If I asked you to name the places in your home where you spend the most time, I bet the bathroom would rank pretty highly on the list. I mean, think about it. We visit our bathrooms several times each day for… all the things! It only makes sense that these areas are pleasing to the eye, right? I want my guests to have a beautiful place that feels comfortable, and I want my own personal bathroom to feel like a peaceful retreat. I achieve both of those things by styling bathrooms with intention and panache. The result is always divine, and my clients agree! I’ll give you all the interior design bathroom tips you need to do the same. Keep reading!

Selecting Bathroom Fixtures and Hardware

Bathrooms, whether big or small, all have something in common. They need fixtures! When I’m designing for clients I find that many people focus so much on a color scheme or theme that they forget the impression that the fixtures and hardware can make on a space. In fact, when people ask me how to update their bathroom spaces without a ton of renovations or exorbitant costs, I often suggest changing out the fixtures and hardware as a cost-effective option. Why? Because these small swaps make a huge difference! Best of all, the options are endless! So, where to begin?

Bathroom Fixtures: Small Changes, Big Impact

What look are you going for and what type of hardware do you prefer? Hardware comes in so many different colors and materials, and there are even more options for finishes. Spend some time browsing before you commit to anything. If your current bathroom has chrome faucets and controls, perhaps you’d like to go with black or brass tones this time around. I’ve seen a bathroom completely transformed by making simple changes like these. 

Even the knobs and door pulls are easily updated for a customized and polished look. Think about the design style in the bathroom. If you’re after a more traditional look, that will govern the type of pulls you install. Looking to add a little more personality to the space? Consider knobs that sport radical designs and colors. The effect you get is up to you. You can even decide on the finish of the hardware. Once upon a time, “glossy” was the norm. But today, you can choose from glossy, satin, brushed, matte and more! As if you need any more options, you’ll also want to decide whether your hardware is mounted horizontally or vertically depending on the shape of the pull you select. All of these details have the power to make your bathroom look brand new! So you see, giving your space a refresh can be pretty simple!

The Significance of Bathroom Surfaces

I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the largest part of our bathrooms, and that would be the surfaces! I’m talking about the flooring, walls and backsplash. Due to the sheer amount of space these surfaces occupy, they are the ones that often grab our attention first. Once you’ve decided on the design style and color palette, choosing the material for these surfaces becomes a bit easier. I advise my clients not to go too bold with the color of flooring. The reason? Well, while swapping out a doorknob or handle takes little effort, ripping out the pink tile you thought you were obsessed with for a weird moment in time requires much more, AND it can be costly. Keeping your flooring choices to something versatile will allow you to change your bathroom design style often and give it a longer life. 

As I’ve said many times before, neutrals don’t have to be boring! While I don’t recommend bright colors for bathroom surfaces, I DO love adding sophistication with beautiful stone! Natural elements have a way of truly bringing a serene element to a space. Stone is a lovely accent on walls because it instantly makes the space feel luxurious. While I’m partial to white stones with grey veining, I have used several different types of stone in various projects over the years. They’re all lovely! I even love using stone as a backsplash instead of the more traditional tile options. Running the stone all the way up gives that area a seamless feel that I always appreciate. If you haven’t considered stone before, please do! Real stone is always available, but manufactured stone also offers many advantages. Stone can be used on counters, walls, backsplashes and more.

Choosing Color

Have you been following along with my Instagram reels? You should! I take you through the process of designing my dream beach home, and I share a ton of design tips along the way. I’m always amused when people express shock at my use of color in certain places in my home. I love neutrals in most of my living spaces because they make me feel calm and centered after being overstimulated with all the “life stuff” we all deal with day-to-day. However, picking specific places to indulge in brilliant hues is one of my favorite ways to give bathrooms personality. I do this with smaller powder rooms. 

If you’re looking to have a bit of fun, this is the way to do it! Have a half bathroom and don’t know how to design it? Go big or go home. Don’t limit yourself. I know painting walls black in a bathroom might sound strange, but it can be elegant and striking when done well. Bathrooms are also great places to do accent walls. We usually see that done in bedrooms, but who says it can’t work in other places? Get funky with cool wall art to give your bathroom design some character.

I create little jewel boxes for my guests to enjoy by using vividly colored wallpaper that catches the eye. Powder rooms are perfect for unusually patterned wallpaper or paint colors. Animals? Bold florals? Why not?! Have fun with it, and remember that things like wallpaper, paint and art are easily exchanged when you no longer want that particular look. It isn’t a permanent commitment, so you can rest easy knowing that you will always be able to switch things up when necessary.

We’ve been talking about the great deal of time we have all spent in our homes over the last few years. The truth is, there has never been a better time to invest in our spaces than right now. Creating an environment made for thriving is easier than you might expect. Prioritize the rooms you use the most. Bathrooms are definitely at the top of that list! These are just a few ways to style them for the effect you desire. Stay tuned for more soon! 

If you would like help selecting fixtures, choosing colors or finding the perfect wallpapers it’s really easy to book a design consultation with me through The Expert.


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