You ever notice how much people focus on kitchens in home design TV shows? Both designers and clients tend to want the big kitchen design, bold (or striking neutral) colors, expansive islands and particular cabinets. Look, I get it! I personally feel the kitchen is the heart of the home, so I understand the attention people give that space. I also get why people tend to focus on what they’ve seen on TV when it comes to their own kitchen design. The problem comes when they take various mismatched elements from several home designs that fail to come together. Here are some of my suggestions to make sure your kitchen design is seamless and cohesive with respect to its interior elements.

Coordinate Colors In Your Kitchen Design

The most prominent aspect of your kitchen design will be the colors you use throughout, so make sure they’re complementary. When it comes to color choices, I say you can never go wrong with a tuxedo kitchen. The combination of light and dark has a timeless appeal, so it will never not be in style. What’s more, black and white are perfectly complementing neutrals that easily provide visual balance in the space. As such, you’ll begin your kitchen design with a foundation of seamless coordination as you add other elements in.

If you prefer more color than black and white, by all means incorporate more color. However, I’d suggest keeping the most expensive design elements neutral. I’m specifically thinking about your countertops (especially if you use stone) and flooring. Those are expensive parts of your kitchen design that won’t get changed out as often, so avoid experimenting with color there. That can get costly and frustrating.

Strategize Accents and Decor

Next, you want to think about all of the accents in your kitchen design and decor. Those will grab people’s attention, also, for better or worse! Details matter in your overall design, so make sure they all align with the overall aesthetic. For instance, you may not have thought about the knobs and pulls on drawers and cabinets, but look at them. Do they match your faucets and lighting? If they’re matte black but your faucets are metallic, is that a cohesive look? Consistency is key, and not having that in your kitchen design is very easy to recognize.

Speaking of lighting, you should make sure your lighting fixtures complement the overall appearance. You wouldn’t want a splendidly ornate chandelier housed in a farmhouse-style kitchen. One is extremely fancy while the other is more pastoral. They don’t match. There’s one caveat to this suggestion: your personal style. If it’s your goal to infuse various design styles in your kitchen decor, what you want is the bottom line. But hopefully your vision unifies all of the elements you use in your space.

Other Kitchen Design Elements

We’ve established that both the prominent and the minute elements in your kitchen design are important to creating a seamless presentation. What else should you consider in the space? I say you should thoughtfully consider your backsplash. Is it tile or stone, and does it match the rest of the design in your space? It should. And, it should be as timeless as the rest of your decor. Avoid picking trendy materials that may clash with things you may change or switch out sooner, such as your handles, pulls, paint colors, or even your range hood. In one of my older homes I wrapped the existing hood in a gold metallic to match my brass accents. That’s how intentional I was with coordination. The final look was amazing!

There are so many other smaller accents that can help create a harmonious look in your kitchen. Designer plates for switches and outlets provide both fashion and function that can take your kitchen design to another level. Florals and greenery are tried-and-true options that easily mesh and connect decor elements, and help bring a full kitchen vision to life. No matter what you choose to do, the ultimate goal is to integrate your creative style into one consummate kitchen. If you’d like some help bringing it all together, I’d love to work with you! Contact me, and let’s create a magnificent kitchen design together!

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