Do you want to know what makes creating a space so much fun to me? It’s the unlimited number of options and design styles available. I get to talk to clients, hone in on their favorite styles, and bring various elements together until their vision is complete. One of the most common situations I encounter with clients is get is combining totally different styles into one space. A newlywed couple, for example, may feel that masculine and feminine design elements are on total opposite ends of the decor spectrum. However, most will find that isn’t so when they realize how well the styles complement one another. The quick takeaway: don’t automatically turn your nose up to the idea of meshing styles. There is a way to balance both within a space.

Consider color throughout

Choosing colors is an effective and easy way to mix masculine and feminine design elements. Before choosing, though, it’s important that we dispel the mindset of defining “masculine” and “feminine” by traditional gender norms. Dark colors are not automatically set for males, and pastels, are not always seen as “female” colors. In design, we use these terms to describe the personality of decor and trends, not assign them to men or women.

That being said, richer, deeper hues are on trend for next season. Ocean teal and maroon, for example, are neither dark nor pastel. Yet, they bring such life to a room! Consider using richer tones like these as a base for your space, and opt for softer colors as accents or complements. Or, switch the two! Use lighter colors as your foundation and use bold, saturated colors as accents. Either way, you’ll get the  benefit of incorporating a little of each while adding dimension to the space in the process.

Balance in the bedroom

When it comes to the bedroom, incorporating masculine and feminine design elements can be done fairly easily. The key is considering how you use different materials throughout the space. Done well, you can create spatial coordination that’s aesthetically pleasing and visually  harmonious.

Create strong visual impressions with dark, substantial furniture in the bedroom. Use a heavy wooden headboard, dresser or armoire, for example, to achieve this. Opt for mahogany, walnut or wenge to create depth in the room’s foundation. Depending on the type of wood you choose, the graining in the wood can further enhance the overall presentation. These boxy elements by themselves may seemingly take over the room. This is why I would work on the opposite end of the spectrum for the bedroom accents.

The feminine touches you include in your bedroom will perfectly even out the bedroom atmosphere and make a significant visual connection. Consider more ornate pieces such as lamps with white marble bases and softer-colored lamp shades to soften the room. Neutral and metallic colors work well to enhance this effect. These will offset and lighten up your furniture, and ultimately marry the different styles and blend them perfectly.

For another simple but effective pop in your bedroom, consider installing a crystal chandelier. A chandelier adds a nice touch of sparkle in a room. Plus, it won’t seem out of place with both masculine and femine design elements intertwined. Finally, balance the sturdiness of the dark furniture with colorful bedding. You cannot go wrong with bright or soft colors. Adding throw pillows in different textures and shapes can also illuminate the space in ways that balance the personality of the room well.

Love your living areas

When it comes to your living room or den, you have SO many options to bring both masculine and feminine design elements together! An easy masculine touch could be created with choosing a large couch or sectional. The streamlined design of a solid couch creates a stylish composure in a space, especially with a neutral gray, brown or other sophisticated color choice.

Take the elevated style of your couch up a notch by choosing tufted leather, which will make a very tasteful statement in your space. If you prefer this style, a chesterfield couch, with its timeless design, may be the perfect sofa for you. For a more contemporary, chic seating accent, incorporate a richly-colored barrel chair in your living area. You really can’t go wrong with any of these options. The perfect choice depends on your preferred style.

There’s nothing left to do but brighten up your gorgeous space with a few brilliant feminine touches. As mentioned before, incorporating pillows in vivid hues and finishes will add stunning accents to the darker tone set by the couch, sofa and chairs. Also, choosing a unique ottoman in an accent color would bring a polished panache perfect for entertaining or relaxing.

Because your living room and den are typically larger spaces, you should take advantage of the floor space to bring balance to the room. One way to do that is with area rugs, or my favorite, white shag rugs. Not only do they help with room acoustic buts, they also serve as an overall visual anchor for the room. Plus, the soft texture add another dimension of visual interest, which is great when mixing masculine and feminine design elements.

It’s easy!

It’s true what they say: opposites really do attract. Such is the case when you’re looking at different design styles throughout your space. Consider some of these tips to bring the best of masculine and feminine design into your home decor!

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