How many times have you set out on a search for artwork that would complement your space, only to grow more and more frustrated by the lack of available options? I often hear from clients that, while they love the space they have, the struggle to find decorative pieces to adorn their walls is more than a little off-putting. The process of finding art, let alone custom artwork, can be intimidating for so many people. I’m excited to share with you a service that I discovered that will put an end to all your artwork woes! 

Choosing Carefully

Interior design at its core is about giving a space shape in a way that allows its owner and those who will dwell there to thrive. The elements that contribute to that success are numerous. Think about it. The right materials for your countertops grant you the freedom to enjoy food and drink worry-free. The right furniture and placement mean you can relax, work and entertain with ease. Every single thing you do to your space impacts the way you engage with it. This is why you should always carefully consider the artwork you select.

Art has the power to awaken feelings within a person. It can summon memories or inspire creativity. It can bring serenity or become an energizing agent. Artwork speaks to the senses in ways almost nothing else can, and it partners with the other components of design in a sort of symbiotic relationship that cannot be overstated. With a role that significant, haphazardly choosing low-quality, mass-produced art pieces is simply a fate we cannot allow our spaces to suffer. CoCo Gallery agrees, and they’re doing something about it!

Who is CoCo Gallery?

Vani Krishnamurthy is the founder and CEO of CoCo Gallery. She saw the distance between the consumer and artist and decided to become the bridge that would effectively link the two. CoCo Gallery believes they have identified a few main reasons people don’t buy original art. Exorbitant price tags along with a lack of personalized art that is tailored to the spaces consumers are seeking to fill are among them. CoCo Gallery is holding the only online space where a service connects individuals to fine artists all over the globe!

With CoCo, a consultant will talk to you to uncover exactly what you’re after for your space. You can give details like where the art will live, how big the space is, and what your vision for the commission looks like. Your consultant will suggest colors, art styles and dimensions all within your budget within 48 hours. They will provide a portfolio of artists for your consideration or even recommend one that would be best. No stone is left unturned!

Smooth Operation

The next steps are probably my favorites because they are where you begin to see the magic happen! The artist will present sketches, and you will provide feedback until you are content and pleased with your commissioned piece. The last step involves shipment, framing and installation! You can choose to have your artwork rolled, stretched, framed or presented via white glove delivery. CoCo Gallery really has thought of everything!

A CoCo artist, Stephen B., completed a stunning acrylic on canvas portrait of my sons. I saw the progress of the piece along the way, but my jaw dropped when I saw the final product. I couldn’t have imagined how incredible it would turn out! Every mom deserves to have a piece like this to mark a precious moment in time. CoCo Gallery has made custom pieces like this possible, and the process is approachable and budget-friendly.

My job as a designer relies heavily on collaboration. It takes a team of people and vendors to bring a project from inception to conclusion. Perhaps that’s why Vani Krisnamurthy’s idea to close the gap between artists and consumers spoke to me so. CoCo understands that each piece of this artistic puzzle–consumer, designer and artist–working in concert with one another can mean a sustainable career for the artist, a valuable resource for designers, and inspired, gorgeous and exclusive artwork for the consumer. I smile each time I look at my portrait. That’s the kind of feeling every space deserves to have. 


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