Are you a homebody? I never thought I was, but the last 12 months changed that in a major way. My house became headquarters for every single part of my life! Now that spring has sprung, I’m incredibly eager to breathe new life into my space. With my busy (and sometimes chaotic) schedule, I’m starting by getting organized. #sponsored I need all the help I can get these days, and first on my list was updating my smart home with some of my absolute favorite Amazon and Ring devices! I cannot tell you how much easier they have made my life. Who am I kidding? Of course I can! I’m enjoying my freshly reinvigorated space in ways I never have before, and I cannot wait to share with you how you can do the same!

The Efficient Essentials

I’m a mom of two young boys, and I don’t have to tell any parents what that means in terms of their energy! To say they keep me on my toes would be an understatement. I’m also a television personality who travels a lot for work. If that isn’t enough, I’m an interior designer! Life feels pretty nonstop around here on a daily basis; keeping up with everything on my to-do list is challenging. I now depend on my new Echo Show 10 to do almost everything – including making virtual to-do lists and making everyday tasks easier with connected devices! It has a built-in smart home hub, and with a three-level home, this has been so beneficial. I regularly use it to do video calls to my design team. It’s so great that I can easily talk to them about the changes I need to make on a client’s project or make an order, hands-free.

With devices in multiple rooms, I’m able to use the intercom feature to be able to give simple reminders to my kids when they need to brush their teeth and get dressed. I can ask it to show me my meetings for the day, what the weather will be for our family bike ride that afternoon, or even to cue up my favorite song to get my day started. The Echo Show 10 can do it all, and this mama needs and appreciates that!

Worry-free While I’m Away

Designing allows me to express my creativity and infuse my world with beauty. It also requires me to sometimes spend extended periods of time away from my family and home. Safety is on the top of my list, and the new Ring Video Doorbell Wired definitely gives me peace of mind when I can’t be there to make sure things are secure. I use the Ring app to see every person that comes to my door. I can even speak to them from the convenience of my couch and with Fire TV can simply ask “Alexa, show me the front door” to see! This definitely comes in handy. I’m a bit of an Amazon shopping fanatic (I mean they have everything!), and I receive a ton of packages each week. I no longer wonder if something got delivered because I get a notification for its arrival. A bonus? I can even watch it being placed at my door thanks to Ring.

For ultimate peace of mind when I’m away, I enabled  Alexa Guard Plus so now I have hands-free access to an emergency hotline. I can even deter intruders away with different light and noise settings. With Alexa Guard Plus, Alexa can detect sounds like breaking glass, smoke and Co2 alarms, and even footsteps when I’m away, and then send me a notification. If you’re interested in this, all you have to do is open the Alexa app, subscribe to Alexa Guard Plus, and be a bit more relaxed when you leave the house. 

Connectivity Champion

With spring comes the warmer temperatures that I crave! The start of the new season always signals a chance to review and renew the energy-saving devices in my house. Well, my smart home just got another upgrade with the ecobee SmartThermostat. With Alexa Routines, my ecobee thermostat will adjust the temperature when I’m home, away, and on my way home. It’s also extremely sleek, which is important to me as a designer who spends a great deal of time styling my home. The hot weather means more beach time for the kids and me. Now I adjust my thermostat from the app so the house isn’t too cold when we get back in from our surfing lessons in wetsuits. It’s multitasking heaven!

Speaking of surfing, nothing is more frustrating than surfing the web, only to lose your connection a million times. I’m blessed to have a spacious home that allows several activities to occur at once. Between virtual learning, team meetings, live recordings and streaming, we’re an internet-active bunch! I am really enjoying having the eero 6 Dual-Band mesh Wi-Fi Router

Timely Tips and Tricks

Be honest: when was the last time you refreshed your space and customized it for your life and daily tasks? Amazon’s smart home devices increased my productivity and helped me reduce extra steps in my day that consume valuable time. If you’re like me, you likely have reminders scribbled about on notepads or scattered in your phone. Declutter your home and your mind, and let the Echo Show 10 keep track of all your lists and tasks – and streamline simple household tasks. I ask Alexa everything from what’s on my shopping list to helping me remember a friend’s birthday. Voila! No more scraps of paper littering my countertops!

But I’m not stopping at the way my space looks. It needs to feel nice also. Does the thought of entering your home office fill you with dread? Change that by intentionally setting the tone and mood! If you know me, you know music plays a huge role in my life. I set up my own Monday work vibe routine for my office – where every Monday, Alexa automatically starts to play my Monday Motivation playlist and adjusts my smart lights to a bright white for best productivity to kick off each week. Consider rejuvenating your space with new art on the walls, Routines, and music that inspires you.

Endless Options

My kids spend a significant amount of time in their workspaces for virtual learning. It can be tough to make “home” feel special when we’re in it almost 24 hours a day. One of my tips is to create a special space that you can decorate together with your family, and designate it as your movie night area. We made our living room extra cozy with beautiful pillows and throws. When it’s time to check out a movie with our Fire TV Stick, I simply say, “Alexa it’s movie night!” With the routine I created, Alexa sets the mood and tells my boys to come to our movie night area for much-needed family time. I love that with 500,000+ movies and TV episodes there is something for everyone no matter who gets to choose what we watch that evening. That’s a big plus with two kids with different interests.

We’re all balancing multiple aspects of life all at once these days. Spring is the perfect time to reorganize and revitalize! Amazon has everything we need to help us increase our productivity, enrich our entertainment and protect the ones we love most. Now, our smart homes can do the work so we can spend more time living, and less time stressing! To learn more on how to refresh your home with all of the cool Ring and Amazon Devices today, click here!


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