It’s such a privilege to love what you do. That’s something I will never take for granted. Interior design allows me to tap into the most creative parts of myself in tangible ways that aren’t only aesthetically pleasing, but also practical. Once I discovered my passion for “home making,” I welcomed all opportunities to use my craft in new and innovative ways. When I was asked to be a part of the Iconic Home virtual showhouse presented by Architectural Digest in partnership with Black Interior Designer Network, I felt so incredibly honored. I was thrilled to use my skills to create a bedroom for a little girl in this imagined space without the physical limits or boundaries of the real world design process. The result was nothing short of magical. I’ll show you how you can use some of the same principles to infuse your spaces with inspired interior design.

Drawing From Your Experience

Interior designers typically have the job of bringing clients’ wishes to fruition. When someone books a consultation with me, we go over all of their concerns and desires for their space. Then we discuss how best to tackle that within their budget. The entire experience is client-focused and driven, because my goal is to ensure you get exactly what you’re after when you work with me. With customer service held as a priority, it can be easy for interior designers to get into the mindset of suppressing personal opinions and preferences when designing for others. But, designing for The Iconic Home required me to create a bedroom for a little girl who was theoretical. That freed me to make decisions based on my own inclinations. Doing so reminded me of how valuable our own experiences and perspectives can be even when we design for others.

Throughout the process of designing this bedroom I never lost sight of how I wanted the space to feel. Interior design has the ability to stimulate many of the senses, and I wanted to wield that power in very deliberate ways. I’ve designed more bedrooms than I can count, and with each I considered factors like emotional appeal, personality and longevity. While the interior design for The Iconic Home was no different, I was able to tap into the mind of my eight-year-old self and incorporate the things of dreams! Those extra special touches are what made this room so extraordinary. Don’t be afraid to dig deeply into your own experiences to influence the design of a room. While those experiences may be singular in nature, not every element of your space needs to have mass appeal. Sometimes beauty is quirky and unique. I definitely leaned into that with this bedroom.

A Nod to the Unconventional Interior Design

The daughter’s bedroom in The Iconic Home needed to be everything a little girl could ever ask for. To do that, I considered ways to bring a heavy dose of whimsical design and decor into the space. The bedroom features an over-the-top fairytale theme presented in a luxurious fashion. The challenge was determining how to maintain a child-centric focus that would effortlessly merge with the undeniable extravagance of the space. I dubbed my styling of this bedroom “opulent approachability.” That meant combining elements with an elevated flair, like a custom tree art piece and tufted ottoman, with imaginative items like a ballet barre and swing. Is your interest piqued yet? 

More Than Just a Bedroom

As you probably already realize, this bedroom was anything but ordinary. Without the confines of supply chain issues, contractor deadlines or scheduling conflicts that interior designers regularly run into in real life, the world was my oyster! I took full advantage of that with my limitless imagination. My favorite parts of this room are the ballet barre and swings. When I thought about what a little girl might enjoy in her room, I could almost hear the squeal of delight little eight-year-old Breegan would make if she had a place to practice being a ballerina in her room. And, the fairytale treehouse theme was ideal for the swings that flanked the custom tree in the space. 

When most people think of a bedroom, they picture all the usual suspects: a bed, dresser and nightstand. And, while those furnishings are important, I wanted to show that bedrooms can be so much more than just places for kids to sleep. I’m a mom of two energetic boys whom I affectionately refer to as my wiggly bears. Trust me, I know how important it is for kids to have a place to release all that seemingly boundless energy. I’m designing my beach home now, and I’ve even decided on a sort of rock climbing wall in my boys’ playroom for this exact reason. I think it doesn’t occur to people that bedrooms can be places that facilitate and encourage movement as well as rest. I wanted to show that with unique additions to this space in The Iconic Home that any child could enjoy.

Interior Design That Inspires

I talk a lot about the power interior design has to influence mood. When I set out to design this bedroom, I wanted to capitalize on the fact that there were no limitations. I chose special pieces with meaning and I selected colors with intention. I went with a neutral palette with a bit of blush pink and a light teal texture on the walls. This was important because I wanted elements of nature to really take center stage against a more muted backdrop. The tree (a custom piece) features seashells as leaves, and they sparkle like stars in the sky when you’re looking up at them. My goal was to design a space that would inspire the little girl to dream boldly and never put a ceiling on what’s possible in life. The daydream-worthy space felt perfect for that! 

Each part of this space was designed with wonder and whimsy at the forefront. I desired to create a fully immersive and majestic feeling space that would speak to the senses in the best way possible. I think we did exactly that! Design should do that in your spaces, too. Never be afraid to reach for the stars with your home design. You spend so much time there; it’s only right that it be your favorite place to be, afterall. If you’re wondering how to begin, reach out and let’s figure it out together!

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