If your definition of success is to be like Lebron, study what he did to get where he is. Do you want star status like Beyonce? Use her career as a case study and find out what she did. Maybe you want to be a famous entrepreneur like Richard Branson. Research his story and glean nuggets from his experience. Then follow those footsteps, apply them to your life and work towards the end goal. Again, they did it, and you can, too, in your own way.

Leading With Purpose

Having a reverse-engineered plan was a great first step for me. Sustaining that fervor to push myself took much more than that, though. There has to be a personal investment in what you want to pursue, a passion, a cause. That will help answer the “why” that inevitably comes with the nagging imposter syndrome that rears its ugly head. I constantly found myself asking, “out of all the people who should be at this place in life, why am *I* here? How did I get here?” I experienced this so strongly when I first traveled to Kenya, Africa. The questions flooded my soul: who am I to be standing here in Kenya wanting to help these kids? What right do I have to stand here and say, ‘I’m going to help you,’ as if I have it all figured out?

Who was I?? I was the person who had a heart for giving as a little girl. The child who bought toys with her own money and traveled with her grandmother to present them to little kids in Mexico? That was me! The person who would give you the shirt off her back if you needed it, the one who took the time to learn about FGM and get involved with nonprofit philanthropy organizations. This is who Breegan was–and still is. The purpose and passion I have for giving and helping catapulted me past “imposter” thoughts and helped me realize I set myself up to be exactly where I was supposed to be. I reached the point that I worked and asked for because I led with my heart, opened myself up to my purpose and calling, and reverse-engineered my goal. I haven’t reached my mountaintop, but I know I’m on my way.

Create YOUR Definition of Success

I’m so proud of the steps I’ve taken toward my personal definition of success, and I’m happy with where I am. Yet, I know there’s still more to do, to show, and to give to the world. Am I “faking it?” I guess it depends on who you ask. I simply say I’ve decided what I want and who I ultimately want to be, and I’m working my heart out with passion and living it out every single day. You can do the same. Consider the suggested steps above, and let your heart and openness to impact the world be your guide. However that turns out, I believe, will be the ultimate and truest definition of success.

Interior Design for Entertaining During the Holidays

Well, we’ve reached the end of 2022! This year has been full of surprises, both personally and professionally. I’m so ready to embrace all that the new year has to offer in every way. If you’re gearing up to bring in the new year like most of the world, you’re probably going to celebrate with friends and family. New Year’s Eve parties are always a fun way to both reflect on all the great memories of the past year, as well as bring in all the newness that comes on January 1. But, entertaining during the holidays is no small feat. I’m your resident interior designer, here to help you stress-proof your parties and prepare your interior design for all the fun to come!

Take Advantage of Performance Fabrics

I don’t know about you, but when I think about hosting any type of event, one of the first things that comes to mind is the potential for spills and messes in the space. If you’re new here, you might not know that I love to entertain. We do a great deal of that in the Breegan Jane household. I’m lucky to have so many friends who all live in all four corners of the world. When they come to visit, I often throw small but festive soirees so that LA friends can gather with them, as well. I also have two young children who regularly host their friends in my home, so I know a thing or two about the common mishaps that can occur when many people are in one space. Hands down, one of the best things anyone can do when they’re preparing for a gathering is invest in performance fabrics.

You might be wondering what performance fabric is in the first place. These fabrics are designed to withstand all the realities of daily life. As an interior designer, my job is to ensure your space brings you joy each time you walk into the room. I want the look of the space to proverbially “knock your socks off.” That ‘wow’ factor means you love the work that was done. But that’s not the only job I have when you hire me. My goal is to provide you with functionality that makes your life easier, more productive, and more inspired than what you previously had. That means giving a great deal of attention to how the space will be used, and making that a priority. Incorporating performance fabrics in the furniture in a space is just one way of accomplishing this goal.

No Mess, No Stress – Furniture

Performance fabrics are designed to be cleaned over and over again without ruining the pattern, color or material. This is an advantage whether you are throwing a huge shindig or if you have active little ones running around each day. New Year’s Eve parties usually feature some sort of themed beverage. If red wine or any other dark-colored juice is present, stains might follow. When that happens, I easily wipe away the mess without a care in the world. That piece of mind is priceless.

Performance fabrics are also usually treated to avoid bleaching from UV rays. This is an added bonus if you live in a climate that makes entertaining outdoors possible during this time of year. Do yourself a favor and select furniture pieces with performance fabrics if you’re entertaining during the holidays. You’ll thank me when your space looks good as new January 1, and all the days after.

A Seat For Everyone

Being a gracious host when I’m entertaining during the holidays requires great thought regarding the details of how the night will go. Will there be a sit-down dinner or food stations? Can people expect to spend their time mostly seated, or will there be more dancing and mingling? These party elements are crucial in determining how your space will need to be arranged. Seating is an essential part of planning a social gathering. You’ll want every guest to feel comfortable and have a place to sit, should they so please. But let’s face it: most of our homes weren’t built with large celebrations in mind. If you’re worried about having enough chairs for everyone, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and get creative.

