When I am designing, lighting is always at the top of my priority list. What use is a beautiful space if you can’t properly see it? While lighting is largely a functional aspect of designing a room, using chandeliers can add an extra layer of refinement. Along my design journey I’ve discovered that many people are unaware that the term “chandelier” encompasses so many different types and styles of lighting, each with its own unique composition. With so many different styles, special consideration should be given to choosing the right chandelier for your particular space. Let’s talk about some varieties and what makes each type so special.

Crystal Chandeliers

When the word “chandelier” is mentioned, most imagine the fixtures made of sparkly, clear materials that twinkle each time they catch the light. These are crystal chandeliers. There are cheaper versions of this type that use glass instead of real crystal, but the difference is a great one. Real crystal has a formulation (lead content) that allows light to refract in a way that causes those gorgeous colors in the light we see when the chandelier sparkles.

Crystal chandeliers are usually thought to be more formal lighting fixtures. You’ll find them everywhere from higher-end restaurants to formal living rooms. They add an air of elegance unmatched by almost any other type of fixture. This type of chandelier is widely found in more traditional areas, but it can occasionally be used in more avant-garde ways.

Maximalism is taking off as a trend, and it challenges conventional thought in design. Skilled designers are able to place a crystal chandelier in unexpected rooms to infuse glamour and visual interest. To test it out, try hanging a crystal chandelier inside a large closet space to give it a boutique feel! If you’re less daring but you adore the glamour, put a crystal chandelier in your formal living room or at the apex of your staircase. The crystal will certainly illuminate the space with shimmering light and grandeur.

Linear Chandeliers

If you’re seeking a more modern style, consider linear chandeliers. There are tons of styles to select from, and each will give a different look to your room. Linear chandeliers are sleek fixtures featuring a construction of successive bulbs. In essence, the bulbs and structure surrounding them are all in a straight line. You’ll find them made of every type of material and in various colors.

The more unique ones work well with eclectic decor while others add just the right amount of polish to a more casual space. Some present with gorgeous metals, others with ornate embellishment and others with candle holder inserts. Hang a gorgeous linear chandelier with a dimmer over your kitchen island to complete the look! This category of chandeliers is so vast, making it a great option on your journey of choosing the right chandelier.

Caged Chandeliers

Caged chandeliers are the art-deco lover’s dream. They are fixtures where the light is enveloped by a wiry structure resembling that of a cage. Caged chandeliers give a clean, contemporary feel to a space, and they emit unobstructed beams of light. These have the benefit of being as formal or relaxed as the space requires. Because this type of chandelier relies heavily on the outer framework as its decoration, picking one in the color you want to accent in a room (black, bronze, gold) will effortlessly complement your palette.

Drum Chandeliers

Drum chandeliers are exactly what they sound like. They feature lighting fixtures wrapped in a rounded structure, and they also come in many different materials. These are an excellent choice for those whose style falls between the classic and the modern. One of the only styles to often feature fabric in its design, drum chandeliers make beautiful foyer and entryway chandeliers. They can be found with candlestick lights, decorative metal detailing the outside of the drum, or even more rustic designs befitting of a farmhouse. The sky (or ceiling, in this case) is the limit with drum chandeliers.

Furnishing a space involves selecting the perfect colors, textures and furniture, but the lighting is what completes it all. Choosing the right chandelier can help you infuse your space with a dazzling light that sets the mood for entertaining, family time or even romance. Find the one that speaks to you!

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