If you asked ten people to define passion as it relates to one’s work, you’d get ten different answers. Interior design has been close to my heart for so long that the essence of that word has shifted many times. Currently, “passion” means challenging myself to go beyond what feels comfortable within the world of design. When you have a dream that requires greatness, you study, you practice and you give your all to master the skill. Once you’ve done that it becomes easy to rest in it, to bask in the acquiring of that hard earned prowess. But try and try as I might, I just don’t find contentment in complacency.

It is most certainly because of that personality characteristic that I find working on large scale construction projects so fulfilling. It pushes me as a designer in ways not much else truly does. When I take these types of jobs, I have to think about creating visually impactful design because many of these are multi-million dollar homes which leave no room for ordinary.

Creating custom designed tubs was born out of a combination of my desire to make luxury accessible, as well as my displeasure with the variety of options available on the market. I was walking into spaces I’d remodeled and transformed into beautiful havens with gorgeous architecture, only to find tubs that simply failed to impress. I couldn’t reconcile the idea of an average piece in an exceptional room. In my mind I could picture tubs with distinct features that would bring life to these areas. So instead of dreaming about them, I’ve decided to create them!

I’ve recently had the opportunity and resources to shape pieces out of marble and various types of stone based on my vision. It’s very much a designer’s dream come true! I’m involved in every step. I source and select the stone, as well as sculpt the desired form — all based on my design eye. Each part in the process determines how successful I will be in the construction of the end product, so no stone (ha!) goes unturned. I’m particularly careful with how the marble will be cut and manufactured. From conception to production, I’m hands on.

Designing Breegan Jane custom tubs is ideal for my clients because it allows me to inject every little detail of luxury into the piece without the price tag many of us have come to expect from such a beautiful creation. I get to pass the savings down to my client; they get to enjoy the significant price reduction, and I get to allow my designer’s brain to dream up any and every splendid design element possible with the benefit of seeing it to fruition. This is why I do what I do.

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