Maximizing the seating in your interior design is easier than you might think. Of course, you’ll have the use of your existing sofas and chairs. However, don’t negate the power of your kitchen island. Bar stools make this space a perfect gathering spot for parties, and they provide easy access to refreshments for your guests. Ottomans, oversized floor cushions and poufs are easy to incorporate in a space. Also, they lend the perfect, relaxed vibe for a fun New Year’s Eve party.

Think Outside the Box

I am all about using interior design to not only live the best lives we can, but also to live life honestly. If you’ve seen any of my reels on Instagram, you know exactly what I mean. When utility is the focus, never be afraid to “break the rules” of design. If you’re expecting a lot of people over for your gathering, consider bringing good-quality outdoor furniture inside.

While this might sound crazy to many of you, I’ve actually used a patio set as my family dining room table for several months now. With two wiggly bear boys, it made for easy clean-up after dinnertime nightly, and I haven’t regretted it since. You may not be expecting kids at your party, but using furniture you already own in a pinch is always a great idea. Entertaining during the holidays doesn’t always mean breaking the bank to buy new decor for the occasion. Take advantage of what is readily available and often right in front of your face. Besides, your friends and family are there to celebrate the New Year with you, not to critique your interior design choices, after all.

Keep It Simple

People think entertaining during the holidays has to be a lot of work. But there’s no rule that states the host can’t have as much fun as the guests! Take the stress away by tossing out your expectations of perfection. There’s no need to go buy themed plateware and cups; this is actually the perfect opportunity to break out that fancy china you never use, even if it doesn’t all match. When are you ever going to use it if not for an occasion like this, anyway?

Consider using your credenzas as stations for beverages, food or even craft stations for kids (if they’re invited). Most of us have credenzas that we use for storage or decoration. They are ideal for use at parties, as well. So by all means, do! When you’re running short on time for decorations, forget about a color palette and stick to the metallics. Silver and gold will always add all the sparkle you need and won’t clash with your design and decor.

It’s the most festive time of the year, and you deserve to enjoy it, even if you’re the party organizer. Don’t get bogged down with planning woes and difficulties. Use these tips to make your celebration a success—and your life a little easier, too! Happy New Year, everyone!

The Power of Social Media

Recently on my social media channels I let you all in on a little secret. The interesting thing is, it wasn’t really a “secret” at all. I announced on my two-year anniversary that I was in a relationship with my amazing partner. I’m sure that shocked some, and probably evoked feelings in others, too. The question is…why? As an influencer, I understand the value and power of social media. But that power doesn’t lie within the masses. It is inherent to each of us. Let’s talk about it.


Rewards and Consequences of Sharing

“Pics or it didn’t happen.” That’s a phrase used years ago to convince audiences of the validity of an experience. In other words, if it REALLY happened, someone needs to present visual proof before it is to be believed. Today, we may as well replace “pics” with “IG” or any other social media platform where people keep up with the goings-on of celebrities or their favorite follows. Social media has become an all-knowing affirmation machine that determines what people should trust. And, if the internet doesn’t know of something, it is either irrelevant or false. How did it get this way? Honestly, we fed and created it.

Social media allows us all a platform to display or grandstand aspects of our lives. As a society, we are quick to show off the shiny new product, experience, or happening that we’re excited about. The problem is, we generally don’t allow those things to grow roots within our real lives before presenting them to friends and strangers alike on the internet. I learned early on that there are rewards and consequences associated with oversharing and not sharing at all. Taking people along on a fitness journey? That can be rewarding when others encourage and root you on. Sharing a new relationship? That’s a little trickier.

Years ago, I made a point not to share about a new relationship, and I’m glad I did. It only lasted several months. I didn’t have to go through a public breakup or deal with questions and comments from strangers. I got through it privately with friends, family and therapists. And, I was able to move on to what I now have: a stronger, tested, deeply-rooted connection with my present partner. He, my family and I are much better because of it.

Is Validation Valuable?

When it comes to sharing, I completely get why some people have the urge to share what’s going on in their lives. Maybe they’re extremely proud of whatever it is. It may very well be exciting! And let’s be honest: it’s so easy to get FOMO when you’re not a part of the social sharing machine. Even the most private people sometimes feel compelled to share a part of themselves without realizing they’re sharing information with familiars and strangers. And, people rarely consider the fact that whoever has the information will always have access.

I had to consider two things for myself–and you will, also. First, never forget that the internet is forever. What you put online, for better or worse, you can never get back. You will never be able to control who sees and knows; neither will you be able to control what they do with it. When you post on social media, you give strangers access to personal and private business. Next, I had to decide if I was willing to deal with any fallout from what I shared online. You should ask yourself: is validation from known and unknown followers valuable, even if it doesn’t turn out well or could be harmful emotionally or mentally?

For me, I made a choice to invest in my relationship privately. I wanted to test all waters, learn and grow with him and our families outside of the public eye. It was important that we were both sure what we developed was healthy for the lives we live outside of the internet. Our families met, our children got to know each other, and we cultivated our feelings for each other. It was all amazing. We have roots in each other and the people that I consider my support. THAT validation is always worth it, much more than anything on social media. Our relationships, and the ones that nurture us, will always stand the test of time.

