When you think of interior design, how often do you think about your closet? I know, I know. The furniture, artwork, pillows and paint colors are the fun aspects we all like to pick out and dream about. But when I’ve helped people decide on houses, often one of the most asked about features is closet space! We all wear clothes, and having a suitable and sufficient space to store them is important. Today, I’ll tell you what to keep in mind when you’re deciding on your closet design.

Do You Have Enough Closet Space?

This is probably the number one question in people’s minds when they consider the closets in their home. A too small space will undoubtedly lead to overcrowding, and if you aim for even a modicum of organization, you know having adequate room is key! Consider the amount of square footage available for your closet. Now, hear me out. I know social media makes it seem like everyone has an entire room for their closet. In fact, I have even designed a closet room in my new beach home. However, if your home doesn’t allow for that, take advantage of the space you have by eliminating unnecessary furniture. For instance, if you are implementing a shelving system that meets your needs, do you actually need a dresser in the corner or that armoire you’ve been hanging onto since your first apartment? Free up the space and gain more usable square footage by removing the excess.

Location Matters

If you’re working with an existing layout of a space, you might not be able to completely control the location of your closet. But, if you hire a designer and prioritize closet design, one of the things I’m going to ask you is: where do you get dressed? If it sounds like an intimate question, it’s because it is! But think about it, shouldn’t your closet be one of the most personalized spaces in your home? I want my clients to be able to hop out of the shower and immediately begin preparing their outfit for the day ahead. Closet design isn’t just about what type of chandelier you prefer to hang overhead or the amount of cubbies for your shoes. It’s where you’ll have to go each time you put on or take off clothing. Keep that in mind when you’re deciding where your closet should go.

Boutique-Worthy Closet Design

If you stop and drool over those impossibly beautiful closets on social media, it’s likely the “boutique-like” appeal that’s caught your eye. Achieving something similar is probably easier than you think! Here’s the cheat code: give everything a space. That’s it. What I mean is, if you section off a place for your shoes, then a longer area for things that need to be hung, and shelving for items that should be folded, you instantly elevate the look of the closet. Now, of course the level of professionalism of the job counts here. I always recommend hiring a designer if you want the best possible outcome. But, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly alternative, simply zone the spaces and keep it tidy. You’d be surprised at the difference it makes!

Design for the Life You Live

Speaking of zoning, this is where I urge clients to get really realistic about the way they use their closets instead of focusing solely on the appearance. I am a huge advocate for tailoring interior design to the life you actually LIVE! Otherwise, what are we investing in it for? Are you someone who wants to be able to take one glance at your closet and immediately know where the white oxford shirts are? Do you need all your black trousers in one place and totally separate from the denim? If you run on routine, your closet design should accommodate that. 

I have a separate closet set aside specifically for packing and unpacking suitcases, because my career requires frequent travel. To some, that might sound unnecessary, but it helps my days run smoothly, so it’s worth it. Consider the closet design elements that will help you get started for the day, or the ones that will help you get ready in a pinch. Those are the things you should make a reality within these spaces. Do you wish you had more storage? Cute oversized baskets work well in closets! Do you need a specific space for jewelry? Specify that! Don’t fall into the cookie-cutter trap of one-size-fits-all closets. There’s only one of you, and your closet should be just as unique.

Closets are a huge part of our every day, and yet they are often overlooked when it comes to the interior design conversation. Big or small, there’s always a way to make these spaces more effective and more useful. Consider these tips if you’re in need of a refresh or upgrade. Get personal! You’re worth the investment, after all. 

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