Has anyone ever told you that you can’t have it all? As an interior designer, I know that’s not true. My design brand encompasses modern approachable luxury, and most people would never think that was possible. I’ve also found that possible with furniture fabrics – well, one in particular. When I decided to update my living room furniture, I knew I wanted to have it all: exquisite looks, comfort and durability. The one company that consistently provides those three elements in its fabrics is Sunbrella. I couldn’t wait to see their products in my redesigned space.

The Sunbrella Difference

What makes Sunbrella stand out to me is that their fabrics embody all I want to get out of furniture material. In and out of seasons, their products stand the test of time and wear. While most companies use dyes that have surface finishes, Sunbrella handles their fabrics differently. They solution-dye their fabrics with UV-stabilized pigments, giving them richer colors that resist fading and last longer than any other fabric I’ve used. It makes a difference when whites stay whiter and bright colors stay brighter. 

Sunbrella fabrics are so unique in their performance, I’ve found. They are extremely strong, yet they are some of the softest materials I’ve ever used in my home. If that’s not enough, Sunbrella is so sure of the quality in their fabric that they offer a 5-year limited warranty for upholstered fabrics and 10-year limited warranty for shade and marine fabrics! You really can’t go wrong when you trust Sunbrella. But the extraordinary features don’t end there…

Indoor Performance

When I mention Sunbrella, most people immediately think of the beloved fabric and the many ways it can be used in outdoor settings. While that’s been my favorite way to use it in the past, (and truly, it’s what I use for all my clients!) I’m having a blast discovering that it just might be my new indoor go-to! 

I don’t know about you, but my home and several of its rooms are definitely doing “double duty” right now as far as multi-purposing goes. In this time of all-things-virtual, my guest room has been converted into a video-conferencing room, and my living room is sometimes a makeshift mini skating rink! I won’t even begin to talk about what virtual learning means at times! Let’s just say that lots of life is happening all over my home. 

With Sunbrella fabrics on my chairs, I no longer cringe when I look up and see one of my kiddos heading towards my favorite piece of furniture with a juice box in hand. That piece of chocolate candy left over from the holiday that magically got stuck to the cushion? I’m not sweating it anymore, because this fabric can handle it! If you’re looking to simplify your life a little, Sunbrella is an obvious choice for your indoor uses. 

Picking the right chairs and fabric

 When it comes to my personal home design, I like to create a sensible duality to the look, feel and functionality within the home. I want a family-friendly aesthetic that my kids and I can enjoy every day. It’s the home we live in, and I want to be able to live in it without reserve. At the same time, I want to feel like I can have an adult space, in the living room, for example, that functions well when I can have friends and family over again safely.

Selecting the right seating is a crucial part of achieving this goal, which is why I fell in love with these Amedeo Armchairs from Wayfair, which feature Sunbrella fabrics. The design is effortlessly stylish, and I love that it presents an extremely regal look. I love the wooden beaded detail, and the neutral Spectrum Sand Sunbrella fabric is perfect for my personal style. These chairs have managed to embody elegance, while simultaneously offering supreme comfort for the most casual of settings. 

I’m a huge fan of keeping a neutral base. It allows me to change the décor around it anytime I desire to. These characteristics give me ultimate flexibility! Using chairs like these in my living room space allows me to place them anywhere, without any concern of clashing with any of my existing pieces. That’s a designer’s dream!

Worry-free Wares

Remember those dreaded juice boxes I discussed earlier? How many times have you looked up to find a red stain or smudge from a sneaker on your furniture? It happens, and it isn’t just kids who make these little gaffes, either. Let’s be honest, we adults are no strangers to occasional spills. But that’s even more reason to invest in Sunbrella. Their fabrics can easily be cleaned without compromising their brilliance and beauty! They don’t fade, which is perfect for me here in sunny California, and they come in all the beautiful colors you could wish for!

Seating can make all the difference in a space. You have to consider everything from whether people would choose to be grouped together or seating separately, to the color and style of chair to include. Fortunately, with Sunbrella fabrics, two things I definitely don’t have to add to my plate are maintenance and worry! We can all agree that life is messy. Aren’t you happy that your furniture doesn’t have to be? Do yourself and your home a huge favor: check out all Sunbrella has to offer today!


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