Put Power Into Life Experiences

I will never be able to tell you what you should or shouldn’t share on social media. What I can tell you, though, is there’s danger in having a strong desire to seek absolute validation from external (unknown) sources when sharing personal things online. Learn to live your life for yourself, not for others. Finding joy, peace and contentment in your everyday life should never be contingent on how many people “like” what’s going on in your world.

When you learn to appreciate being fully present and in the moment, I believe the desire to share so much on the internet for validation from others will decrease. Know this: your life experiences are special because they happened, not because someone responds to them. They will never be less precious because you didn’t share them with the internet. Likewise, they won’t be more valuable if you do. Who you are and what you value are so much more priceless than any person’s opinion or witness.

So no, I didn’t share a “secret” about my relationship. I simply chose to open up about a facet of my life that was my prerogative to share with the world. Every similar decision I make moving forward will be solely for me to decide. That’s the power I’ve taken back for myself.

And you can, too!


Inspired Interior Design: The Iconic Home

It’s such a privilege to love what you do. That’s something I will never take for granted. Interior design allows me to tap into the most creative parts of myself in tangible ways that aren’t only aesthetically pleasing, but also practical. Once I discovered my passion for “home making,” I welcomed all opportunities to use my craft in new and innovative ways. When I was asked to be a part of the Iconic Home virtual showhouse presented by Architectural Digest in partnership with Black Interior Designer Network, I felt so incredibly honored. I was thrilled to use my skills to create a bedroom for a little girl in this imagined space without the physical limits or boundaries of the real world design process. The result was nothing short of magical. I’ll show you how you can use some of the same principles to infuse your spaces with inspired interior design.

Drawing From Your Experience

Interior designers typically have the job of bringing clients’ wishes to fruition. When someone books a consultation with me, we go over all of their concerns and desires for their space. Then we discuss how best to tackle that within their budget. The entire experience is client-focused and driven, because my goal is to ensure you get exactly what you’re after when you work with me. With customer service held as a priority, it can be easy for interior designers to get into the mindset of suppressing personal opinions and preferences when designing for others. But, designing for The Iconic Home required me to create a bedroom for a little girl who was theoretical. That freed me to make decisions based on my own inclinations. Doing so reminded me of how valuable our own experiences and perspectives can be even when we design for others.

Throughout the process of designing this bedroom I never lost sight of how I wanted the space to feel. Interior design has the ability to stimulate many of the senses, and I wanted to wield that power in very deliberate ways. I’ve designed more bedrooms than I can count, and with each I considered factors like emotional appeal, personality and longevity. While the interior design for The Iconic Home was no different, I was able to tap into the mind of my eight-year-old self and incorporate the things of dreams! Those extra special touches are what made this room so extraordinary. Don’t be afraid to dig deeply into your own experiences to influence the design of a room. While those experiences may be singular in nature, not every element of your space needs to have mass appeal. Sometimes beauty is quirky and unique. I definitely leaned into that with this bedroom.

A Nod to the Unconventional Interior Design

The daughter’s bedroom in The Iconic Home needed to be everything a little girl could ever ask for. To do that, I considered ways to bring a heavy dose of whimsical design and decor into the space. The bedroom features an over-the-top fairytale theme presented in a luxurious fashion. The challenge was determining how to maintain a child-centric focus that would effortlessly merge with the undeniable extravagance of the space. I dubbed my styling of this bedroom “opulent approachability.” That meant combining elements with an elevated flair, like a custom tree art piece and tufted ottoman, with imaginative items like a ballet barre and swing. Is your interest piqued yet? 

More Than Just a Bedroom

As you probably already realize, this bedroom was anything but ordinary. Without the confines of supply chain issues, contractor deadlines or scheduling conflicts that interior designers regularly run into in real life, the world was my oyster! I took full advantage of that with my limitless imagination. My favorite parts of this room are the ballet barre and swings. When I thought about what a little girl might enjoy in her room, I could almost hear the squeal of delight little eight-year-old Breegan would make if she had a place to practice being a ballerina in her room. And, the fairytale treehouse theme was ideal for the swings that flanked the custom tree in the space. 

When most people think of a bedroom, they picture all the usual suspects: a bed, dresser and nightstand. And, while those furnishings are important, I wanted to show that bedrooms can be so much more than just places for kids to sleep. I’m a mom of two energetic boys whom I affectionately refer to as my wiggly bears. Trust me, I know how important it is for kids to have a place to release all that seemingly boundless energy. I’m designing my beach home now, and I’ve even decided on a sort of rock climbing wall in my boys’ playroom for this exact reason. I think it doesn’t occur to people that bedrooms can be places that facilitate and encourage movement as well as rest. I wanted to show that with unique additions to this space in The Iconic Home that any child could enjoy.

