To know me, or to know my brand, is to know how much I adore using stone in my interior design. The feel and functionality of stone both align with the modern, approachable luxury I implement in home projects. Plus, the look of stone in a home is so classic and timeless. It feels earthy and natural, and it can be incorporated into almost any design idea. I love considering stone when choosing countertop materials for home design projects. However, there are some definite considerations to take into account when choosing what will look, feel and function well in your home. Here are some suggestions I recommend.

Color Coordination

With so many options to consider when choosing countertop materials, it’s important to be mindful of mistakes to avoid in the process. First, be sure to choose the right color for your space. This isn’t the time to utilize bolder colors like red, green, etc. Those colors are so much harder to match and coordinate with the rest of the interior. I typically go for white or grey tonalities in design projects. Those are more neutral and blend better within the space. Take into account that the material and color you choose will be the foundation and “forever base” in the overall design. You most likely will not change this color much (or at all) during your home’s lifespan, though you may consider other options for elements around it.

Patterns and Preferences

Most designers and home renovators live by samples of patterns when choosing countertop materials. Some often make the mistake of not asking questions about the samples that they’re shown. When you look at samples, be sure to ask if the sample accurately depicts the full pattern to scale of the material you’re considering. You will set yourself up for potential disappointment if you don’t. If the sample only shows partial veining, for example, you may be shocked (and extremely unhappy) with the patterned materials that show up at your door. Save yourself time, money and frustration.

Finally, choose a stone material that works for your design preferences. If you’re looking to install a countertop with a waterfall edge or one of my personal favorite design tricks of taking the stone completely up the wall, you have some definite decisions to make when choosing your countertop material. Some natural stones, because they’re cut from the sides of mountains, are only cut in smaller slabs. You may not get the “uncut” look you want in patterns or veining if you choose these materials. However, some engineered stones such as quartz countertops are cut in larger slabs. They are often best able to accommodate the designs you want for your countertop space, which brings me to my material of choice.

Why I Always Choose Caesarstone

When it comes to choosing countertop materials for my clients – and even many of my own home projects– there’s no other option for me than Caesarstone. It’s an engineered quartz material that is not only gorgeous, but it also contains no volatile organic chemicals (VOCs). My clients all agree that Caesarstone is the material that provides the best value for home spaces.

Don’t get me wrong: I absolutely love the look of marble in a home. Marble, however, is an extremely soft natural stone. What does that mean practically for homeowners? Marble can be a very high maintenance material because it scratches and stains very easily. It also needs to be sealed annually to avoid damage from spills and accidents. Caesarstone, on the other hand, is extremely durable. It has a strong, nonporous surface, making it extremely stain-resistant. This is great for us moms who appreciate a glass of red wine now and again. And for families like mine with precocious little Picassos that have been known to use counters as canvasses, NO WORRIES! Using something as simple as a Magic Eraser will make your Caesarstone countertops look like new!

Caesarstone’s durable performance comes second only to its glamorous refinement. Using it allows designers and homeowners to incorporate the sophistication of natural stone without worrying about extra upkeep. You can have the visual elegance in your home without nervously navigating around surfaces. Caesarstone countertops provide magnificence in your home design while relieving the nail-biting stress of preserving your investment. For a mom and interior designer, this is the best of both worlds.

Choosing countertop materials can be harrowing with the vast selections available on the market. However, I’ve found everything I needed for myself and my clients with Caesarstone, the only choice for striking, stress-free stone in any home!

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