I’m elated to announce the Breegan Jane x Savoy lighting collection that will be formally introduced in January at Dallas Market’s Lightovation! The pieces in the Breegan Jane x Savoy collection are designed to saturate spaces with modern approachable luxury, while also creating an experience that mimics the euphoria of traveling to your favorite destinations. All details are thoughtfully and carefully composed and curated, culminating in a collection that is no less than sublime. 

The Magic of the Mediterranean 

Many of my new collections draw inspiration from the eternally charming Mediterranean region so you can bring the beauty home—no passport needed! Ibiza, Spain and the surrounding areas have long served as my muse. When I visit, I’m instantly immersed in what feels like comfortable, relaxed luxury. The shimmering teal waters, the creamy white buildings, and rich textures abound. The gift of what I do is in the power to capture a feeling with interior design and infuse a space with it. 

Allow me to show you just a few!


The Grecian

This charming cascade of branches is decorated with leaves crafted from stained natural coco shell pieces. The hand-crafted Champagne Mist finish adds a richness and texture that is sure to stun.


The Atlas

Dramatic, eye-catching olive branches shine in this organic look, which is finished by hand in Grecian Gold. Offered as a chandelier and a pendant. 


The Pharos

These golden-hued fixtures with a luxe sheen are easily statement makers in any space. Their coned shape feels welcoming and simultaneously elevated. The Pharos collection features pendants and chandeliers in various formats.


The Nomad

This stately fixture, reminiscent of a sun setting on a beautiful summer’s day, is elegance manifested. The nomad in all its linear glory is ideal for spaces that require larger fixtures and would be delightful in any room!

At the heart of light itself is its ability to show the magnificence of things which might otherwise appear…dull and lifeless. Lighting for the designer is an instrument used to create an immediate impression on those who enter any space. A significant part of the story your space tells as well as what it exudes is in the lighting choices. I’ve designed a line of inspired, exceptional fixtures that I can’t wait for you to experience.

We’re just getting started. There is SO much more to see in the Breegan Jane x Savoy collection, and I will be revealing it all in January! Please join me at Lightovation, and follow me on all social media platforms to stay updated on everything. It’s going to be a wild and beautiful ride!

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