If you ask 100 designers why they chose the interior design profession, be prepared for a myriad of answers. Many of them would mention a passion for creating. Others might explain following in their parents’ professional footsteps. Me? I simply love being innovative with interior styling. And, I love putting my stamp on fresh, new experiences and landscapes. It’s why I’m so excited about this next venture in my professional career: NFT interior design in the metaverse! If you don’t know much about either the world of NFTs or the metaverse, allow me to introduce you!

“BLOOM” NFT by Breegan Jane

Understanding NFTs and the Metaverse

What is the point of an NFT, or the metaverse? The interesting thing about that question, with respect to the metaverse, is that there’s no clear, finite definition as of yet. While it is still being developed, we do know what it very well may be as it comes to fruition. Wikipedia explains it best: it’s an immersive digital world that includes uses of artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR) applications, and augmented reality (AR), among other digital programs. Right now, aspects of the metaverse can be utilized by using 3D software and hardware. Again, the metaverse is still being created, so no one really knows what it will ultimately be or look like. The general consensus, though, is that it will be used to enhance our social connectivity on a global scale.

A non-fungible token, also called an NFT, is a digital asset. It can come in the form of music, videos, art, and so many other things. NFTs contain identifying information with a smart contract that cannot be copied or duplicated. In other words, an NFT can be considered a digital certificate of authenticity, since no two are the same. So, while someone could take a screenshot of a piece of digital art, its value would be null without the original NFT. Owning the NFT would be the difference between buying da Vinci’s original Mona Lisa and a poster from a souvenir shop. One is MUCH more valuable than the other.

“DREAM” NFT by Breegan Jane

Why NFT Interior Design?

A few clients have asked why I’m interested in NFT creations for the metaverse and digital spaces. Well, the truth is I love being on the cusp of new and innovative design. In my daily professional life I get to incorporate beauty into both residential and commercial spaces. It’s the greatest job in the world, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. With the metaverse still being developed, I have an opportunity to imagine amazing interior design in a completely new, totally unknown digital space. That excites me SO MUCH! There are absolutely no boundaries, and I can let my unbridled creativity go wild! I get to create WHATEVER I want—without any financial or material limits! You have no idea how wide my eyes get at that thought. The possibilities!!

I think it’s also a great direction to move towards professionally, seeing as how we have all moved much more into digital spaces for work and play. The pandemic caused most of us to move to virtual spaces, and some are still primarily working that way. My sons are now doing a great deal of schoolwork online, and they’re playing video games and the like in those arenas, also. I think it’s a logical next step to begin creating for home spaces in the digital universe, aka the metaverse.

“ELEVATE” NFT by Breegan Jane

The Breegan Jane NFT Collection

Words cannot describe how thrilled I am to introduce my first NFT collection of interior furniture and decor! This first edition includes two limited edition canopy beds that are as regal as they are refined. Each has gold accents around the perimeter; seriously, would it be a Breegan Jane design if there was no gold? Garden vines adorn the top of the “ELEVATE” canopy, while distinguished etchings cover the platform of the “DREAM” canopy bed. Your digital avatar will love coming home to your metamansion and relaxing here!

This collection also includes a stunning orchid, “BLOOM,” housed in a Breegan Jane signature-style planter. Created with gray and white stone, and accented with metallic gold, this gorgeous decor would perfect any room of your interior or exterior space in the metaverse.

“MATCH” NFT by Breegan Jane

The final piece of the first NFT collection is “MATCH,” a 3D chess set embellished with ebony and gold accents. It’s a visually exquisite set, with a multilayered chessboard to enhance the game play. Chess won’t be just playing chess in your newly created digital abode. As another limited edition NFT (1 of 1!), you can rest assured you will not see another genuine MATCH set in the entirety of the metaverse!

As we continue to live our lives in the reality of our universe, the divide between this world and its digital counterpart is quickly diminishing. I want to make sure I can impact as many homes in the metaverse with distinguished NFT decor as I do decor in homes today. Create opulence in YOUR future metaverse space today with my available minted luxury NFTs!

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