The idea of renovating a home can seem or feel extremely daunting. “Renovation” has the connotation of construction trucks, demolition and months of displacement. While that can generally be true, sometimes making a change in your interior decor doesn’t take all of that. You can refresh your interior design in creative, innovative and very inexpensive ways, and I’m here to show you how!

Tackle Your Wall Design

Walking into any interior space, and you’ll recognize no two rooms have the same physical decor. What all rooms have in common, though, are walls. An easy way to refresh your interior design is to add some personality to the walls. If you think about it, most people don’t think about the actual walls when it comes to visual impact. You can change that without a great deal of time or money spent.

A quick and dirty tip? Never underestimate the impact a single wall can make. People typically assume redoing a space with paint means painting the entire perimeter of the room. Not so! Whether you use one paint color on the wall or if you incorporate an ombre design, accent walls bring significant visual interest to interior spaces without overdoing it. Or, you can bring visual AND physical interest by adding texture to your wall.

Adding artwork to an empty wall can also make a huge difference when looking to refresh your interior design. Large prints, custom art and even your own kids’ framed art create visual centerpieces in a room. These work especially well if they stand out on a neutral backdrop. Hanging art involves minimal costs for maximum impact. Such is the same with wallpaper! Though some may say wallpaper isn’t as inexpensive as painting, there are some really amazing peel-and-stick wallpapers that are easy to apply and very long-lasting! Plus, they work well for renters, as they aren’t permanent. If you’re a wallpaper fan, stay tuned for details about my own line in the works! No matter which you choose, these options for wall design can take your interior space to the next level!

Do Something New With Accent Decor

Your foundational pieces will always be your most expensive ones. I’m referring to the splurge-worthy purchases: that couch you had to have, the amazing dining room table made from reclaimed wood you’ve had your eye on, or that antique credenza you’re looking to buy. These are the pieces you will keep around forever. Chances are, though, you won’t replace those pieces for years to come. When you’re ready to refresh your interior design, consider accent pieces that are usually far less expensive and easier to swap out.

These options include updating throw pillows for your furniture. Changing these out allows you to bring various pops of color into your decor effortlessly. You can also choose different shapes, sizes and other textures to add a new visual dimension to your interior’s look. Changing these out seasonally is a great way to consistently refresh your interior design and keep a new look in your home space.

Think about switching out the decorative decor that sits atop your fireplace mantel. Styling mantels is so much fun; everything you use on them is so mobile, they can be changed based on your mood! And, practically anything works! Go for plants, photos, vintage art, modern pops of metallics…it’s all fair game! Finally, changing out lamps or lighting fixtures in a room can give you a completely different visual feel. Choose a different height, metal or material of your fixture for a small but significant change in your space. What’s more, this change can even impact the reflection of light. This can bring a different feel in your space, also. Doing more with less is very doable with simple changes in your accent decor.

Lay Out New Linen

If the bedroom is the place you want to refresh your interior design, look no further than your linen. Getting a new comforter or duvet is super easy and inexpensive! And, it will bring a huge change to the most significant piece of furniture in the space. Perhaps you’re looking for a new “something” in the bathroom. People tend to forget about updating their towels when they think about changing their interior decor. It can make a serious difference if you have decorative towels displayed in your bathroom, or if you have more functional towels folded within eyesight.

We all know towels don’t last forever. They get frayed edges and holes, and generally start to look dull if they’re out for periods of time. Towels need to be updated if they stay in eyesight and are used time and time again. A quick purchase of new, pristine, frosty white towels will work wonders for your bathroom decor. And, because white can convey cleanliness and simplicity, fresh linen will positively impact the emotional appeal of what should be your personal spa space.

It really doesn’t take much money to refresh your interior design. It doesn’t even have to take a ton of effort. Beauty is in the details, and you control what those details are in your home. When we feel like a refresh means “go big or go home,” we can look over the small things that can make a huge difference. Consider some of these changes one room at a time, and watch the natural transformation you make with your home decor!

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