All aspects of interior design interest me. So, when DIY home projects started taking over the internet by way of short form video content and capturing the interest of even people who previously weren’t design enthusiasts, I was all ears (and eyes!). I love that so many are fascinated with the role interior design plays in the way we live our lives.

The total metamorphosis that we see at the literal snap of a finger in these short video clips can be satisfying. But, they aren’t always the most realistic depictions of the work required to get the effect you desire. Some home projects, like closet design, necessitate a lot of planning, proficiency and precision. That’s the kind of task you hire an interior designer to do. I’ve helped so many clients bring their design goals to fruition, and I’d love to do it for you, too! Some things are truly better left to the pros, and I’ll show you why.

Interior Design Isn’t Instant

We’ve all seen it. The super quick and almost unimaginable TikTok videos and Instagram reels where an incredibly skilled person starts out with a tiny dog house and in a single day transforms it into the Louvre! Okay, okay. Maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration. But, the point isn’t lost on you, I’m sure. Everyone, including interior designers, loves a good “before-and-after”. There’s just something magical about seeing a space become all it can be, especially when others had no idea it could. But when you’re dealing with a project like closet design, there are a ton of less glamorous factors you don’t always see in the produced and edited video clips.  When you hire an interior designer, you not only save yourself the headache of figuring out things outside of your wheelhouse, you save yourself TIME! That’s worth it.

Hire an Interior Designer

Aside from the seemingly impossible timelines, one of the reasons so many are amazed at these home renovation/makeover videos is because these projects typically demand a great deal of expertise. I advise clients all the time to enlist the help of a professional when they’re looking to design their closets for this very reason. Often, people don’t consider the danger that cabinetry can possess if it isn’t mounted properly. Most closet systems need to be anchored into the wall to truly be secure. You run the risk of running into several dangerous scenarios if you aren’t skilled in this department. Think about it. Children love to climb on things. In our haste, we often snatch garments off the wall instead of gently removing them. Even the sheer weight of the clothes in our wardrobes can become a hazard.

Even as a designer, I choose to trust the experts who have the knowledge and experience with working with corners and positioning specific to wardrobe design. It ensures every detail is perfected. The logistics of closet design are equally as important as the aesthetic appeal. Working with an expert is the best way to guarantee you get the look and function you’re after.

Don’t Take Shortcuts With Your Closet Design

One of the biggest mistakes people make with closet design is attempting to shortcut their way through it. Closets are something we use daily. I always encourage my clients to invest in highly trafficked spaces. Because closet design can be expensive, it can be tempting to DIY, or to settle for a cheaper alternative. Resist the urge! The cost of repairing a botched renovation will eclipse the price you will pay an interior designer to do it correctly the first time. There are several available avenues if you’re looking to design or redesign your wardrobe. You can always go directly to an interior designer. You can even visit a major wholesaler! Many of those stores employ in-house planners. They assist customers with their desired designs. Select the option that best works for you! And, be specific with your expert regarding what you want and need out of your closet. 

Seeing everyone enjoy interior design brings me joy. I’m continually impressed by the skills of all these amazing people! More and more we’re all realizing the power our homes have. I believe that’s one of the factors driving all the interior design projects. I’m tipping my hat to all the talented, creative people out there. But, unless you happen to have an abundance of skill in these areas, hire an interior designer. It will make your life easier, and who doesn’t want that, right? What’s your favorite type of home design video to watch? Leave them in the comments!


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