Summer temperatures are here! Make way for hours of sunshine, smiles, sandcastles, swimming—and sweat! We moms know that kids perspire a lot during the spring and summer seasons. That’s why I adopted some easy hydration tips to ensure my boys stay healthy while exerting that seemingly endless kid energy. Here are some things you should keep in mind.

Signs of Dehydration

One of the first hydration tips moms should know is to recognize when your kids may be dehydrated. Signs of fatigue or sluggishness may be a huge indicator, especially if your kids are generally high-energy children. Pay close attention to them before they play outside, and definitely keep an eye on them while they’re active.

You should also watch out for things such as irritable attitudes (well, more than usual LOL!), extremely dry skin or constipation. Crying without shedding tears could also indicate a need to hydrate. Also, you should keep track of your child’s urination frequency. If s/he hasn’t taken a tinkle within an eight-hour period, you may need to get some liquid in his/her little system.

Quick and Easy Hydration Tips

So, practically every mom on earth knows that the most obvious of hydration tips is to make sure your child gets plenty of water. Most doctors agree that good, clean, pure water is the best way to ensure your child gets the hydration they need to avoid over-exhaustion. The word is still out, though, on exactly how much kids should technically be drinking a day. Some sources say they should drink an amount based on their age, while others say they should drink the same amounts adults should. In the hot summer months, I suggest letting the temperature and your kids’ thirst be your guide: give them water frequently and plentifully!

Whether you do bottled water or provide it in your own containers, I wholeheartedly believe that size matters when it comes to how much your kids think they can have. Bigger bottles or containers may seem daunting to kids, and chances are water could be wasted. Give them smaller bottles (eight ounces or less) or containers of water. It will cut out excessive waste, and it will seem more personalized and catered to their size.

Sneaky Hydration Tips (Because kids…)

But Breegan, my kids HATE drinking plain water! Look, I get it. I’m a mom, too.  Plain water can be a kid’s hydration nemesis, especially with all of the ridiculously sugary drinks on the market that entice them so much more. I have a few work-around hydration tips for that, too!

If your kid doesn’t like drinking water, give them milk. It’s actually considered a quicker way to hydrate the body than water. The proteins in milk, along with the natural sugars (in the lactose) help the body retain water, so consider that if you have a finicky water drinker. Just be mindful of milk with high fat content. Undigested lactose could upset kids’ tummies, and none of us wants to deal with that.

As a dairy milk alternative, I’d recommend almond milk. One of the best services I’ve used is Mylkman, a delivery service that provides fresh almond “mylk” and coconut water. Made fresh from organic almonds and coconuts the day of delivery, their products are packed with potassium, calcium, iron, and magnesium. Plus, they contain necessary electrolytes that help control, balance and retain fluid in the body. I highly recommend Mylkman products as a perfect and convenient way for your kids to stay hydrated this summer!

You can also create your own electrolyte-infused drinks by adding citrus (lemon, lime, etc.) and a pinch of salt to a regular glass of water. This will have the same hydration-boosting effects of drinks purchased in grocery stores, and it may save you a few dollars. Score!

Let Them Eat Their Hydration!

Another great way to get your kids to stay hydrated without them having a clue is letting them eat foods that help restore liquids in the body. Water-rich foods can help hydrate your kids and keep them hydrated. Summer salads made with lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes or spinach are easy ways for kids to consume a healthy dose of foods that are primarily made of water.

If vegetables aren’t their thing (even though vegetables should be, moms), almost all kids love fruit. Watermelon, blueberries, cantaloupes and melons, and strawberries are made of over 90 percent water. Your kids will get needed water, vitamins and fiber with every bite! I like to make smoothies for my boys; it’s technically not eating, but they sometimes use a spoon. Does that count?

Finally, allowing your kids to eat yogurt can help rehydrate your kids quickly and deliciously. Plain yogurt is roughly 85 percent water, and it’s loaded with potassium and sodium. Add to it some fresh fruit, and your kids will love you for caring about their water intake they way you do!

The summer is all about fun, but it should also be about health mindfulness. Let your kids run around and play until the sun sets, but be sure to keep their bodies with ample amounts of needed water. Consider these hydration tips while you and your family plan the many summer outings this season will bring!

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