The weather is heating up, and we all want to spend more time outdoors. I live in a coastal community right by the beach, so my family spends a great deal of time in and around water. But no matter where you live, here are a few essential items for a fun and safe summer! Check out the links to each for more information on where to find them!


Supergoop! Antioxidant-Infused Sunscreen Mist

It’s one of the summer’s biggest necessities, and if you live in a climate with lots of sun, you’ll need it year round. You’re probably no stranger to sunscreen and why it’s so important to use regularly, but this is not your ordinary sun protectant. Supergoop touts benefits unlike many others I’ve used over the years. It’s infused with vitamin C, which enriches the skin, and it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals that we wouldn’t dare put on our precious kiddos. It’s also SPF 50, so you’re sure to be shielded from the damaging rays of the sun.

I love this sunscreen because the spray mist makes it quick and easy to apply. If you have a toddler or active child, you know why that’s crucial. When the kids want to play, I may not have 10 minutes to spend rubbing cream on them. This mist is a snap to spray all over their bodies. When I get to their faces, I simply spray a bit in my hands and apply it that way. Easy-peasy. The last benefit? It sprays on clear. If you and your kids have deeper skin tones, gone are the days of worrying about sun protection turning skin blue or purple. This sunscreen is so awesome, I even use it on myself!


Onesie Swimsuits for Boys

This one’s a no-brainer because my sons are absolutely adorable in them! We live by the beach and love water, so swimsuits are worn regularly in my family. I have two sons, and while there’s no shortage of swim trunks for boys, they all tend to look alike. They either have a very typical dolphin or sea creature design, or they sort of balloon in a weird way. Companies make the most adorable bikinis and one-piece swimsuits with ruffles and other details for girls, but the boys get left out of the cuteness. These onesie swimsuits are perfect! They zip up for easy on-and-off access, and best of all? They’re extremely comfortable to wear. Win-win!


Swim Goggles

Every parent knows that even when kids love the water, they don’t always love getting water in their eyes. Swim goggles are the ideal solution for those moments when your kid runs out of the pool or ocean toward you while holding their face with irritated, stinging eyes. These come in fun colors the kids will look cool in, and they also offer UV protection. They’re also made of a softer material that won’t cause protests when you go to put them on your little ones. Give ‘em a try; I’m certain they’ll be a hit with your toddler(s).


Pop ‘N’ Play Portable Playard

This is perhaps the only item on my list that might be as big a hit with the adults as it is with kids. This play yard is a parent’s dream for far too many reasons to name, so I’ll just pick a few to share with you. It’s completely collapsable. Capable of holding multiple children and toys, it looks large (and it is). But when you’re done using it, it folds up completely into an easily carried, rolled up piece with a shoulder strap.

I take the Pop ‘N’ Play with me every time the boys and I head to a play with a large outdoor area and I want to ensure they’ll have a good time while being confined to a safe space. It almost always means other parents want to put their kids in it to play, as well. I love that it allows moms to step a few feet away and keep an eye on the kids while grabbing a hamburger at the cookout. It’s super easy to clean. And the best feature of all, it’s really fun for the kids. Your only problem will be trying to get them out of it when it’s time to go home!


To see more items that make my kids’ summers loads of fun, check out my Summer Kid Essentials List.

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