What’s the first thing you think about when you hear the words “interior design”? Well I’ll be honest, for me, it changes depending on the project I’m working on. But, the one concept that never leaves my mind is visual impact. The ability to shift a mood, relax the body and appeal to the senses is something that cannot be overstated. So, we should look to maximize the positive effects we can apply in our homes where the eye is naturally drawn. Tables are most definitely among the areas at the top of that list! If you’re looking to bring an extra dose of beauty to your home, I have the perfect table styling ideas for you!

Styling Your Coffee Table

I had a blast on The Rachael Ray Show sharing all my best table styling ideas and tips. One of the most common types of tables found in homes everywhere is the coffee table. It’s usually placed in front of or adjacent to a couch or sectional in a living room, a prime place for gathering. That means people are likely going to lay eyes on this area often! One of the best ways to achieve a designer look when styling a coffee table is to arrange items in groups of three, at three different heights. Sound simple? It is! 

Rule of Three in Interior Design

Think about your table décor in terms of “small, medium and large” when you’re choosing your items. You can even allow one of the items to be something sentimental to add an extra personal touch. Candles, flower vases or even stacks of books make for excellent table styling ideas. The biggest thing to remember is to stick to the old school rule of thumb: three items, arranged at various heights. This method will ensure your coffee table will look chic and polished.

Table Styling Ideas for Your Entryway Table

I have always believed your home should make a great first impression. Everything from the way your home looks, smells and feels can influence the way you experience it when you or your guests walk in. An entryway table is an excellent way to greet your visitors and direct the eye exactly where you want it, almost immediately. Utilizing a large entryway table gives your space the look of a welcoming hotel entrance. I even have one in my home that I showed on The Rachael Ray Show. A big entrance table is a great starting point, but be sure to keep scale in mind.

Decorating and styling your entryway table should be done with intention. If you fill your table with a ton of small items that look cluttered, that’s all it will ever be. Instead, go big! I love the idea of using black and gold pots with stacks of décor around them. Again, be sure to vary the height for a sophisticated aesthetic. An entryway table is an ideal place to house mementos like family photo boxes, eye-catching jewelry you never wear, and even functional pieces that double-duty like a decorative bowl for your keys. In grand hotels you often see oversized floral elements. This table is a great place to use faux flowers. I love orchids for this reason, because even real ones almost look fake! Adding greenery to your entryway table is sure to liven up the space and bridge the indoor-outdoor gap.

Occasional Tables Styling Tips

So, this might surprise you (but only if you missed me on The Rachael Ray Show), but I ditched my coffee tables for my new love: occasional tables! My love of these smaller, often grouped together tables arose from my specific lifestyle needs. With occasional tables, the kids can have their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and I can get my work done without worries of sticky residue getting all over my important documents. We can share the same space and be close enough to interact without either of our activities interfering with the other. We’re all demanding so much more of our spaces these days. Occasional tables allow me the freedom to pull up a table and place a computer on it to work. Or, I can have a convenient place for my morning coffee. A more traditional coffee table doesn’t always allow for that easy mobility.

I suggest grouping these in clusters of two or three and positioning them so you can take advantage of the varied heights. You can easily place a decorative book, small floral arrangement or some other visually interesting item on one of the tables in the cluster. Occasional tables have the benefit of serving as a place to beautify as well as multitask, and that’s what we’re all after these days!

We all have tables in our homes. Whether you have an oversized entryway table, a traditional coffee table or you’re incorporating occasional tables in your home, these table styling ideas will help you elevate your design in easy and fun ways! If you try these tips, tag me on Instagram with your photos!

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