The world of interior design is always a topic of discussion, in part because it never stays the same. Design is a lot like fashion on the runways in Milan or Paris. Everyone is always chomping at the bit to see what will be that “hot item” on everyone’s wishlists and, in this case, their homes! What’s en vogue today might be described as “out of style” next season. So when home enthusiasts want to know what to keep their eyes peeled for, they turn to industry insiders for the recommendations. Well, fall is in full swing, and the interior design trends are shifting! I’ll tell you what I’m predicting will be hot for the season in today’s blog.

Embrace Lighter Wood Tones

Furniture isn’t the only thing to consider when you’re looking for what’s current on the market. This fall you’ll want to pay closer attention to the material your furnishings are made of. For a long time clients tended to prefer deeper, richer wood tones. Something about mahogany with its rich red undertones or even a deep teak felt regal and refined. It wasn’t uncommon to see these woods in bed frames, dressers, nightstands or consoles. Perhaps it’s because childrens furniture was often featured in a very light-colored wood in years past. I think when people got older and purchased their own furniture, they went in the complete opposite direction with their choices. So many people are still holding onto pieces made from those darker hardwoods. 

But, I think interior design trends this season will see a departure from those ebony-like tones. I’m already seeing lighter, earthy hues appear in furniture and home decor. If you’re looking for a home refresh, swapping out some of your classic darker wood furnishings for hardwoods like maple or oak might just do the trick! Whether it’s a smaller decorative piece or a major furniture item, don’t be afraid to try lighter, golden tones in your space.

For the Love of Boho (Bohemian)

My interior design trends predictions are among my most frequently asked questions. Rarely do I ever leave out some natural element in my answer. I don’t believe nature will ever not be in style! We crave a oneness with the serenity of nature, so people tend to incorporate things like stone and greenery in their homes to emulate the feeling we get when we’re outside. This year, I think we will see an ode to organic items in products with a unique and updated approach.

Look for natural fibers like bamboo and rattan to take center stage in more modern silhouettes that stay true to their organic roots and feeling. Even plastics are being manufactured to resemble woven and braided materials you would otherwise see in items like baskets. A simpler, more mature Bohemian styling is emerging and on trend to be big this fall!

Beautiful, Bold, Black is Back

If you’ve been on social media even just a moderate amount, you’ll likely agree that it’s been hard to miss all the interior design content! Everything from amazing before-and-after TikToks, to step-by-step up close and personal new builds, and even entire platforms devoted to design are being promoted. Everyone is putting extra effort and energy into their spaces, and it’s been so wonderful to see! I’ve noticed that people are no longer playing it safe and shying away from audacious design choices. The color black is being utilized more and in unsuspecting places!

People used to look at me like I suddenly grew another arm when I suggested painting their walls black. Everyone was afraid black would make their rooms appear smaller or more closed in, so they avoided it like the plague. This fall, expect to see this rich hue all over, especially in places that bring the drama with tons of flair and metallics! I love using black on walls or surfaces where I intend to incorporate my signature golds and brass. It somehow makes the shiny decor seem brighter, and when paired with a stark contrasting shade like white, you get instant glamor. 

These are just a few of the interior design trends we can expect to see this fall. There seems to be a renewed creativity and passion for all things “home” recently, and I’m excited to see where it will guide the industry and industry professionals. The importance of home has resulted in many of us investing more into the functionality and aesthetic of our spaces. In my opinion, that is always a great thing! So, I’m curious. What do YOU think will be trending in fourth quarter 2022? Tell me in the comments!

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