I always have a great time hosting HGTV Dream Home with Brian Patrick Flynn. The homes are impeccably designed, and it’s not hard to see why so many enter to win them each year! If you’re here, I’m assuming you share a love for all things interior design, and you probably also enjoy home shows. It’s fun to see what people look for in homes they’re wanting to buy, remodel or even flip. Though everyone wants different things, I’ve yet to see or meet anyone who doesn’t appreciate a little luxury infused in their home design. If you’re someone who believes achieving that might be outside of your budget and reach, I definitely have the tips you need! They might just surprise you. Keep reading.

Redefining Luxury in Home Design

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when someone says luxury as it relates to a home? Is it the size of the property? Maybe it’s the amount of money someone paid for it? Is it incredibly expensive decor like marble staircases, rare million dollar artwork and diamond-encrusted fireplace mantels? Okay, that last one is clearly an exaggeration. However, the concept of “luxury” has somehow come to mean “unattainable” over the years. That’s always been disheartening for me, since I believe luxury should be and can be accessible for anyone who desires it. In fact, it has a lot to do with why I describe my interior design style as modern approachable luxury!

The Oxford Dictionary defines luxury as, “the state of great comfort and extravagant living.” I love this definition because it focuses on the core of what I believe luxury truly is. Ultimate comfort that delights the senses is what I’m after when I infuse a space with luxury. So, whether that’s beautiful art, or cushy furniture or even stunning stone, it all falls under the category of luxury. Notice that none of that has to do with how big or small a space is, or how much someone spent on a purchase. Luxury can mean various things to different people, and I want to lean into that for every client I work alongside.

Design With Details In Mind

Perhaps the biggest part of luxurious home design that sticks out to me is the thing about interior design I love most. Customization! Don’t get me wrong. Having a nice home that allows you to feel safe is a wonderful thing. It’s something I believe should be a right for everyone. In fact, my work with Habitat for Humanity is based on that belief. However, when we bring luxury into the conversation, we take home design to the next level. A significant part of making a home feel extra posh has nothing to do with spending absurd amounts of cash. It’s much more subtle than that. The little extra details are what bring a space to life. Finding ways to make your home one-of-a-kind gives it a luxurious feel. So, what does that look like, exactly?

Let’s say you didn’t have the budget for the high-end dresser that you really wanted when you were furnishing your home. That’s totally understandable. Consider swapping out the hardware for something that feels deluxe and fancy. Now what catches that eye is that amazing dresser that feels custom, because it is! I love using wall plates for this reason. If I spend a lot of time perfecting the color of my paint, or selecting the wallpaper, I never want to leave those typical, run-of-the-mill beige wall plates! I go to companies like Legrand, because not only can I choose the color and finish I want, I can even design custom plates that perfectly accent the rest of the room! 

Artistic Additions

Have you ever walked into a luxury store, an upscale home interiors store or even a special event venue and instantly noticed how opulent things felt? Often, these spaces have invested in design particulars like crown molding or wainscoting that were intended to give the space an air of sophistication. So, let’s take a nod from these environments and see how they can be applied to home design! I love wainscoting in a space when I want to call attention to a wall and give it dimension. 

Wainscoting is a fancy way of describing wood paneling on a wall that feels decorative. It can make a room feel expensive, but it doesn’t have to be pricey to install. I have even seen brave DIYers do it themselves! I played with elaborate paneling in a Beverly Hill jewelry store I designed, echoing the wall detail with the jewelry case design. It was glorious! These design choices work just as effectively in homes. These are the types of elements in a home that make it feel special. The best part is that they don’t have to break the bank! 

Scale and Expanse

If you know me, you likely know how much I love a good staycation. I’ll welcome any chance for a beautiful getaway, but I especially love it when we choose a luxury hotel for our temporary stay. I always feel so inspired when I’m checking out the design of these spaces. If you’re wanting to fill your home with splendid features, you can definitely find inspiration, too! 

One of the first things I always tell my clients is to take note of the scale and layout of a space. When you walk into a hotel, you are usually greeted by an entryway table and huge floor-to-ceiling windows. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Breegan, what if I don’t have two story windows in my home? That’s okay! Simply hang your curtains at the ceiling instead of right at the window. This will make your ceilings appear taller and the room larger. It’s an old trick I’ve been using for years. The next thing is, select furniture that fits the space. Luxe rooms do this masterfully. You might love that chesterfield sofa, but if you’ve put it in a room too small for its dimensions, you not only dwarf the space, you cheapen the look. 

Impactful Decor Never Clutters

This next one can be tough to do for home decor enthusiasts. I know we all want to find amazing pieces to put in our homes that tell the story of who we are and what we love. I applaud that. In fact, I love the idea of personalizing your decor. But, too much of the wrong kind or wrong size can end up having the opposite effect. Aim to keep your spaces open and free of excessive knick knacks and tchotchkes. Instead, find a few larger items that will catch the eye and lend visual value to your home. Of course, this is subjective. Not everyone will agree with that sentiment, and that’s okay. However, capitalizing on the spacious quality of your rooms is always worthwhile.

These are just a few of the things you can do to produce a luxurious look and feel in your home. They’re easy changes that bring great results! If you’re interested in trying any of these or other ideas out in your space, feel free to contact me on The Expert for a virtual consultation! We can talk it out and get you started with a plan and shopping list today!


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