One of the things I love to do as an interior designer with the years of experience I have is to debunk popular myths regarding my industry. We talk a lot about the power of design here on my blog, but I regularly hear in conversations with others that they believe they could never afford to hire an interior designer. I’ve also heard things like, “I just want to change one thing,” and “I live too far away from the designer I want to work with.” There are so many assumptions regarding interior designers and what we do, and many of them are false! I work with a company called The Expert, and it allows me to help clients from all over the globe with their interior design woes. It’s also much less expensive than you probably think! I’ll tell you how it works, and why you will want to book with me for a consultation today!

Why Should I Book an Interior Design Consultation?

In the last few years, the number of hours Americans spend at home has increased greatly. That won’t come as a surprise to any of us, considering we’ve lived through a pandemic. I’ve been on numerous panels talking about the multitude of ways to optimize our homes for the unprecedented amount of multitasking we’ve required of them.

For many, the need to redesign their spaces came as a direct result of those needs. Others simply wanted a change. Let’s face it, it’s easy to get tired of looking at the same furniture, colors and artwork day after day. Whether you desperately need a reworking of your space to save your sanity, or you want a more inspired and aesthetically pleasing space, scheduling a consultation with me is the first step to getting exactly what you want out of your space. It’s easy!

Scheduling an Hour With Breegan Jane 

If you have been interested in getting my assistance with designing your space, working with me is more convenient than ever before. Head to my website and you’ll find an option on the “Design” tab to book a consultation. You’ll then be directed to select a video consultation. That’s right, I can now serve you no matter where you live. Virtual consultations allow me to be anywhere in the world and inside of your home at the same time! I am available for on-site consults as well. You can contact me directly for that purpose at the number or email address found on my site

When your appointment time arrives, my attention is all yours. You will lead with your concerns, what you want my help with, and what area. I tell clients that our consultation will always benefit from you being physically in the space you want redesigned. This way you can walk me through it and point out specific elements. It isn’t mandatory, but it’s something to keep in mind prior to our appointment.

What Can You Hire Me To Do?

Many people believe that you must need a major renovation project in order to hire an interior designer, but that’s simply not true! Of course, I always suggest trusting a professional when it comes to complex undertakings like replacing your flooring, selecting and installing countertops, or extensive remodels. These jobs require a specific kind of expertise. I am available to help with all of these things. But, I’m also able to assist you with smaller projects as well! 

If you’re stuck on what kind of furniture a room needs, which paint color to choose, or maybe you want to change up your kitchen without breaking the bank, I can help you with it during our consultation on The Expert. I am even able to help you with item selections and shopping lists for your spaces. Booking a consultation with me is more à la carte than one-size-fits-all. Your time is precious, and I’m always excited to help you achieve exactly what you desire for your home. 

What Does Breegan Jane Specialize In?

The world of interior design is vast. No two designers have the same specialty. It’s always nice to know a bit about the background and proficiency of the person you’re hiring. A great deal of information regarding my experience in interior design can be found on my website. I also share my tips, tricks and design projects on my social media. I specialize in luxury residential design (3,000 sq. ft – 42,000 sq. ft), design build, room layout, materials selections, finishes and more. 

We’ve worked hard to develop a business model that could be effectively tailored to almost everyone’s needs in interior design. While we specialize in large-scale projects, we are also available for design decisions, even when you have a local interior designer already in place. We have eliminated the need to hire our team for your entire project. Instead, you can pinpoint exactly what you’d like our opinions on, and we’re happy to help!

We spend so much of our time inside our homes, making memories, loving our families and transitioning through the various stages of life. I believe these spaces should be safe havens that rise up to greet us when we walk through our doors. I’m passionate about helping others achieve that for their spaces. If you’re ready to design your home for the life you want, contact me today and let’s begin!

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