The interiors of beautiful homes continue to up the ante season after season. Trends come and go, and they always will. As a Malibu interior designer, I constantly invent new ways to bring elegance and style to the homes of California residents. If you’re looking to spruce up your home and add touches of allure with unique methods, keep reading!

Entice with Appliances

When most think of enhancing their homes, visions of artwork and paint swatches quickly begin to fill their minds. It’s true, beautifying the walls of your home can certainly make a significant difference in the look of the space. But wallpaper and gallery photos aren’t the only ways to spruce up a room. Very few people think of using gorgeous appliances as art. A good designer can point you in the direction of kitchen machines like stoves or microwaves that are as stunning to look at as they are a pleasure to use! Stoves featuring colors that match the hues present in your kitchen and play off of texture in splendid ways, add a visual interest that will surely be a conversation starter in any space.

Charming Hardware

It’s no secret that decor and design in sunny southern California can sometimes start to all look…the same. When palm trees, palm leaves print and a bevy of white and beige begin to lose their appeal, talented Malibu interior designers can assist you in discovering less common ways to embellish your home.

Lighting in an area may be the jewelry of the space, but small touches like the finish and color of hardware throughout can take the room from dull to dazzling in an instant. Consider cabinet knobs and pulls that accent the feel of the space. Chic handles or unexpected faucets that draw the eye can be pure artistry! Traditional stainless steel handles are nice, but they pale in comparison to ones that correspond perfectly with your decor style. Adorn your space with forms and finishes that are extraordinary, to give the room an appearance that stands out as personal and elegant.

Challenge the Norm

Creating a space that feels like it was made just for you is easier than you may believe. A good designer can aid in opening a client’s eyes to options less experienced individuals never knew existed. Why does a sink have to look like a sink? Sounds crazy, right? It isn’t. We’ve all seen the standard white, square, acrylic sink with silver shiny handles and a conventional faucet. But a sink is truly just a bowl that allows water to drain. This apparatus can function in that very same capacity while shaped any way you prefer. It can be made with stunning materials and look more like a flower vase than a basin. It can feature a faucet that tricks the eye and makes the water sound more like a rainshower than a typical splatter. Your sink can be both pretty and practical.

Tubs are another area that allow designers to insert charm and beauty into your space. Breathtaking marbles and other stones in sleek silhouettes elevate bathrooms, and ensure that you’ll want to spend countless hours there. Breegan Jane is one of many Malibu interior designers who specializes in custom marble tubs and sinks that wow. Anything from large soaking tubs in beautiful configurations to timeless clawfoot ones positioned cleverly in showers make any space feel more like a spa than a standard run-of-the-mill restroom.


Tired of the old and ordinary? Often making a few smaller changes in your space can make the entire expanse feel fresh again. These are just a few tips to start; contact Breegan Jane to help bring your dream to life!

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