Sting sings a classic line that says, “Be yourself, no matter what they say.” Throughout my life, I’ve been accustomed to being different. From my upbringing to my career choices and personal experiences, my life has taken a series of unusual trajectories. The thing is, “different” has never been synonymous with bad or wrong in my dictionary. Quite the opposite. It has allowed me to see some of the best things in life that many rarely get to witness. It’s also why working with Bentley Motors was a perfect fit for me. Bentley epitomizes a standard of excellence in a way no other auto company does, and the connection couldn’t have been more perfect.

Pushing Boundaries, Challenging Norms

My origin story isn’t one that is heard every day. I am a biracial person who was transracially adopted as a newborn. My birth certificate labeled me as Caucasian. Imagine my adopted parents’ surprise when their little baby with fair skin and sparse hair developed a caramel complexion and tight curls. With such an unconventional entrance into this world, it’s no wonder that I’ve been pushing the limits on what the standard is ever since. That’s been my life’s signature, from parenting to personal choices. I’ve always believed in staying true to myself and living on my own terms, no matter how different—as long as my beliefs were rooted in having a positive impact on myself and/or others.

This philosophy has also been the tenet that defines my design style, which focuses on creating “modern approachable luxury.” The concept makes perfect sense to me. Yet, others hear “approachable” and “luxury” and have a hard time believing those two belong in the same sentence. Luxury is often considered as something afforded only to the top one percent. It feels untouchable, rare, unobtainable. But, I believe luxury can and should be available to everyone at every price point. That’s caused me to raise the standard when it comes to design and push past what I see as the norm in interior design. Rather than making one particular demographic a focus, I want to challenge typical thinking and come up with innovative and inclusive designs. This is how I reset expectations with clients and ultimately give them more than they expect. That’s been a hallmark since birth.


Poised for Performance

I believe good interior design ensures that a particular space works for you, not vice versa. If one of my clients comes to me with a design problem, my goal is to come up with a solution that exceeds their expectations in both form and function. At the heart of all I do professionally is a desire to ensure everything in the space is stunning in presentation. What’s more, I want my creations to live on and perform exceptionally well for the clients long after I’m gone. This is also the beauty of the Bentley Motors Flying Spur, the brand’s iconic luxury model that offers an upscale, limousine-like experience with unparalleled comfort.

The Bentley Motors brand has always been interchangeable with class and sophistication. It has an heirloom reputation that has lasted generations. That type of legacy has to be earned, and they have certainly done so. Bentley Motors continues to be recognized as a distinguished and preeminent brand. Young and old consumers know Bentley stands for excellence, and the Flying Spur hails as the quintessential brand ambassador. Whether you’re the driver or passenger, peak comfort is the only acceptable experience. Seemingly limitless customization makes it impossible to not create the ultimate drive and ride, which only complements and completes the absolutely gorgeous details of the vehicle. Rest assured no expectation goes unaddressed when it comes to the Bentley Motors brand.

Craftsmanship You Can Experience

As a creative, I wholeheartedly believe distinction is in the details. Years of work in my industry have proven people know when careful attention has been dedicated to them. So, I waste no time going above and beyond to find the best for interior home projects. When designing a bathroom in a recent Bel Air project, it was important to me to provide the ultimate, spa-like opulence for the owners. Because I envisioned the owners enjoying the most luxurious bath ever, I traveled to Italy to source and hand-select the finest marble for the soaking tub. The natural stone was absolutely gorgeous, but I wanted more for the future homeowners. I wanted them to feel incomparably pampered. The appearance was secondary to the bliss I wanted them to enjoy whenever they stepped into their bath. I’m proud to say I accomplished my mission.

This is the euphoria I anticipated when I got behind the wheel of the Flying Spur. I felt the meticulous attention Bentley Motors dedicated to the perceptive driver. The spacious front cabin provided comfort never experienced in a vehicle. The handcrafted surfaces, intricate embroidery and sustainable Dinamica fabric—which made me very happy—enveloped and indulged my senses with sheer delight. The ease with which the Flying Spur handled any and all road conditions further exemplified refined optimization unavailable in any other car on the road. These details put Bentley Motors in a class by itself, far surpassing any other brand that calls itself a competitor.

Best of the Best

I’ve learned throughout my life and professional journey that singularity, being different or unique, is an asset. It’s something I value in myself and in the products I use. I’ve found an alignment of that philosophy with Bentley Motors and their Flying Spur model. We both recognize the importance of pushing the boundaries and providing the best of the best for our patrons. Are we peculiar in that way? Perhaps. But make no mistake: we both pride ourselves on creating experiences that are truly special.

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