The summer of 2019 has already been a scorcher in most places. Many cities are seeing record temperatures this year. In fact, you know it’s hot when Alaska hits record temperatures! Enjoying the sun is always great, but we parents must also consider heat relief so our kids aren’t miserable and suffering during their summer vacation. Lucky for us all, there are some great options to help our kids beat the heat this summer!

Water Activities

What better way for kids to cool off than to take a relaxing dip in water! Even if you don’t have a pool in your backyard, chances are there are pools available to you and your family in your local area. Many gyms and community centers have pools that can be accessed with nominal fees for membership. If the pool isn’t your thing, check to see how far the beach or a local lake are from your home. These are typically free, aside from potential parking fees and gas.

Water Parks are another great way to beat the heat this summer. No matter where you are, there’s a water park near you waiting for your kids to slide, swim and splash their way into some fun and comfort from the sun! These parks are full of crazy water activities, eateries and even games to play while resting up from swimming activities. Your kids are guaranteed to have a great time.

If your summer budget won’t allow hefty travel plans this summer, there are some great water activities you can do at home! Consider looking at sprinkler systems that are inexpensive but no less fun for kids looking to refresh themselves from the summer heat. Many sprinklers available are versatile and spray water in various patterns for kids to enjoy. Cooling off can be as easy as hooking a sprinkler up to your hose in a grassy backyard and letting your kids run, jump and play for hours! No matter which water activities you choose, though, be sure to pack all of your summer essentials and keep your kids and family safe from the sun’s rays!

Indoor Activities

If the sun isn’t your kids’ thing, why not try some indoor activities to beat the heat? While there are littles like my two boys who prefer the open summer air, other kids may prefer the breezes from an air conditioner. I can’t say I blame them! Fun away from the sun is available for them, too!

Trampoline parks are great for kids to enjoy some sun-free activity during the hot summer months. They are safe, family-friendly environments that allow kids to jump and bounce away the hottest hours of the day. Plus, they’re air-conditioned, and most provide snacks and drinks for purchase to keep kids hydrated. Just make sure you read the rules and regulations and explain them to your kids. You don’t want any physical accidents or injuries while trying to beat the heat!

Arcades are another great place for kids to let loose this summer without having to endure harsh summer temperatures. Places like Chuck E. Cheese have unlimited all-you-can-play deals for less than $10, and they offer pizza—which no child can resist. For older kids, arcades like Dave & Busters offer games galore that will keep kids captivated and cool! From skee-ball and hoops to Pac-Man and Minecraft, your family can have a blast and stay comfortable with this activity!

You can also enjoy cool temperatures and the comfort of your own home with activities like an indoor treasure hunt! Creating a treasure hunt is really simple, as it will utilize things and places in the home your kids will already recognize. With ready-made clues available on many online sites, the hardest thing you’ll have to do is determine what the ultimate treasure will be for your kids! They will have tons of fun thinking, searching and engaging. No one will be considering the hot temperatures outside at all!

Cool Off With Refreshments

Hydration is extremely important for kids during the hottest months of the year. It’s no fun simply going to the store to buy refreshments. Blah! Instead, add a bit of excitement to the kitchen by allowing your kids to make their own treats!

Frozen popsicles are super easy to make. Plus, you can determine the health aspects of the treats by deciding what kids can put in them! Simply puree or blend the fruits of your choice, adding honey, juice or your preferred sweetener as an option, and place the mixture in ice-pop molds for several hours. You can even make it more interesting by adding cut grapes or other fruits to the blended mixture as you fill the molds. Your kids will love these, especially because they made them!

Another cool treat to make is “greater-ade,” a healthier version of the popular sports drink, Gatorade. With a few simple ingredients, your kids will get a kick out of making their own versions. They will love taking these out as they go play, and you will love them because the drink is not full of unnecessary additives and preservatives! What a way to beat the heat AND stay healthy!

Summer is perhaps kids’ favorite time of year. As parents, we should definitely let them enjoy their vacation, but we might also consider some ways to help keep them cool and not so bothered by the heat. Try some of these activities with your kids. I guarantee the results will be smiles and appreciation from your little ones.

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