Interior Design That Inspires

I talk a lot about the power interior design has to influence mood. When I set out to design this bedroom, I wanted to capitalize on the fact that there were no limitations. I chose special pieces with meaning and I selected colors with intention. I went with a neutral palette with a bit of blush pink and a light teal texture on the walls. This was important because I wanted elements of nature to really take center stage against a more muted backdrop. The tree (a custom piece) features seashells as leaves, and they sparkle like stars in the sky when you’re looking up at them. My goal was to design a space that would inspire the little girl to dream boldly and never put a ceiling on what’s possible in life. The daydream-worthy space felt perfect for that! 

Each part of this space was designed with wonder and whimsy at the forefront. I desired to create a fully immersive and majestic feeling space that would speak to the senses in the best way possible. I think we did exactly that! Design should do that in your spaces, too. Never be afraid to reach for the stars with your home design. You spend so much time there; it’s only right that it be your favorite place to be, afterall. If you’re wondering how to begin, reach out and let’s figure it out together!

Bentley Motors: Being Different is the Difference

Sting sings a classic line that says, “Be yourself, no matter what they say.” Throughout my life, I’ve been accustomed to being different. From my upbringing to my career choices and personal experiences, my life has taken a series of unusual trajectories. The thing is, “different” has never been synonymous with bad or wrong in my dictionary. Quite the opposite. It has allowed me to see some of the best things in life that many rarely get to witness. It’s also why working with Bentley Motors was a perfect fit for me. Bentley epitomizes a standard of excellence in a way no other auto company does, and the connection couldn’t have been more perfect.

Pushing Boundaries, Challenging Norms

My origin story isn’t one that is heard every day. I am a biracial person who was transracially adopted as a newborn. My birth certificate labeled me as Caucasian. Imagine my adopted parents’ surprise when their little baby with fair skin and sparse hair developed a caramel complexion and tight curls. With such an unconventional entrance into this world, it’s no wonder that I’ve been pushing the limits on what the standard is ever since. That’s been my life’s signature, from parenting to personal choices. I’ve always believed in staying true to myself and living on my own terms, no matter how different—as long as my beliefs were rooted in having a positive impact on myself and/or others.

This philosophy has also been the tenet that defines my design style, which focuses on creating “modern approachable luxury.” The concept makes perfect sense to me. Yet, others hear “approachable” and “luxury” and have a hard time believing those two belong in the same sentence. Luxury is often considered as something afforded only to the top one percent. It feels untouchable, rare, unobtainable. But, I believe luxury can and should be available to everyone at every price point. That’s caused me to raise the standard when it comes to design and push past what I see as the norm in interior design. Rather than making one particular demographic a focus, I want to challenge typical thinking and come up with innovative and inclusive designs. This is how I reset expectations with clients and ultimately give them more than they expect. That’s been a hallmark since birth.


Poised for Performance

I believe good interior design ensures that a particular space works for you, not vice versa. If one of my clients comes to me with a design problem, my goal is to come up with a solution that exceeds their expectations in both form and function. At the heart of all I do professionally is a desire to ensure everything in the space is stunning in presentation. What’s more, I want my creations to live on and perform exceptionally well for the clients long after I’m gone. This is also the beauty of the Bentley Motors Flying Spur, the brand’s iconic luxury model that offers an upscale, limousine-like experience with unparalleled comfort.

The Bentley Motors brand has always been interchangeable with class and sophistication. It has an heirloom reputation that has lasted generations. That type of legacy has to be earned, and they have certainly done so. Bentley Motors continues to be recognized as a distinguished and preeminent brand. Young and old consumers know Bentley stands for excellence, and the Flying Spur hails as the quintessential brand ambassador. Whether you’re the driver or passenger, peak comfort is the only acceptable experience. Seemingly limitless customization makes it impossible to not create the ultimate drive and ride, which only complements and completes the absolutely gorgeous details of the vehicle. Rest assured no expectation goes unaddressed when it comes to the Bentley Motors brand.

Craftsmanship You Can Experience

As a creative, I wholeheartedly believe distinction is in the details. Years of work in my industry have proven people know when careful attention has been dedicated to them. So, I waste no time going above and beyond to find the best for interior home projects. When designing a bathroom in a recent Bel Air project, it was important to me to provide the ultimate, spa-like opulence for the owners. Because I envisioned the owners enjoying the most luxurious bath ever, I traveled to Italy to source and hand-select the finest marble for the soaking tub. The natural stone was absolutely gorgeous, but I wanted more for the future homeowners. I wanted them to feel incomparably pampered. The appearance was secondary to the bliss I wanted them to enjoy whenever they stepped into their bath. I’m proud to say I accomplished my mission.

This is the euphoria I anticipated when I got behind the wheel of the Flying Spur. I felt the meticulous attention Bentley Motors dedicated to the perceptive driver. The spacious front cabin provided comfort never experienced in a vehicle. The handcrafted surfaces, intricate embroidery and sustainable Dinamica fabric—which made me very happy—enveloped and indulged my senses with sheer delight. The ease with which the Flying Spur handled any and all road conditions further exemplified refined optimization unavailable in any other car on the road. These details put Bentley Motors in a class by itself, far surpassing any other brand that calls itself a competitor.

