The value of flooring in a home cannot be emphasized enough. As designer Emily Morrow said, “Home interior design begins with the floor. The floor is your blank canvas and it determines every design decision you’ll make once it’s down.” So much of your home’s overall look and feel starts with the floor. Wood flooring presents as one of the most regal and sophisticated options of home flooring. That look is elevated even more with parquet flooring. Here’s why it was one of my first considerations when designing my new home.

So many options!

My interest in parquet flooring grew as I began designing more high-end residential spaces. Before then, I only focused on the usual aspects of flooring: determining if the chosen wood would be dark, light, yellow, red or grey, wide or thin. Those were the basic options. Once I started experimenting with parquet flooring, I saw floor designing in a completely different light! I realized wood floors really could work like tile. they could be designed in any color, pattern or shape. That is what draws me to use it in my own home and beyond.

I also love parquet flooring because it allows me to create a space that doesn’t focus on a particular direction. This, to me, opens up a room. So much of what we perceive in visual design is built into our subconscious. When lines direct our eyes and mind to go one way or another, our brains follow suit and define a space based on those linear parameters. As soon as you create lines one way or the other, you make things appear long, short, narrow or wide. That can oftentimes be very effective, like when you want to emphasize a long, formal hallway. When you use parquet flooring that incorporates open and repeating patterns, it broadens the depth of the space. That subliminally makes it feel more open, and I wanted that effect in my home space.

Added Value

While there’s definitely a cost associated with designing and laying parquet floors, there are benefits to choosing it. First, its beauty and durability add value (and resale value) to a home. I’m someone who encourages clients to spend their budget in ways that invest in their properties, and quality flooring does just that.

I partnered with Parquet by Dian to create the flooring in my home. I selected a repeating pattern that I wanted to achieve and then picked the color of the wood grain. All of the flooring is made from the same material. The pattern is created by cutting wood on a different grain. I loved that I could see the pattern coming together with each differently positioned angle. So, I chose to go “light and bright” to accent the rest of the design elements I knew I wanted to use. I am thoroughly satisfied with the look, feel and value of the parquet. It was a great decision for my home.

Parquet flooring is truly an art form. That said, it’s not great for any and every application. It does take a little more time to install, and it is more expensive than traditional hardwood flooring. Some home designers or owners may find more value in the furniture selection or another aspect of home design. For me, the wear-and-tear factor caused me to consider utilizing my budget for aspects of my home that are permanent or would stand a longer test of time. Wherever you choose to focus your design spending, I hope you’ll consider parquet flooring. It challenges the norm of what floor design should be, and the elevated impact it will have on your home will last for years to come.

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