I love spending time in my kitchen. I mention all the time that it’s the heart of my home. It’s the place where friends and family enjoy each other, a good meal and good conversation. But, the kitchen serves different purposes for different homeowners. Choosing the right kitchen appliances starts there, among other considerations.

Prioritize Placement

Most people would probably think that I, as an interior designer, would start choosing the right kitchen appliances based on visual appeal. Those people would be wrong. While my schedule rarely allows me to cook often in my home, I consult with expert chefs regularly to discuss kitchen appliances. They all say the same thing: prioritize where appliances go.

It’s a simple piece of advice that makes sense. Yet, you’d be surprised at how many home developers rarely think about that. Appliance placement has to be efficient for people who love working in the kitchen. Immediately, that brings to mind where cabinetry should be for access to pots, utensils, etc. Long term, though, I consider appliance interaction.

What does that mean? Well, I’ve seen many home designs not consider this. For example, I’ve seen kitchens where the refrigerator is right across from the oven. That may sound fine – until a cook cannot open the oven and refrigerator at the same time. Or perhaps some prepared-ahead food is in a refrigerator…that has to be taken across the length of the kitchen to get to the oven. It may not sound like a problem. But when timing and efficiency are important for meals, it can be a serious one. Consider how you will use your kitchen and what would make the most sense for your food prep workflow as you begin choosing the right kitchen appliances for your home.

Function Is Key

There are a number of kitchen appliances on the market from which homeowners can choose. From smart appliances to various cooking style ranges, the sky is the limit when choosing the right kitchen appliances. What matters is how you want to use them, and how often. For example, I recently redesigned a kitchen for a noted chef in Southern California. Because of her profession, it was important to me to pick just the right range for her needs. I knew she would need versatile options for cooking various dishes, so I chose a Professional Gas Burner from Thor Kitchen for her needs.

I opted for a six-burner range versus a traditional four-burner because I knew she would be doing more at one time. The porcelain-coated, cast iron grates withstand pots and pans of all sizes and weights, and I felt that was important for her. It has a griddle on top of the range, and it also has two ovens, one with a commercial convection fan for even cooking. Every range doesn’t offer these features, but they don’t need to. A typical homeowner who doesn’t use the kitchen much (like me) may opt for one of Thor’s other ranges catered to their needs because they offer something for everyone. However, I knew this one would be a chef’s dream. Choosing the right kitchen appliances requires a personal touch, so know which appliances and features would work for the home and the home buyer.

Don’t Forget Durability!

Not only was the Thor range a great functioning appliance, but its stainless steel make and material made it a very durable option. This is another important consideration when choosing the right kitchen appliances.

Stainless steel is a timeless classic when it comes to kitchen appliances. You can’t go wrong when choosing it for your kitchen space. It may be a bit more expensive than other materials, but consider its use in your home. You will practically use it every day. It’s a home investment you want to use for years. Don’t nickel-and-dime yourself out of a great product that will enhance your home for quite a while.

The durability of your home appliances should complement the rest of the home space. This is why I opted to use Caesarstone countertops in the chef’s kitchen project. When it comes to endurance, Caesarstone is at the top of my list. The premium quartz surface material mixed with strong polymers ensures kitchen countertops stand the test of time alongside the kitchen appliances – and longer! I chose the Calacutta Nuvo design for this project. It matches the stainless steel perfectly, both in visual appeal, strength and reliability.

Any kitchen user can tell you the best appliances are only as good as the countertops that support them. And while you might not be a chef, there’s no better testament to the lasting power of a countertop than one that can hold up in a chef’s kitchen. Having been involved in restaurant design, I can tell you countertops have to withstand culinary tools and sharp edges regularly. Caesarstone’s signature scratch resistance ensures these countertops won’t look battered over time, and that’s great for all cooks regardless of their skill level.

If you’re someone who likes to cook, you know that spills and splashes are inevitable. And, if you’re like me and you do more entertaining than cooking, you’ll know no one’s excited when the red wine accidentally splatters on your counter. I’m always happy when a simple household cleanser can make things look good as new again. I love that this Calacutta Nuva countertop will retain its brilliant and bright white finish, even after several kitchen mishaps. Isn’t that what we want for our countertops? I think so. I honestly couldn’t ask for better kitchen options for this project than the Thor and Caesarstone combination. The entire kitchen project turned out beautifully.

These are just a few beginning tips and thoughts for choosing the right kitchen appliances in your home. Though you may make adjustments and replacements over time, plan to create your forever space. This will ensure you start out with a kitchen you want to work in, and one that will definitely work for you!

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