Best of the Best

I’ve learned throughout my life and professional journey that singularity, being different or unique, is an asset. It’s something I value in myself and in the products I use. I’ve found an alignment of that philosophy with Bentley Motors and their Flying Spur model. We both recognize the importance of pushing the boundaries and providing the best of the best for our patrons. Are we peculiar in that way? Perhaps. But make no mistake: we both pride ourselves on creating experiences that are truly special.

Prepare Your Home For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is next week! Are you as shocked about that as I am? I know we say it every time, but this year flew by! It feels like we were just lounging by the pool and basking in the heat from the sun rays. Now there are holiday tunes in the air and gift guides in our inboxes! Thanksgiving begins the season for gathering, and gathering means guests! If you’re expecting friends and family over the next several weeks, I’m your resident interior designer ready to help you prepare your spaces for Thanksgiving and holiday visitors! Believe it or not, it’s easier than you might think!

Get Your Guest Bedroom Ready

One of the first places many people think about when friends and family are coming over is where they are going to sleep. We all want our guests to feel as comfortable as possible during their stay with us, right? If you have a spare bedroom, now is the time to refresh those bed linens, clean the dust from the guest bathroom, and make sure everything is aesthetically pleasing. I always suggest making things as easy on yourself as possible. One way to do that? Keep it simple and uniform! Stick to white sheets and duvets. They always match your room design, and they’re easily bleached to remove tough stains.

Uniform glass bottles make for a polished presentation.

I like white bath towels for the same reason. They have the added benefit of making the space feel spa-like and serene. Also, you’ll likely need to replenish home essentials like hand soaps, body wash and lotions for your guest quarters. Don’t get caught with tacky labels on plastic bottles. After all, why go through the trouble of designing a stunning bathroom with beautiful lighting and metallic accents only to ruin it with poorly designed and kitschy graphics on your toiletries? Invest in matching plain glass bottles with pumps. You can decant your liquids into these and place them anywhere in your home for a polished look. Your guests will be impressed when they’re met with such an elegant presentation. The best part is that none of this takes a ton of money or effort! You can spend your time on more important things…like the turkey!

Invest in a Murphy Bed

What’s most important to you when you’re visiting somewhere new overnight? For many, it’s the bed! Makes sense, considering you spend a great deal of time there. But, what do you do when you’re preparing your home for guests and you don’t have space for a dedicated guest room? An easy solution is to use the existing space you do have to place a bed for your visitors. You’re probably envisioning an air mattress or maybe a sleeper sofa. Those will work in a pinch. But a Murphy Bed is even better! A Murphy Bed is a multi-functional bed that folds into the wall vertically when not in use. I love this option because it means you can keep your extra space as a home office or study for the 90% of the time you don’t house guests, and then easily convert it to a guest room when you do! Look at the photo below. Can you tell my desk is actually a bed? Clever interior design excels in form and function!

Murphy Bed functions as a desk when not in use.

Convenience and Comfort in Your Interior Design

Whether I’m entertaining or hosting friends for an extended visit, I try my very best to accommodate their needs and maximize their comfort with little custom touches in my design. Some of these methods involve pricier options like my beverage fridge for easy access for my guests. And while it is definitely one of my favorite items, I know it isn’t an option for everyone. Don’t fret though, because you can modify your design in several other ways to ensure your home is ready for Thanksgiving and holiday guests. The first thing to consider is where they’ll be spending most of their time. If that space is the living room, think about ditching your coffee table in favor of smaller occasional tables. You can group them in interesting ways, and your guests (and you too!) can pull them up when they want to place a drink, enjoy a snack, or even use their laptop without any fuss. 

Another aspect of interior design that many don’t think about when inviting guests over is lighting! Lighting plays such a big part in setting the mood and shifting the atmosphere in a space. I recommend investing in smart bulbs that allow you to change the color and temperature of your lighting. That way, your guests can change to a bluer white light when they’re working or waking up, and opt for a softer warmer light as they prepare for bed at night. I also love placing lights on dimmers, and even using hands-free options like some of my favorites from Legrand!

Legrand Designer Switches and Outlets

Feeling Stumped? Let’s Video Chat!

‘Tis the season to be merry! Remember, the number one goal is to enjoy the time you get to spend with your loved ones. Perfection doesn’t exist, so don’t stress about getting everything just right. Your guests are coming to see YOU, not your home. Do the little things to prepare in advance so you can simply have fun when your people arrive. If you’re feeling a little stuck on how to get started, contact me here. I’m available even for simple questions, or to help you with a shopping list for your space. Let’s all have a happy Thanksgiving!


Hire an Interior Designer: Bedroom Design Tips

Recent statistics show that most homeowners spend more time in their bedrooms than any other room in their homes. As an interior designer, I completely get that. Bedrooms are (or should be) the space of maximum repose and tranquility. So, how can you facilitate bedroom design in a way that truly allows the space to be the ultimate place of relaxation? Here are a few tips that can help you with that task.

Bedroom Design with Emotional Appeal

Bedroom design should revolve around the dweller’s personal experience in the space. As such, when working with an interior designer to create your bedroom, ask yourself how you want your bedroom to make you feel. All elements of interior design evoke various emotional responses, from texture to color. That means your design choices should be very deliberate to ensure all elements work together to positively impact the holistic self.

