I recently had lunch with a professional acquaintance who, during the conversation, asked me some pretty interesting questions about myself. I thought I was simply answering questions, but I found out my lunch companion was receiving a serious “Breegan education”. It dawned on me that there may be some friends and readers who also may be curious about some parts of the real Breegan. The questions and answers below are a result of that lunch conversation. Check it out, and get to know Breegan a little better!

When did you first know you wanted to be an interior designer?

I always knew I wanted to do something creative in design, but I didn’t necessarily think it would be interior design. It wasn’t until I worked for someone with a real budget for furniture and renovations that I realized I was good at interior design. But before that official responsibility, I used to move around my friends’ furniture in their apartments. My close girlfriends were my first interior design guinea pigs. I would look at their spaces and had the uncanny intuition to look at a room and think, ‘Putting this piece of furniture here and that piece there will open up the room and give it a new feel.’

What’s your favorite part of designing a space?

I love the challenge! Each design space presents one challenge or another. I love finding the perfect mix between the math and creativity that makes a space unique to the client. There are measurements and reasoning that help justify and explain why things work, and I really get into solving that equation artistically.

From where do you draw inspiration?

It hits me at random times. My kids are an inspiration to functional designs that I might not have considered before I had kids. Soft spaces are a great example of that. I’ve really been getting into kaftans and Indian clothing lately; the medallions and intricacies are inspiring to me. It could be anything: chandeliers, dinnerware, plateware, etc. I am fascinated by the simple but ornate aspects of them. It could even be something interesting that I see in a documentary or while biking on the beach. If it hits the right chord within me, I will at least try my hand at incorporating it into a creative project.

What’s your signature style? What do you bring to design spaces that no one else will?

I’m not sure how to describe it myself, but I’ve had product designers tell me that my style could be classified as a modern Baroque style. I love combining dark woods and gold accents with sleek, simple designs. That style naturally comes to me and typically finds it way into the spaces I create.

If you could choose only one way to transform a space, what would you focus on?

I would definitely focus on resurfacing. If the space was a bathroom, I’d think about installing new counters and painting the cabinets. I’d do the same for a kitchen space. Counters, paint and new hardware can change the look and feel of a room instantly! But that could also be done with new slip covers for chairs. A room doesn’t necessarily need new things. If a couch is outdated, new slipcovers can make a world of difference. I really enjoy working with the profile of furniture to do something different. It’s almost more fun to do than shop for new things, especially if a piece of furniture has sentimental value but can be updated without getting rid of it. The value of something like that is beyond a price tag.

1460249686372 (photo credit: Davida Williams)

Is there a space in your home that you love but would love to spice up a bit? I’d love to know your thoughts about what could be done, and perhaps give you some ideas! Tell me what you’d like to see in the comments below!

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