The world loves babies. Parents and parents-to-be love conceptualizing their nurseries. Giddy parents obsess over colors, furniture choices and thematic elements that will create their little one’s environment. I’m such a fan of all of this. However, when it comes to interior design and kids room decor, I want to challenge the idea of what a nursery should be.

Many new parents don’t really think about what their kid’s room will be after they get older. (Newsflash – they WILL get and grow older.) As a mom and interior designer, I realize that I get more bang for my buck–and sanity–when I look to incorporate interior design in kids’ rooms that can grow with them. Here are a few considerations and tips I’ve found that can help save parents money, time and mental space!

Reconsider Color for the Nursery

Baby blue, light pink, sunshine yellow. Those are pretty much the traditional options that have been used for nurseries throughout the years. While those colors may still be appropriate for, say, baby gender reveals, they may confine your child’s room to a more toddler feel. That can be problematic when your baby gets older.

When considering colors for your kid’s room decor, opt for sophisticated color palettes. Shades of mauve or lavender tend to age much better than pastel pink. Plus, with those colors or the likes of teal or periwinkle, you can have more fun accessorizing with bolder colors like purple or navy. These colors and color combinations are appropriate no matter what age a child is.

Also, don’t be afraid to use neutral colors like black, white and grey. These are also perfect for incorporating pops of color. They have the added bonus of clashing less with the rest of your home. Your kids room decor will complement your home and your child’s maturity as they get older. Whatever your color choice, here’s a good rule of thumb: if you can picture your kid as a tween being pleased with the color selection, you’re on the right track!

Storage is Essential for Kids Rooms

Space is so important in any nursery, so storage will be essential in designing your kids room decor. Moms will need space for diapers, baby wipes, onesies, pacifiers, toys, etc. In an effort to contain and control the visual aesthetic of the room, an elevated kids room should make sure storage has double duty performance.

For example, there are a number of ottoman options that come in all shapes, sizes and colors for baby nurseries. They are fashionable as well as functional. Use it for your baby essentials while kids are infants, toy storage when they become toddlers, and extra seating when they become pre-teens. It’s a perfect room accent that provides versatility over the years.

When considering storage options in your kids room decor, shift your thinking–literally. This is a great time to take a lesson from more densely populated cities like New York. Because the general landscape is short on space, buildings get taller, not more spread out. Likewise, if you’re short on space or want to design more conservatively, design up, not out. Every inch matters, so think vertically. Stackable storage will allow you to house baby blankets for your baby and photos or books as your child grows into their teenage years.

Sophisticated Furniture

Duality is the name of the game when considering furniture in your kids room decor. Rocking chairs, for example, hold a lot of charm when we think of putting babies to sleep. However, you can always expand the definition of what a rocker is and looks like in your nursery with the many available choices.

It’s hard to imagine a typical nursery without a dedicated rocking chair. Whether modern glider or more traditional rocking chair style, consider selecting a piece with a sophisticated flair that can go in other places in the home as kids grow up and age. But remember: you want a chair that will look good in the space and have longevity for years to come. Choose chairs that will be comfortable for parents and grandparents to rock the newborn now, and comfortable seating for the older kid later. If you are wise in incorporating furniture that’s versatile and aesthetically pleasing, you will have an easier time finding a home for it in any place in your home, if you so choose.

There are so many design options for you to consider for your nursery. But before you create a room solely for a baby or infant, consider what your child’s room will look like in 5-10 years. Think bigger with your kids room decor, and save yourself a significant amount of time, energy and exorbitant design costs.

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