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know I favor neutral colors in interior design. My tastes don’t vary when it comes to bedroom. Neutrals have such a calming effect on the eyes, mind and emotions. It makes sense to incorporate them in a room where I want to be most calm and untroubled. Visually, neutral colors are extremely versatile, avoid clutter and are not overstimulating with respect to virtually any other pops of color. Switching out accent pillows, artwork or other decor is a cinch when you have a neutral base.

I kept that same line of thinking when considering the bedroom design for my boys’ bedroom. Here’s my biggest tip in this arena: don’t be afraid of using neutrals in your kids’ rooms. I used a black and white color foundation in my sons’ room to allow visual space for the colorful toys they have. Having the neutral palette means the overall space can still breathe while not clashing with the color in their accessories. Now, instead of having a Lego figurine look kitschy and cluttered in their room, it simply stands out as an accent. And, the room design remains on par with the rest of the styling in my home. Neutrals have the power to create design versatility in virtually any bedroom design.

Revealing Personality with Bedroom Design

Because it is such a personal space, a bedroom is a great place to show off aspects of the occupant’s personality. With decor, furniture and colors, you can easily showcase and reflect the inner person and who they really are. I remember designing a nursery for a celebrity friend of mine. It was extremely important to me that the space I created for him reflected the family that would love each other there.

Here’s what I knew: the newborn’s parents were bubbly, lively and upbeat. I wanted to make sure their child’s bedroom design expressed that aspect of who they were. The space needed to have a whimsical feeling but remain elevated—again, to ensure the space aligned with the rest of the home’s aesthetic. With that, I incorporated bright yellow hues and other nontraditional colors throughout the space. I also utilized patterns and details that felt youthful but not “childish”. I used hints of metallic gold to embellish and enhance the “yellow” in the space without focusing so much on primary tones. Likewise, not wanting to go with primary blue hues, I incorporated teal to balance the energy of the yellow and bring in a calming visual aesthetic. (It is a nursery, after all!)

Your bedroom should be beautiful and comfortable. But, it should also reflect aspects of who you are, and that can easily be achieved in so many different ways.

Timeless Bedroom Design

When designing a bedroom, creating a timeless design will always be more impactful versus making a trendy room that may seem dated in several years. Whether for a child or an adult, timeless design always has a more lasting impact in your home.

I once created a room for one client’s daughter whose favorite color was pink. Pink can be a polarizing color; it can lean very juvenile. While this bedroom design was for a young teenager, it is always important to me to create a room that can grow and mature with the occupant. Instead of making pink the overwhelming hue in the space, I started, as I do, with a neutral foundation in the room. I then added unique light fixtures and long, flowing curtains set high and wide for a romantic, dreamy impact. I utilized pink in the marbling on an accent wall and in accent pillows. The pops of pink, even with muted tones, stood out more within the overall neutral decor, and that’s what I wanted to achieve.

The bedroom design also included small elements that spoke to a teenager’s lifestyle and preferences. I included a specific space on the side of the bed made for a mobile device. Seriously, what’s more important to a teenager than their phone? Even with that, the final room presentation didn’t feel “young” in an immature sense. Instead, it was youthful but sophisticated, elegant but not stuffy. And, it infused her favorite color in a way that she wouldn’t get tired of as she matured. This is the definition of timeless design. Done well, it looks amazing for years.

Allow Me to Create For You!

Are you having problems with your bedroom design ideas? I’m here to assist! I’d love to provide some specific tips for your space and help you create your vision for a stunning bedroom. Set up an appointment today, and let’s make magic!

Introducing the Breegan Jane NFT Interior Design Collection!

If you ask 100 designers why they chose the interior design profession, be prepared for a myriad of answers. Many of them would mention a passion for creating. Others might explain following in their parents’ professional footsteps. Me? I simply love being innovative with interior styling. And, I love putting my stamp on fresh, new experiences and landscapes. It’s why I’m so excited about this next venture in my professional career: NFT interior design in the metaverse! If you don’t know much about either the world of NFTs or the metaverse, allow me to introduce you!

“BLOOM” NFT by Breegan Jane

Understanding NFTs and the Metaverse

What is the point of an NFT, or the metaverse? The interesting thing about that question, with respect to the metaverse, is that there’s no clear, finite definition as of yet. While it is still being developed, we do know what it very well may be as it comes to fruition. Wikipedia explains it best: it’s an immersive digital world that includes uses of artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR) applications, and augmented reality (AR), among other digital programs. Right now, aspects of the metaverse can be utilized by using 3D software and hardware. Again, the metaverse is still being created, so no one really knows what it will ultimately be or look like. The general consensus, though, is that it will be used to enhance our social connectivity on a global scale.

A non-fungible token, also called an NFT, is a digital asset. It can come in the form of music, videos, art, and so many other things. NFTs contain identifying information with a smart contract that cannot be copied or duplicated. In other words, an NFT can be considered a digital certificate of authenticity, since no two are the same. So, while someone could take a screenshot of a piece of digital art, its value would be null without the original NFT. Owning the NFT would be the difference between buying da Vinci’s original Mona Lisa and a poster from a souvenir shop. One is MUCH more valuable than the other.

