Moms are always on the go. Always! Recitals, sports, playdates, time with grandparents (because that’s important), and a host of other events keep mom calendars populated. And usually when (if!) we moms get a moment, it’s taken up with our own to-do lists. Moms, I have a tip for you. Let someone else handle your to-do list! It’s possible! Here are a few delivery services for moms on the go that I absolutely love!

Make Meals in Minutes

I’m a mom and professional that’s usually out in the morning with varying daily schedules. That means making meals can be a bit of a challenge. Sometimes. If that’s you too, one of the first delivery services for moms I would recommend would be a meal prep service. And there’s a HOST of them out now!

Regardless of your budget—and your kids’ picky taste buds—there’s bound to be a meal-kit service that will fit your needs. From Hello Fresh to Blue Apron and beyond, there’s so many from which you can choose. Vegan? No Problem! Companies like The Purple Carrot have your menu covered. Want gluten-free meals? Consider Freshly, where all meals are gluten- and peanut-free. Just do yourself a favor, mom, and go discover how to get great meals coming to your door. Check dinner off the list!

Bring It To Me!

Maybe you don’t trust someone else picking your family recipes just yet. I understand completely. You can still save yourself some time by getting your grocery list together and have it come to you! When it comes to delivery services for moms on the go, you can rely on Instacart!

Their slogan says they’re “the best way to shop for groceries.” I couldn’t agree more, ladies. You can create your list on the Instacart app at night after the kids are in bed. When you wake up, your groceries can be on their way to you! You even get the name of your personal shopper, when they start shopping, and when they finish. You’ll know when they leave the store and get real-time GPS locations of when your groceries will get to you! Fora nominal fee and a tip (not required, but nice), you can’t beat it. Your time is worth it!

Enjoy Some PRIME Time

Okay, so what about non-food items? If you know me, you know where I do most of my shopping. One of my favorite delivery services for moms is Amazon! From kaftans to baby supplies, Halloween outfits and more, Amazon is a one-stop shop for practically anything.

Shopping on Amazon is so convenient. Plus, most of the prices there are cheaper than what you would find in a brick-and-mortar store. And if you become a Prime member, you can get most of anything you need within a day or two. I LOVE that! It’s so helpful around the holidays and birthdays when I may not have the time to go shopping for gifts. I also love that Amazon has “dash buttons” for things that I always need, like toiletries and home supplies. If I’m running low on paper towels, I hit a dash button, and I’ll have it in a day or two! It really is as simple as that, moms.

A Doctor at your Door

How many times have dealt with your child not feeling well after office hours? Too many to count, if you ask me. And honestly, sometimes I want my child to have immediate care. Most of those times I don’t have hours to wait in Urgent Care. And I can get it—in my home! The Heal app is one of those delivery services for moms that has surprisingly gone under the radar.

Heal has a network of medical professionals available from 8 am to 8 pm. All you have to do is make an appointment via the app. A physician or pediatrician will come to your home and see your (or you) privately in your home. You get to see the cost of the visit before they come out, and you get professional recommendations for care and prescriptions (if needed). This service is beneficial for the entire family—and give you peace of mind.

Soothe Your Own Soul

Whew! You’ve taken care of everyone else. Isn’t it time you take care of you? ABSOLUTELY! One of the last delivery services for moms I would recommend is Soothe. And trust me: this service does just that!

Imagine getting the kids to school or putting the kids down for the night and finally having a quiet moment to yourself. You can book a massage for yourself in minutes and have a vetted professional masseuse knocking on your door anytime between 8 am and midnight! Don’t worry about anything; your massage therapist will arrive with the massage table, sheets, lotions, oils and music! Talk about being pampered! But you deserve it for all that you do! And, you get to enjoy the privacy of your home during and after your session. I know from experience that it’s pure heaven.

Your time and energy are so valuable, moms. Take advantage of some of these delivery services and give yourself a break. You’ll be glad you did.


Have you tried any of these services, or others? I’d love to know about your experience in the comments!

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