By now we’ve all been hit with the reality of these unprecedented times. The coronavirus pandemic has caused so many people to alter their lives in ways we never imagined. For me, that’s meant devising a new childcare plan for my boys. It’s also caused me to quickly reframe my work environment and workflow. I created a few work from home tips that may help parents and professionals balance home and work lives while quarantined, and perhaps even after all of this is over if they have to be home.

Immediate Functionality

One of the first work from home tips I recommend is setting up a separate space as your office. For me, that meant using a small table in my bedroom as my “office.” I chose this space because my boys don’t typically come into my bedroom. I can take conference calls and video meetings there without being disturbed. It’s not fancy, but it’s a simple, intentional “shop” that contains all work-related materials.

Speaking of simple, I also organized my new “office” with casual supplies. Consider something like a mug as a useful holder for pens, highlighters, etc. That, along with a few legal pads and space for a laptop, is all you need to output work efficiently. During times like this, functionality is much more important than fashion. Secure a space and the basics needed to perform work. You’ll be able to continue outputting with virtually no interruptions.

Create Routines That Work for You

When the coronavirus quarantine began, I realized that nothing was the same. Everything seemed atypical, and that included my family schedule. I learned to be okay with that quickly, which is the second of my work from home tips. It’s okay to make the reality of your life the foundation of new routines. If a new schedule creates balance in your work and home lives, implement it.

For example, I’ve always been a mom that instituted screen time rules for my boys. Those rules don’t exist now. It’s like it’s Saturday every day. That means my kids watch cartoons at breakfast so that I can answer important business emails. This was never a problem when they attended school. We’ve all had to make adjustments, and this simple change in the mornings helps me to better facilitate my workflow without sacrificing needs in my home. Consider what routines work for you, even if they aren’t conventional or don’t cater to your norm.

Make Time for Yourself

As many people are experiencing right now, being at home all the time can cause time and days to blur into each other. One of the best work from home tips I can offer is to be sure you make time for yourself. As you do when you go into the office, set “clock in” and “clock out” times. This will secure that you take time for yourself and not think about work constantly while at home. “Work hard, play hard” doesn’t cease to exist during a quarantine!

Self-care can get lost in the shuffle of readjusting to a 24/7 indoor lifestyle. In reality, it’s MORE important to care for yourself emotionally and mentally during this time. Even if you have to put it on a schedule or routine as I mentioned above, take time for you. Set reminders to take your vitamins if you need to. Unplug from your computer and/or mobile device. Enjoy a bath with your favorite playlist to take your mind off of work. Separating work and personal time in whatever you do will allow you to maintain the importance of both. Thus, you will be more apt to prioritize all aspects of your work and personal lives while spending most of your time at home.

These are just a few simple work from home tips that I use to maintain a healthy perspective of this current quarantine lifestyle. I’d love to know what tips you can share that help you daily. Tell us about some of yours in the comments. Stay safe and well!

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