“DREAM” NFT by Breegan Jane

Why NFT Interior Design?

A few clients have asked why I’m interested in NFT creations for the metaverse and digital spaces. Well, the truth is I love being on the cusp of new and innovative design. In my daily professional life I get to incorporate beauty into both residential and commercial spaces. It’s the greatest job in the world, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. With the metaverse still being developed, I have an opportunity to imagine amazing interior design in a completely new, totally unknown digital space. That excites me SO MUCH! There are absolutely no boundaries, and I can let my unbridled creativity go wild! I get to create WHATEVER I want—without any financial or material limits! You have no idea how wide my eyes get at that thought. The possibilities!!

I think it’s also a great direction to move towards professionally, seeing as how we have all moved much more into digital spaces for work and play. The pandemic caused most of us to move to virtual spaces, and some are still primarily working that way. My sons are now doing a great deal of schoolwork online, and they’re playing video games and the like in those arenas, also. I think it’s a logical next step to begin creating for home spaces in the digital universe, aka the metaverse.

“ELEVATE” NFT by Breegan Jane

The Breegan Jane NFT Collection

Words cannot describe how thrilled I am to introduce my first NFT collection of interior furniture and decor! This first edition includes two limited edition canopy beds that are as regal as they are refined. Each has gold accents around the perimeter; seriously, would it be a Breegan Jane design if there was no gold? Garden vines adorn the top of the “ELEVATE” canopy, while distinguished etchings cover the platform of the “DREAM” canopy bed. Your digital avatar will love coming home to your metamansion and relaxing here!

This collection also includes a stunning orchid, “BLOOM,” housed in a Breegan Jane signature-style planter. Created with gray and white stone, and accented with metallic gold, this gorgeous decor would perfect any room of your interior or exterior space in the metaverse.

“MATCH” NFT by Breegan Jane

The final piece of the first NFT collection is “MATCH,” a 3D chess set embellished with ebony and gold accents. It’s a visually exquisite set, with a multilayered chessboard to enhance the game play. Chess won’t be just playing chess in your newly created digital abode. As another limited edition NFT (1 of 1!), you can rest assured you will not see another genuine MATCH set in the entirety of the metaverse!

As we continue to live our lives in the reality of our universe, the divide between this world and its digital counterpart is quickly diminishing. I want to make sure I can impact as many homes in the metaverse with distinguished NFT decor as I do decor in homes today. Create opulence in YOUR future metaverse space today with my available minted luxury NFTs!

Interior Design Trends for Fall 2022

The world of interior design is always a topic of discussion, in part because it never stays the same. Design is a lot like fashion on the runways in Milan or Paris. Everyone is always chomping at the bit to see what will be that “hot item” on everyone’s wishlists and, in this case, their homes! What’s en vogue today might be described as “out of style” next season. So when home enthusiasts want to know what to keep their eyes peeled for, they turn to industry insiders for the recommendations. Well, fall is in full swing, and the interior design trends are shifting! I’ll tell you what I’m predicting will be hot for the season in today’s blog.

Embrace Lighter Wood Tones

Furniture isn’t the only thing to consider when you’re looking for what’s current on the market. This fall you’ll want to pay closer attention to the material your furnishings are made of. For a long time clients tended to prefer deeper, richer wood tones. Something about mahogany with its rich red undertones or even a deep teak felt regal and refined. It wasn’t uncommon to see these woods in bed frames, dressers, nightstands or consoles. Perhaps it’s because childrens furniture was often featured in a very light-colored wood in years past. I think when people got older and purchased their own furniture, they went in the complete opposite direction with their choices. So many people are still holding onto pieces made from those darker hardwoods. 

But, I think interior design trends this season will see a departure from those ebony-like tones. I’m already seeing lighter, earthy hues appear in furniture and home decor. If you’re looking for a home refresh, swapping out some of your classic darker wood furnishings for hardwoods like maple or oak might just do the trick! Whether it’s a smaller decorative piece or a major furniture item, don’t be afraid to try lighter, golden tones in your space.

For the Love of Boho (Bohemian)

My interior design trends predictions are among my most frequently asked questions. Rarely do I ever leave out some natural element in my answer. I don’t believe nature will ever not be in style! We crave a oneness with the serenity of nature, so people tend to incorporate things like stone and greenery in their homes to emulate the feeling we get when we’re outside. This year, I think we will see an ode to organic items in products with a unique and updated approach.

Look for natural fibers like bamboo and rattan to take center stage in more modern silhouettes that stay true to their organic roots and feeling. Even plastics are being manufactured to resemble woven and braided materials you would otherwise see in items like baskets. A simpler, more mature Bohemian styling is emerging and on trend to be big this fall!

