If you’ve made it to my website, you are likely already an interior design enthusiast. You’re certainly in the right place. In my corner of the internet we explore all aspects of the subject. And, we help you achieve the desired result in your space, both in tips and even with virtual one-on-one chats with yours truly! I love all things design, because it pushes me to find new and unique ways to not only make a space beautiful, but also to improve upon its functionality. But, even as we talk about what’s new and trending, one thing is forever, and that’s timeless interior design. There are just some elements that will always ensure your home stuns and delights. If that’s what you’re after, I have the tips you need!

Be Inspired By Nature

You’ve likely heard it before, and that’s because it’s sage advice. Everyone from songwriters to painters to jewelers and even perfumers have attested to being inspired by nature in some way during their creative processes. Interior designers are no different. It’s tough to look at all the texture, patterning and colors of the earth and not want to find creative ways to emulate it. The good news is, timeless interior design almost always incorporates organic elements in various ways! 

One of the best ways to ensure your space will never fall victim to outdated trends is to consider natural materials when selecting elements for the larger surfaces of your home. It doesn’t quite get more luxurious and classic than stone. Think about the ancient streets of Italy. There’s a reason they’re paved with stone and still look regal after all this time. Consider stone (whether manmade or organic) for your countertops, flooring and backsplashes. If you’re looking to introduce the essence of the great outdoors in simpler ways, I’d recommend using furniture featuring beautiful woods or rattan. There’s something undeniably soothing about tables, chairs and credenzas made of stunning oak, walnut, mahogany and more. These items bring a richness to the space that you just can’t fake with counterfeit counterparts.

Classic Color Choices

If you know me, you likely already know what I’m going to say about color selection. And, it’s true! Neutrals will never go out of style. I know there’s a school of thought that believes white walls or white kitchens have had their moment and now they’re on the way out. The truth is, whites, grays, blacks and browns will always be stylish. I think embracing a neutral as a base and accenting it with pops of color is an ideal way to ensure your home always feels current. The other key to nailing neutrals is adding metallics! Whether you’re a fan of bronze, gold or silver, this is your sign to look for them in your accent decor pieces that adorn your mantel, in your lighting fixtures and even in the trim of your furniture. Metallics instantly elevate design without trying too hard. You can look back at various eras of interior design and see that almost all of them involve the use of metallics in some way. Simply put, neutrals and metallics will stand the test of time.

A Global State of Mind

One of my favorite ways to create timeless interior design is to think in layers. What does that mean, you ask? Never feel like you have to be rigid in your decor choices. Clients are often concerned that mixing styles will result in a thrown together hodgepodge kind of a look. That couldn’t be further from the truth! When I styled my bathroom, I used Moroccan pieces mixed with Italian elements and more. I think you create a much more dynamic space when you layer styles and types of design and decor.


Think about incorporating pieces that feel traveled. There’s nothing quite like walking into someone’s home and seeing magnificent pieces that look like they have stories to tell! Markets and antique shops are excellent places to get these finds! But, you can also easily find contemporary pieces that just feature prints and patterns from far away lands. Don’t let these slip through your fingers.

Prioritize Quality

Perhaps one of the most overlooked parts of creating timeless interior design is neglecting to consider the quality of the items you use in the styling of your home. I know, I know. It can be tempting to grab that cheap piece that looks so good in the moment. But those items will show their quality deficits over time. Not every single piece in your home has to have an exorbitant price tag. But when you’re buying larger items, especially ones that will be used frequently, the splurge is worth it. Don’t cheap out on your dining room table, your sofa or recliner or large surfaces in the home (counters, wallpaper, etc). You’ll never regret owning high quality pieces that will last as long as you want them to in your space.

Timeless interior design doesn’t have to look the same in everyone’s home. It can be as diverse as we are as a people. The key is discovering the colors, styles and items that will continue to be beautiful and elegant as the trend du jour enters and leaves the scene, over and over again. I would love to help you find your personal style that will feel classic for years to come! Book a virtual consultation and let’s get started!


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