When the chance to design custom marble sinks arose, I jumped at it—even though I have had the chance to work on interior design projects that span the gamut in type and magnitude. My portfolio lists everything from converting airplane hangars to offices, to remodels of commercial buildings, to redesigns on residential spaces. You name it, I’ve probably done it. I happily take on project after project with each pushing me to advance my craft in some way. But designing custom marble sinks is an ideal solution to one of the most common problems I run into. I get to create the pieces that satisfy my sometimes perfectionist brain!

Up For the Challenge

When the conversation about fixtures arises with clients, price talk is always a necessary evil. Fixtures and furnishings made of the finest marble inevitably come with a hefty price tag. I began to ask myself the simple question: why are all the most beautiful marble sinks tens of thousands of dollars? Seeing the piece fitting perfectly within the space definitely makes the extravagant cost worth it. However, luxury should be within reach for everyone. Designing and creating custom marble sinks means I can shape and create exactly what I want in the exact material but at a fraction of the cost. There is truly nothing better than seeing the pleased look on a client’s face upon revealing the finished job. It’s even better if can add a few additional words: “we’re under budget.” It is a task I take on confidently.

Made to Order 

When the goals and expectations set before me are high, my plans for a space can feel quite lofty. This is when customizing designs are most helpful. I want to bring my clients the visual details of luxury without being stuck with buying only what’s offered over the counter wholesale. When I’m creating fixtures it feels like a natural evolution of my skill and career because I’ve always been drawn to natural elements such as woods and stone. Becoming the architect of my own vision means that a big block of marble can transform into anything to my heart’s content! And, by eliminating the middleman, I can control the price and make costly design additions available for my residential clients. It’s the stuff great interior design is made of, in my opinion.

Pushing the Envelope with Custom Marble Sinks

While all clients want their space to be delightful, I often find that a particular sect of people desire exclusivity in their remodels and design features. On my quest to find sinks befitting a current project, I would see sinks that were gorgeous, but maybe weren’t manufactured in the exact stone I wanted for that particular bathroom. Sometimes I come across sinks that lack all of the features needed for a specific feel of a room.

I love a modern sink that has traditional elements. If that sounds overly complex for a bathroom fixture, think about the difficulty of actually finding it in a store. I began to dream up compositions that challenge the norm and conventional definitions of what sinks should and could be. Why does a sink have to look like a sink? Sinks don’t have to be round glass bowls. Instead, I can work on custom marble sinks with above counter designs that showcase the fixture as well as the stunning marble they are made from. My designs feature the common bathroom fixture in various avant-garde shapes with drains positioned in unexpected places. It’s the ultimate merging of form and function in a poetic way.


Designing custom marble sinks and other fixtures means I get to save my clients money without sacrificing style. It allows me to tailor each piece to the client’s needs. I am bringing my designs to market so that others won’t be limited to only expensive high-end Italian marble. A sink is essentially a bowl with a drain, but why can’t it be marvelous? I’m seizing the opportunity to ensure my clients that it can be both.


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