Every designer has his or her own concentration and aptitude for creating beautiful things. For many of us, years of developing personal artistry yield a certain hallmark or stamp. It’s a particular feature which often distinguishes one designer’s style from anyone else’s. In this series, I hope to share with interested readers a few of the design elements that have become uniquely Breegan Jane.

I think the word “classic” is tossed around too frequently and too loosely today. Anything considered a classic should have some sort of recognized and established value over a period of time. When it comes to interior space, I think shag area rugs, specifically white-colored ones, fit the bill for classic elements that add to a room.

I’ve put white shag rugs in every home I’ve had for the past few years. The idea came from a former entertainment boss who incorporated them in his home. Even with four rambunctious dogs, the area rugs held up extremely well and added so much to the upscale feel of his home. I loved it so much that I adopted and reconfigured the look for myself. To this day I find that white shag rugs do the same for every space that I’ve used them in.

Shag area rugs bring such an air of indulgence and visual interest to a space! Their plush look, especially with hardwood floors, softens the aesthetic of a room and complements it with an understated sophistication. Not only that, but white shag area rugs are extremely comfortable. The longer fibers used to create the “shag” texture in the rug provide a more comfortable, cushioned area that’s great for kids to romp and play on for hours. My boys love them.

Now, I know most people would gasp at any type of white furniture, let alone a white carpet space that will be walked on frequently by friends and family members. Ironically, though, I’ve found the uneven tones in white shag rugs hide light stains and discoloration from foot traffic well. Plus, it’s much easier to use cleaning chemicals on something white and not have to worry about possible discoloration in colored or printed rugs.

I realize there are some opinions contrary to mine when it comes to the usefulness and practicality of utilizing white shag area rugs for home decor. However, my experiences have led me to make them a staple in my home interior design. I have found them to be an inexpensive, fun way to add a touch of elegance to living and entertainment spaces. If you’re on the fence about using a white shag rug to enhance the look of your home, take the leap. You’ll be glad you did!

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