When I signed on to host “The House My Wedding Bought” on HGTV, I knew my days would be filled with choices and compromises between couples. For the second episode, Cody and Michelle introduced themselves as a couple who knew exactly what they wanted in their first home purchase and their wedding. That’s a great thing! At the point of paying for all the extra amenities that each wanted, though, I knew some things were not going to be feasible. Here’s how we made it all work.

How Much Does a Wedding Really Cost?

Weddings are one of the most important days a couple experiences together. And, there’s s a lot that goes into putting it all together. Michelle and Cody’s big day was no different. However, they both started out wanting very different things. With a $30K budget for a home and a wedding, they were really up against some serious decision-making.

The first decision centered on how much they were actually going to spend. Michelle wanted to spend a sensible $10K on the wedding. However, what she wanted out of that was a bit of a challenge. The bride-to-be wanted a large gathering. As someone who is very family-oriented, I completely get that. Michelle also wanted a mariachi band, Mexican food and on-site housing for her family. That didn’t include the photographer, open bar, or wedding dress. Whew! Did she pick the right HGTV show?

Cody had bigger dreams when it came to the wedding, and he wanted to spend like it. He wanted his wedding to be a “big spectacle.” For $20K, he wanted a Texas-style bbq, photo booth, and all the flashy things. He also wanted an affair to suit 150 people. While his budget fit his desires slightly more reasonably than Michelle’s, that still left less to put on the house. Was Cody thinking and planning in the right direction? Only the house choice would tell!

Making the Most of Your Home Purchasing Budget

Owning my own design company and being on several HGTV shows, I know the importance of a decent house budget. It’s also important to be flexible with home wants and needs. Michelle wanted $20K of the budget to go towards a single-story, open concept home. She wanted to be able to entertain her family from the kitchen. She also wanted to incorporate colorful Spanish elements in the home to honor her culture. Cody preferred a more minimal look for the home of his dreams. Black and white accents permeated his future two-story, modern industrial home. He also wanted his home to make a statement and visually be set apart.

With those wishes in mind, I showed the couple three homes with varying amenities. The first was a single-story renovated home, but it was 22 years old. Cody wasn’t a fan, but he loved the black and white exterior. Michelle loved the open concept of the second home, which was a new, single-story construction. Cody, however, didn’t like that it looked like every other home on the block. Curb appeal was very important to him, and “cookie-cutter” looks wouldn’t cut it. The final house was a spacious two-story home, but it was the most expensive one. And, it would have taken them over their intended monthly budget. Michelle wasn’t a fan of the price or the stairs, which would have created a problem for her grandmother and Cody’s mom. So many options, and one wise choice to make!

Choosing Between A House and A Wedding!

What did Cody and Michelle ultimately decide for their wedding and new home? Flip your television to HGTV or discovery+ and check out the episode! You’ll be surprised at the compromises they made. I will say, though, they considered the best choices to make their special day a very wonderful day. They even showed us some highlights! And, we get a glimpse of the home of their dreams. Let me know what you think of the couple’s decision, and be sure to check out the next episode of The House My Wedding Bought!

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