Who doesn’t love a bargain? Perfection is living in a world where you name your price for the artful innovations and creations you select to complete your space. Unfortunately, that utopian concept doesn’t yet exist. Design, particularly good design, is usually delivered at a premium. However, a skilled designer knows when to splurge or save on specific design elements! This week, I discuss which to do when purchasing dining room tables.

Dining Room Tables

It’s one of the most overused and under-considered pieces of furniture in a home. Meals and casual conversation converge near it daily, and nightly math problems find their solutions at it nightly. I’m describing nothing other than the family dining room table. Like all furniture, the styles, sizes and shapes of dining room tables vary. Each creates a personality that evokes feelings of warmth, community, or formal elegance in a dining space.

The choices for dining room tables are endless. Regal options can be found in independent retailers, both online and in brick-and-mortar stores. Cheaper options abound in many big box retail stores like Ikea and

So when it comes to your dining room table, should you splurge on the purchase or save?


Go all out for this furniture purchase. Your dining room table—a well built one, rather—should stand the test of time. I’ve known families that have kept them as heirlooms for several generations! I recommend looking at solid wood tables that are heavy and solidly constructed. They’re practical and functional, and they have a visual aesthetic that makes them more appealing and distinctive.

A solid wood table like this will cost more, but the investment will be worth it, both now and if you resell it. It will never need more than an occasional refinish or paint job to restore it back to its original splendor. If you go cheap on your dining room table, trust me: it will show in more ways than one.

Solid Wood Table Options

When considering a new solid wood table, I would suggest looking at solid wood versus manufactured wood tables. These include premium hardwood options like mahogany, maple, walnut and oak. Each will have varying grain patterns and weights to suit your personal tastes, but going the hardwood route, in my opinion, will solidify your dining room table space as the hub for formal and informal occasions alike.

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