If you didn’t get a chance to see our live show on Awestruck TV yesterday, you missed a treat! We wanted to be open and honest (as we always are) about “Sex After Baby” because it’s a subject that is often hard to approach in public — or even with close family and friends! But it’s a healthy and necessary conversation to have, so we decided to have it!

We tried to debunk all the myths, from all angles. We even had a couple of guys come on the show and chime in with their thoughts! Hey — they go through and process the situation along with us moms, so we felt it important to get their voices and opinions. I’m so glad we did; we all had a blast and learned so much from each other.

We created Mom Life Yo to have heartfelt conversations like these that should be happening more, and with more moms and husbands involved. Someone had to start talking about it; why not us? That’s Mom Life, Yo!

So here’s your second chance to join in on the fun we had yesterday. Just click the link below and listen now!



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