Beautiful, Bold, Black is Back

If you’ve been on social media even just a moderate amount, you’ll likely agree that it’s been hard to miss all the interior design content! Everything from amazing before-and-after TikToks, to step-by-step up close and personal new builds, and even entire platforms devoted to design are being promoted. Everyone is putting extra effort and energy into their spaces, and it’s been so wonderful to see! I’ve noticed that people are no longer playing it safe and shying away from audacious design choices. The color black is being utilized more and in unsuspecting places!

People used to look at me like I suddenly grew another arm when I suggested painting their walls black. Everyone was afraid black would make their rooms appear smaller or more closed in, so they avoided it like the plague. This fall, expect to see this rich hue all over, especially in places that bring the drama with tons of flair and metallics! I love using black on walls or surfaces where I intend to incorporate my signature golds and brass. It somehow makes the shiny decor seem brighter, and when paired with a stark contrasting shade like white, you get instant glamor. 

These are just a few of the interior design trends we can expect to see this fall. There seems to be a renewed creativity and passion for all things “home” recently, and I’m excited to see where it will guide the industry and industry professionals. The importance of home has resulted in many of us investing more into the functionality and aesthetic of our spaces. In my opinion, that is always a great thing! So, I’m curious. What do YOU think will be trending in fourth quarter 2022? Tell me in the comments!

How To Survive Your Home Renovation!

So you’ve decided to make some changes to your home aesthetic. Congratulations! Making a home renovation plan can be very exciting, especially when you have a vision of what your final presentation will be. I have helped several clients update their spaces, and it’s always a welcome change for their families and lifestyles once everything is complete. There is a catch to home renovation, though: the often challenging process before the final reveal. Many homeowners don’t think about that aspect. Before all the work begins on your home, here are some tips you may want to consider to thrive and survive during your renovation.

Deadline and Dollar Delusions

Stop. Before anyone knocks a hole in anything or starts cutting, stop and think. Did you thoroughly consider how much time your home renovation would take? Have you combed through EVERY financial step of the process? You did? Good. Throw all of that away.

Now, start over, double your deadlines and budget, and make those your reality. It’s the best way to sincerely prepare for everything your reno will entail. Trust me: it’s always better to over-prepare and over-consider with time and money. Why? Simply put, anything can (and usually will) happen during the work—and not in a good way. You may find structural issues. Products get delivered late. Wrong materials get sent. While it is great to assume all will go perfectly, you should prepare for them not to.

This is a consideration I make for my clients, but many designers don’t. It’s always good to expect things to take longer and cost more. If you begin with that in mind, you ultimately prepare yourself mentally and emotionally and avoid unnecessary stress. Even when I double the time it may take for some projects, the work goes beyond those expectations. It’s a part of the process, especially in a post-COVID world.

Dust–Lots of Dust!

Now that your home renovation is underway, let’s talk about dust. There will be LOTS of it! The amount of dust construction and renovations make gets highly underestimated, in my opinion. Prepare for it to be all over—even in places you least expect!

Simply put, dust travels. Neither rooms, walls nor floors can contain it. Know this: the moment you cut into drywall or almost any material for that matter, it will appear and exist everywhere. EVERY. WHERE. For example, let’s say you’re having work done with countertops on the first floor of your home. I promise you will see dust in your third-floor bedroom on the other side of the house. It’s inevitable. Living in your home during a home renovation means you should make arrangements to cover most everything. Even with that, you might be doing a deep-dust clean when it’s all said and done. It’s part of the process, but I can promise that it’s totally worth it in the end.

Water Woes

A helpful tip that may be a little controversial when it comes to your home renovation concerns your bathrooms. I highly recommend NOT taking them all down at the same time. Some might disagree with me about that because it is much more expensive to renovate bathrooms individually. I understand that. But if you’re going to be in the home while work is being done, you WILL need at least one working bathroom! To some, it just makes sense for a contractor to work on all toilets, sinks, and water-related fixtures simultaneously. More work occurring at the same time could potentially accelerate the process. However, lack of access to running water will always be a problem if you’re going to live in the space while the home renovation is going on. If financing separate work on bathrooms is a problem, you may want to highly consider my next home renovation tip!

DON’T Survive Your Home Renovation

Have you considered maybe NOT living through your home renovation? In other words, have you contemplated staying elsewhere while the work in your home is being done? This is not an option many renovation rookies tend to think about, but they should, in my opinion. Renovations entail SO much that makes your home uninhabitable, if only with respect to normal, everyday operations.  If you can afford to stay away while your home is being worked on, I highly recommend doing so. Or, if you have a relative or family friend willing to host you for the duration of the home renovation, it will make life so much easier. The amount of time and energy you will save is priceless. When you have to get up for work every day and your coffee machine is next to your bathroom sink because the kitchen tile is late coming in, or something fun like that, you will thank yourself. Your peace, comfort and sanity deserve to be taken into account. Don’t be afraid to prioritize those things while you give your home a facelift. Simply put, if you can be completely out of the way during your home renovation, do it.

Home renovations are exciting, but they can also be uncomfortable. Use these tips for a less frustrating remodel while your new masterpiece is being created. If you’d like further help with ideas for your home makeover, or specific tips to help during the process, let’s talk! I’d love to help you get more beauty with less stress!