Breegan Jane is many things. She is a creative designer. She’s also a great TV personality. And, according to her kids, she’s actually a cool mom (ask them!). What Breegan is NOT, and has never proclaimed to be, is a woman with a green thumb. It’s simply not a gift I have. While I do incorporate live greenery in my home, I find myself using faux plants and artificial décor throughout my personal interior design. And you know what? Most friends and family are none the wiser! Here are some ways I embrace fabricated elements in home décor, and I’m so sure they’ll look great in your home, too!

Using Faux Plants Effectively in the Home

I absolutely love having plants inside and outside my home. They bring so much life and visual interest to any space. It’s just an unfortunate reality that they don’t live long in my presence. Nevertheless, I’ve found an easy workaround. Adding faux plants among your real plants is a trick of the eye that will work wonders in any home. No matter what your gardening skills may be, this is a fail-proof insider secret!

I’m a busy mom/designer/TV personality, and I’m always on the go. Travel for me sometimes means leaving one event and flying directly to the next. Being away for days—sometimes weeks—on end is never good for maintaining live foliage. That’s the primary reason I don’t mind using artificial décor, namely faux plants, at home. Even when I do have live plants mixed in with my artificial ones, having the evergreens mixed in softens the visual of any that may be barely hanging on. Don’t let anyone tell you this is “cheating.” If it works for your lifestyle, go for it! At least give it a try!

The Benefits of Synthetic Grass in Home Décor

Along with faux plants, I have been a very vocal advocate for incorporating synthetic grass in home design. I have two motivations for using it around my home: their names are Kensington and Kingsley. Artificial turf is extremely durable (it has to be with my two wiggly bears). This makes it a great grass alternative for kids to play on. Higher-quality turf can be safer because it is softer than natural grass. There are also turf options that are free from dust and metals, which is also a safety plus for my kids. (Plus, there are no mud or grass stains to clean – MOM WIN!)

As someone who is deeply passionate about preserving our planet, I also love that synthetic grass has sustainable properties. There are options to use turf made from recycled materials, and that makes me extremely happy. What’s more, there are no fertilizers or pesticides used for synthetic grass. And, because turf doesn’t require water, there are opportunities to conserve natural resources. Using décor like artificial turf has so many benefits. Why wouldn’t you consider it?

Choosing Manufactured Stone for Interior Design

Though it may not have anything to do with growing something like plants or grass, there are so many benefits to incorporating manufactured stone in home design. Don’t get me wrong: I haven’t found a marble slab yet that I didn’t fall in love with. It’s such a gorgeous natural stone. I’ve even traveled to Italy to pick out marble for some design projects. In my home, however, I prefer something like Caesarstone for my personal interior décor. The look and feel are practically synonymous with natural stone. However, it functions quite differently.

As much as I love marble, it is a softer stone. In layman terms, that simply means it stains and scratches very easily. That isn’t a good thing for a home with active kids. On the other hand, Caesarstone, an engineered, quartz material, is much more durable and stain-resistant. Unlike marble, you won’t have to seal it every year to protect it. You get all of the same visual refinement and none of the headache!

Some people may think using artificial décor like faux plants in your interior design is less elegant than having real elements in your décor. I completely disagree, and these are just a few reasons. There are no hard and fast rules for creating beautiful interior design in your home. Feel free to try some alternatives that fit your lifestyle. I promise the results can be just as stunning!

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