Splurge or Save?

Who doesn’t love a bargain? Perfection would be living in a world where you could name your price for the artful innovations and creations you select to complete your space. Unfortunately, that utopian concept doesn’t yet exist. Design, particularly good design, is usually delivered at a premium, but a skilled designer knows when to splurge and when to save!

Perhaps the most unmistakable attention grabbers in a space are the walls. Leave them bare, paint with bold colors, keep a clean palette, or use wallpaper; whatever your choice, visitors are sure to notice. Wallpaper can liven up a room or call attention to specific areas. Clients opt for wallpaper when they want to make an impression, or when they want it to serve as an easy decoration around which to structure the rest of the space. It does an excellent job of all of those things. So is it worth the splurge, or is it something to save on?


This may come as a surprise, but when designing a space I’ve decided needs wallpaper, I don’t hesitate to go the extra mile when I locate one I’m enamoured with. With some design features you truly do get what you pay for. Wallpaper makes such a statement; I’d never want to compromise on that purchase if I’m certain it will be worth it in the end. This one is definitely a splurge.


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