Have you ever seen a sitcom where women walk into a party or gathering with the same outfit on? It creates quite an uproar! There’s something about exclusivity that has such a coveted appeal. But really, why blend in when you can stand out? Interior design is no different. While it may bring savings to consider cookie-cutter layouts and options, custom design always makes more of a statement. If you’re looking to hire an interior designer to incorporate custom elements in your home, I have the expertise and experience to bring many exclusive aspects of interior design to your home spaces!

One-of-a-kind Design

Do you ever go into a store looking for something you’ve envisioned in your mind, only to find it doesn’t exist? Annoying, right?  Not if you hire an interior designer named Breegan Jane! I have a tried-and-true, failsafe motto when it comes to custom design: it can happen! I believe in the creative spirit. Practically, that means if you can’t find what you want for your home, let’s make it!

I have years of experience designing unique elements for bathrooms, for example, including custom tubs and sinks. Our bathrooms are frequently used spaces, and they should cater to our individual needs. I want your bathroom to delight the senses just as much as it boasts functionality. Design is creative, but it should also be innovative. Who says a sink has to look like an oval bowl with a silver fixture? If your mind can dream it, we can work to bring it to fruition. Case in point: I designed a splashless sink for the megamansion UNICA in Bel Air. It featured a faucet that made running water sound more like a gentle rainshower than splattering drops. In my opinion, you should hire an interior designer that challenges the norm to achieve the exact effect you’re seeking. That’s what I’m ready to do for you.

Here’s another scenario: you find an amazing piece of furniture, and you can’t let it go. Unfortunately, it has silver finishes, and your decor incorporates all brass accents. Contrary to your possible disappointment, all is not lost! I work closely with businesses that specialize in customization, right down to the minute details! As an insider, I know there are companies that don’t always work in the retail aspect of the industry, but they will work directly with brands and designers. This is just one of the perks you get when you hire an interior designer to bring your home wishes to life.

Unique Functionality Tailored to Your Needs

Kitchens are my absolute favorite spaces to design. Because I’ve been fortunate to design both residential and commercial kitchens for restaurants, I understand that chefs and home cooks have specific needs for efficient functionality. This is particularly true when it comes to the overall layout of a space. Let’s say you’re a homeowner who likes to juice with fresh fruits and vegetables. It may be important for your kitchen aesthetic to support having a mini fridge near the counter where you prepare your fresh beverages. Or, if you enjoy preparing home-cooked meals for a large family, you may need a dedicated space for a particular custom range. I can help you pick just the right appliances AND help create the perfect layout for your needs.

Speaking of a large family, perhaps you’ve been considering ways to stock your home with more groceries, and you require more than the average refrigerator options in the big box stores. I can help you custom-create a refrigerator with two (or three!) columns based solely on the configuration that best suits your family! Your appliances never have to be one-size-fits-all! I prefer to think: this-size-fits-YOU! That’s what happens when you hire an interior designer. We use our skills to ensure your space works in a way that makes your life easier. Isn’t that what we all want?

Solving Specific Design Problems

I’m not just an interior designer. I live, parent, work and entertain in my own home, so I KNOW what brings value to a space. My own life experiences, coupled with knowledge gained throughout my design career, allow me to infuse homes with a utility that feels intuitive. I want to alleviate and solve any issues or problems that may get in the way of creating all you want for your personal space.

Design is all about the details. Take pets, for example. Many interior designers don’t consider them when it comes to the home aesthetic. And while your furry family members aren’t considered “problems” to solve, something like a doggy door could clash with the overall look of your home. I’ve actually come up with some creative options for clients’ pet needs, and I did so with functional and fashionable ideas that pleased both the family and Fido. While it may seem weird for some to put time and thought into these types of home designs, I think it’s actually a sign of showing MORE thought than the average person. It takes heart and consideration—two things you should look for when you hire an interior designer.

A specific problem I ran into when designing my own home was the layout of the property’s square footage. My house was significant in length, but it was fairly narrow. To trick the unknown eye and make my home space appear wider, I incorporated custom parquet flooring. The non-directional patterns in the design opened up the space and made it look much broader. Now, the average DIY-er may not know to consider parquet flooring to achieve this effect…but a professional interior designer would!

Have I given you food for thought to consider hiring an interior designer? If so, let’s chat! I have all confidence we will come up with the perfect customizations for your specific home design needs and dreams!

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