How is anyone supposed to distinguish between all the fads swirling around motherhood and narrow down the most important items to buy? Hopefully you have mommy friends who have been there and done that. My mom bosses have been an incredible resource for all things mom and baby, and I’m hoping to help our my mom readers as well!

Do you really need them? ALL of them?


Multiple Strollers

Absolutely essential! Trust me on this: you need them. Before you’re a mom, hearing that some families buy several different (and sometimes verrrry expensive) strollers can seem excessive. I found that multiple strollers were necessities for both different ages and functions. We probably purchased between five and six strollers. While I won’t attempt to list them all here, I’ll give you a quick synopsis of my experience.

You’ll want the stroller with the car seat that clicks into both the stroller and the car. It’s genius because you don’t have to transfer the kid, only the car seat. If you’ve ever dreaded waking a sleeping baby to get them in and out of a car, this will come in handy!

Next, you’ll find that you need a stroller that folds, completely. We traveled a lot with our kid, and I remember swiftly and effortlessly folding his stroller in the airport in Hawaii. Others were amazed; I was relieved. Do yourself a favor and buy one that folds. It will save you a lot of time and hassle when you’re out doing the “mom boss” thing you do so well. (I even bought a double stroller version upon having my second kid!)

Lastly, a jogging (double) stroller was my saving grace. This one is specific to my locale; because we live on a beach, this wonderful (and expensive – brace yourself!) stroller was the equivalent to gym equipment. It had huge wheels that co

uld tackle almost any terrain and was perfect for brisk walks or jogs on the beach. A word of caution: this stroller is huge! It won’t fit into the average car. That wasn’t so much a concern for us because we spent a lot of time visiting neighbors; taking the kids out for a walk was a breeze.

Bonus: If you travel a lot and have two kids, a double travel stroller is an awesome purchase. I found it awfully convenient when I took both of my boys on a trip to Mexico. What the brochure won’t tell you: It is only good for traveling. I found it way too heavy to maneuver for daily use when we returned home.

Multiple strollers are expensive, but they’re necessary. You’ll have to find the ones that feel good to you and work seamlessly with your lifestyle. If you have to splurge somewhere, this is the place to do it. I found them worth their weight in gold!




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