Our needs as humans are constantly changing. And, as our needs evolve, so should the places where we spend the most time: our homes. We can practically create and live in any size house we want nowadays. But here’s a question, though: are we maximizing available options INSIDE our homes? In the 21st century, smart devices are making that easier by the day. I love showing clients all of the technology available for their homes that will make life easier, more efficient, and more sustainable. Here are some of my top considerations.

Smart Lighting

Interior design encompasses so much when it comes to a home. Many people still believe that hiring an interior designer is laborious and expensive. Nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, when it comes to incorporating smart devices into your home design, many options will cost you very little in time and money! One of those options includes utilizing smart bulbs.

In their most basic definition, smart bulbs do more than regular light bulbs in that they can sense and interact automatically with their environments, other users, or technology. And, they can be controlled via voice commands or accessed remotely via a phone or other device. The “smart” technology within lighting has advanced tremendously over the past few years, and it has improved people’s quality of life in a myriad of ways. I appreciate smart bulbs because they’re easy to install—just like regular bulbs. Many of them have the capability of changing colors instantly! This is a great way to complement your decor and even change the aesthetic without altering anything else in your space. With a neutral layout, you could practically have a different color tone every day of the week—or moment in the day!

Some bulbs can even positively impact your health and wellness! I’ve installed circadian lighting in a few projects, and clients have loved them. Circadian lights are designed to control the temperature of lighting to ensure the brain functions its best when the environment is brighter and rests when the environment is dimmer. Unlike the dimming and tuning options of LED lights, circadian lights hit specific light spectrums that regulate functions in the body. This could help you get better sleep, be more productive, or even improve your mood. These lights are smart devices worth looking into if you’re looking for home resources to help regulate your body.

Smart Appliances

Beyond lighting options, your appliances can also be smart devices worthy of incorporating into your home design. While they may possibly be more of an investment, their benefits can greatly increase your home’s look and functionality.

I’m a designer that believes you can never put a price on comfort, especially as it relates to how hot or cold you and your family are in the home. Trane, a leader in heating and air conditioning systems, has some great smart thermostats that enhance temperature regulation in the home. There are so many great benefits of installing a smart thermostat, the first being the ability to control your home temperatures while you’re away from the house. This will allow you to maximize energy when you’re planning to be home and not waste it when you’re away. Some of Trane’s smart devices allow you to program up to four separate temperature schedules to provide comfort all day. Others give you the freedom to create various zones in your home with options to control heat or A/C in each one. Talk about flexibility!

When it comes to smart devices in my home design, I’m most excited about how I will be using smart technology in my kitchen design. My new JennAir range and refrigerator will be the ultimate in smart home innovation. Both the functionality and the visual design of each appliance are fully customizable, so I can practically cater each to my family’s lifestyle. I’ll be able to connect them to my Alexa and Google assistants for voice activation. I can also use temperature probes to detect when food is done without opening the oven. I will also be able to control the temperature, humidity and ventilation of the refrigerator with the touch of a button! How’s THAT for smart technology?

More Eco-friendly Smart Options

I’ve used other smart devices in home projects (and even my own home) that have not only made home and interior design much more enjoyable, but they’ve also helped conserve energy.

I have really enjoyed using Legrand’s switches and outlets in my home for a number of reasons. First, they’re visually stunning! They offer so many options with a modern contemporary feel, a perfect addition in my home decor. But they also offer a host of energy-saving choices that have worked well for me as a designer and mom. Motion and wave lighting sensors ensure all unattended lights are off. I know they will automatically switch off after sensing no one in the room after a certain amount of time. Legrand’s Night Light devices sense changing light and turn on in dark settings. As night turns into day, they turn themselves off. I feel much better about energy efficiency with these additions to my home design.

Water conservation is extremely vital when you live in a place like Los Angeles, so I’ve been keen on using smart devices to help achieve that, also. Thankfully, Kohler has been a leader in innovative plumbing options, and I love so many of their offerings. Can you imagine having a voice-activated faucet that dispenses the EXACT amount of water you need? Hello, Jetsons! But this isn’t the future—this is available for your home design today! Other options include touchless and motion-activated faucets and toilets that use UV light to automatically clean surfaces. It may sound crazy, but it’s all here for you and the home of your dreams!

Not sure where to start? I can help! Let’s chat about what you want and/or need most, and how we can collectively make your home smarter! The future of home design is now, and I’m ready to assist you in bringing your home innovation ideas to life!

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